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So I've just made my app to go to dr to see dr...

So I've just made my app to go to dr to see dr almonte for liposuction!! I'm super excited!! I have a nice body but there are just some stubborn areas that I can't get rid of so I'm doing my abdomin,flanks,and back ...I will tell about my whole procedure including dates adding up to when I leave! I can't wait..people keep asking if I'm nervous! No! I can't wait till summer!

Booked my flight!!

So I'm excited and nervous at the same time I booked my flight already for March 30th I'll be staying for ten days!! Now all that's left is to pay for my procedure..the snow has been stopping me from getting outside lol. I'm so ready to get this done..plus Lesley is so nice and prompt with all her answers I feel really confident that I'll be in good hands!!


so its now feb 17 and ill be making my payment tomorrow to dr almonte..im super nervous all over again because i just found out that they give an epidural i HATE epidurals!!! oh god

all set!!

so i made my payment today!! so I'm all set flight booked, surgery paid for..omg i can't believe it I'm so ready!!!! now all i have to do is my test tomorrow!!


so its officially 23 days till my surgery!!! everything is done and payed for!!! passport done!! I'm not really nervous just worried about leaving my six month old :( but i know he will be in great hands!! I'm excited to see what my body will look like!!


glad to find out that there is no epidural given!!


2 more weeks!!!!!!

test tomorrow

so tomorrow i am going to the doctor to have all me test done!1 HIV, cvc, hemoglobin, urine, tb, etc..all that good stuff lol...have to make sure everything is right!!..startingto have a little anxiety because i keep hearing all these horror stories about girls dying and staff but my friend reassured me that almonte is the best doctor...and I'm still doing research and i have not found one bad review about her ..ive also spoke to several girls who went to her and they all say that their experience was exceptional!! so I'm excited!! i know ill be fine I'm a strong girl and I'm very very healthy. been taking my vitamins everyday especially iron 3 times a day!! ..ill keep you all posted!! 12 more days!! bye loves!!

all done

got all my test done today !! i get the results on friday hopefully everything is great and I'm good to go!! 11 days left!!!

10 days pre op!!!!

10 more days and ill be feeling that heat in dr!!!

so happy!!

just got my test results back I'm suuuuuper healthy and my hemoglobin is at 14.2!!!!!!!!! go me!!! aowwwwwwwww!! 9 more days baby!!


Officially one week till surgery... I'm so nervous!!


great !! 6 days before i leave nd me and my baby are sick smh my baby is worst he has a bad cough and a runny nose and I'm starting to get a sore throat. .. taking medicine hoping me and him get better before i leave


ok so we are doing much better today my little one is getting better and so am i ...but every time i hold him i keep thinking about how I'm leaving and how he's going to to miss me and cry for me...my oldest i will miss him too but i know he will be fine because he thinks he's grown anyway lol he only said mom I'm going to miss your cooking when are you coming back lol....lord knows i love my children more than anything in this world..i pray that all goes well and i make it through my surgery safe and sound and hurry and get back to my babies.. i know they will be in good hands tho with their dad and my mom and my sis in law with everyone helping out the baby should be fine idk why I'm freaking out lol guess its part of being a mother right? anyway dolls 5 more days and I'm on that flight!! my mind is on overload not to mention the nightmares I've been having about the surgery smh is this normal? i feel like I'm worrying myself way too much.


oh yea and I'm all packed lol bought everything i need for my trip the other day...


Wish pic

From my Instagram



Happy Erika lol

So all my nerves are kinda gone because of all the positive feed back about almonte so thank you ladies and my 7 month old is doing much better I spoke to my momma yesterday and she reassured me that he will be in the best care ...I guess I'm just going to miss my house and my kids and my husband ..I told him I'm going to have sex with him everyday before I leave so he can miss me even more lol he likes that idea!! Honestly I can wait to feel that sun tho because New York is freezing and I'm in need of a tan lol!!



