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I just got a quote from Dr. Yilly for $3,200(bbl)....

I just got a quote from Dr. Yilly for $3,200(bbl)..still waiting for Dr. Duran to give me her quote..I'm so exited this is something that I have wanted to do for years and its finally gonna happen for me . anyone in the N.Y tri state area want to buddy up and go thru this together please feel free to contact me

4 weeks...

Flight booked, Yily and jm spa rh booked, went to my pcp my level are 12.5 and I got a clean bill of health thank God. I stopped smoking about a month ago :) I'm not planning on ever smoking again horrible habbit... I have bought all of my vitamins I began taking them a couple of weeks ago..I have most of the meds needed post op..expect for the shot and strong pain meds which my dr. said he couldn't give me. Does anyone know if I would be able to get heavy duty pain meds in Santo Domingo??? I hear the pain meds Yily prescribes suck lol..im no druggy but y suffer unnecessary pain if I don't have to. I found a lady who gives massages in Brooklyn spoke to her today and we are scheduled to meet before I leave for my sx..she sounds knowledgeable and confident which makes me feel good because after care is very important!!! I have purchased most the things that will be needed on this trip pads, wipes, creams, clothes meds, etc.. I will write a detailed list of the items on my next update...I'm still waiting for my passport which should be coming in any day other than that I'm pretty much set. I'm so exited and scared all at the same time. I will be traveling alone which is scary fortunately I do speak Spanish so I will be able to communicate with everyone in DR..will keep you posted as the days approach...

18 days...

As the days approach I've become so consumed with my sx...morning, day and night..even dream about it lol... i pretty much have everything I need..will keep u posted :)


My passport has arrived!!!!!

1 week...


jfk..airport bound!!

Im at the airport. ..waiting to board the plane I must say the are playing really good music here at jfk lol..im not as nervous as I thought I would be..the hardest part so far was leaving my baby behind..shes in great hands (my mom) but it isnt ez. So far everything has gone Smooth I got here early so just waiting until they start boarding which wont be for another hour. ..

still recovering

Jm spa was great! There was only 2 other girls so it was nice and peaceful. I highly recommend this recovery house ladies. I am happy with my results. Dr. Yily did her thing!! I got what I asked for which was a fuller butt and hi0s ..not to big!! Before thee surgery I was terrified I was practicality shaking the blue didn't help my nerves much. When u got wheeled into to the or I begged not to kill me. Lol..they knocked me out. u woke up several times during my sx but dont remember much..I woke up again when I was on my stomach and felt my butt being filled..that shit hurt like hell I started yelling and I got knocked out again..I woke up freezing and shaking I was like that all nite. The nurses in cipla helped me. They were bringing me blankets and turned the heat in my room. I wasn't in much pain but I couldn't move I felt paralyzed. As the anasethia and epidural wore off I felt stiff and like I got beat up bad but the pain wasn't unbearable. When I finally got to c my hips I almost cried they looked huge..it didnt want that. .but as the days past the swelling started to go down and hips and butt started to look more normal. Its only been 2 in a half weeks but so far so good..recovery hasnt been ez have a good day and I have those days that my body feels like I got hit by a truck. .I have been getting my messages shes awesome they are painful but necessary..This girl knows what she's doing she has great machines and is great with her hands..if anybody want her info hit me up..shes in Brooklyn. .


Before my sx


2 weeks after surgery
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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