Ok I'm so ready for my trip I cleaned my whole house today upstairs downstairs both bathrooms...I did all the laundry changed all the bed sheets lol..went food shopping for snacks and stuff so everyone should be good while I'm gone..I never really realized how much I do....but I'm so ready for this mini vacation I need some rest and some sleep I haven't really slept a whole night since the baby was born I'm always running around lol so I kinda look forward to just relaxing and having people do stuff for me for once lol!!


Ok let me give a rundown of everything I'm taking with me I see other girl did this and it was very helpful so I'll pay it forward lol.......

Arnica cream
Depends adult diapers
Scar cream
Motrin pm to help me sleep
Motrin extra strength
Baby wipes
Hospital tape
Fuzzy slippers
Four maxi dresses (old ones)
Six tank tops
Loose underwear
Shorts (loose)
Pajama pants
My vitamins
Disposable gloves
Wash cloths
Hand sanitizer
Thin robe
Comb, brush, and a little make up for when I feel better!
I abosoluty bringing no jewelry!! And a master lock for my bag! If I forgot something I'll add it lol


So I'm just a little annoyed because I've been emailing dr almontes assistant Lesley forclikecacweek and no response I leave Sunday at 3 am which is practically tomorrow so I'm gonna end up calling her to make sure everything is set...but other than that I'm excited and ready to go!!!


My before pics bathing suit

Last days

I'm here with my kids my two boys my stepdaughter and my two nieces chillen at home watching Frozen spending some quality time with them before I leave I'm going to miss them so much :(


lol so taodays is the day ....i leave at 3am in the morning my flight is at 6am!!! I'm only nervous because i haven't spoken to lesley in a fe day but my friend assured me that as long as they have my flight info there will definatley be someone at the airport to pick me up...im getting ready to go out with my husband and my ids to see the movie Noah and go out to dinner...my husband was kind sad this morning because he said he's going to miss but he wants me to do whatever makes me happy....Sooooo i guess ill update when i reach DR in the morning!!! Cant believe I'm actually doing this!!

last update before dr!!

ok so im relaxed now lesley responded to me to she apologized her whats app was acting up again...she said no worries there will be a driver waiting for me when i get there......im so excited...now the only thing I'm nervous about is this damn flight lol haven't been on a plane in 7 years!! and its raining and foggy in ny right now but hopefully it clears up by the morning...so this time tomorrow ill be feeling that dr heat can't wait to get away from the cold!!!!

I made it!!

Ok ladies I'm here!! Made it safe and sound!! Got picked by my driver he was really nice and I just got to the clinic which is really clean...dr is beautiful the water so blue I wanted to stop and take a swim lol...but anyways ahhhhhhhh I can't believe I'm here!! Waiting on the nurse and Lesley to come check me in and do blood work!!



So I just ordered my food for the night because I can't eat after ten o'clock ...sitting in my room bored outta my mind lol it's Sunday and the clinic is empty...just came back from doing a chest X-ray...one thing I can say is that this place is very very clean!!! And so far everyone is very professional...I'm so bored tho I face timed my mom five times already lol I've never been away from home ...I guess I'll feel better when I see more people around me at the recovery house but right now I'm very homesick :(


Just met Lesley she is a doll!!! So beautiful and well mannered she sat and talked w me and reassured me I am very very healthy and I will be fine she asked if I was comfortable or of I needed anything...so far so good she took pics of me and said my results are going to be beautiful !! I told her I'm nervous she said don't be your in good hands!! I feel a little better


Surgery at 6 am tomorrow...eeeeekkkk !! Pray for me ladies???? gn

Thank god

So I'm awake Andorra e with surgery. Everything
Went well I'm all wrapped up I need rest right now nothing bothering me beside a eye las stuck in my eye smh. But I'm good will updat in a couple days


I have say dr almonte is perfect she's no the best the nurses too everyone taking care of me so nicely I have co complaints and I just got a glimpse of my stochastic because the docter almonte cam to check me rub some arnica..omg my stochastic is flllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt!! Lol I'm excited....I'll take pics soon as I can ...can't stand right now ....pain is ver minimal to none ...going back to sleep


I mean to say she IS THE BEST

First pic


Ok it's ny second day and I'm getting ready to go to the recovery house...the nurses and staff at cecip are excellent very clean and attentive only thing they don't speak English but they did get me a person to translate...I'm very comfortable just sore and my eye still bothering me

1day post op



So now I put my garment on and this shit is no joke it's super tight but I'm so happy with my shape ..waiting for my driver to take me to rh!!!


So I made it to tropical recovery house I have no complaints they are very sweet attentive and clean..no English but I know a little Spanish so I'm good...going to take a nap now thanks for all your prayers I'll take another pic tomorrow !! Gn



Still swollen but loving my results! 3days post op


Ladies prepare to be very very sore!! Although I'm super happy that my shape looks amazing there is lots of swelling and bruising you can't be a wimp coming to do this...lol u will be sore and bruised and deprived of sleep for a few days...anyways the caretaker at tropical recovery house is amazing she takes such good care of us she is very sweet and attentive....makes us good food and plenty of fresh fruits!!! still have my drain in it's so annoying always dripping nasty ewww lol...but I'm very relaxed taking one day at a time...thank god for Nicole keeping me company



I'm bored outta my mind lol All I can do is lay down ..I miss my babies at home...I know I have to stay but I just wish there were things to do lol..most of the tv stations are Spanish ....the nurse diones washed me up today nothing major since I still have the drain but she wiped me down with soap...she brings me tea and fruits and make sure I take my vitamins!!! Going back to sleep I guess

This recovery house

This recovery house is amazing!!! If your coming to dr you must stay w Deonis at tropical recovery house....she takes great care of you and her food is amazing!! Feeling better today still sore and bruised but able to move around more....waiting for the driver to take us to the docter for my first check up since the surgery.

Follow up

So I went to my first check up since surgery and dr almonte removed my drain from my back..well right at the top of my butt crack lol..she said I'm healing beautiful!! I have lots of bruises under my arms tho it looks much worse than it feels...I love almonte Lesley and Raquel they are all so nice and make sure you ok...they say come to the clinic whenever I want...my next app is Monday. So right now I'm just relaxing in my faja..we just ordered some ice cream..mmmm..watching Netflix bored.com lol..and my roommate is leaving tomorrow ughh..it was nice having someone here to talk to because everyone speaks Spanish and my Spanish is not that good....but on another note I'm praising The Lord that my surgery went well and I'm alive and heathy to talk about it!! It pays to do your research!! I'll updat in a couple days!




So I have not updated because that other shit really pissed me off!! People have no respect so I will be deleting this very soon sorry!! On another note I'm feeling great still a little sore but much better than yesterday...I'm very homesick now because my roommate went home this morning and I'm here alone now...to day was the first time I cried when I spoke to my husband and my kids I miss them dearly..I've never been away for more than a few hours before..I'm seriously debating on going home early even tho I'm very comfortable at the rh Deonis is such a good person she takes care of you like your mom would but I'm homesick I miss my babies lol

Can't wait to see my results in a month wow!!



Today I got my first massage ..and let me tell u ladies work it in your budget because it totally helps with healing...I chose to have the girl come to me at the rh cuz it's more private and she speaks English too..it was 30 dollars for 45 min front and back..I'm going to gave another on Monday!!! As far as healing I'm feeling good right now just still sore but I'm able to be independent which is good. I have sooooooooo many bruises it's crazy smh but the way my body looks it's all worth it..so for now just relaxing laying down that's all there is to do. Oh an make sure y'all bring a laxative with u .we all know what too much iron does to the body lol I don't think I have to detail it but yea.

Almost over

Had another massage today..felt great getting ready to go see dra almonte so she can remove my stitches..ouch lol I feel a lot better I'm able to shower by myself fix my hair and make up...still very sore though...bruises are starting to go away...even with the swelling and bruises my body and stomach looks amazing!! I'm very happy with my results can't wait to see wat it looks like in 6 weeks!! The people here at a Tropical recovery house have been so good to me they are like family...always feeding me and making sure my clothes are washed and I'm comfortable..I give them five stars...for hospitality I couldn't have asked for better!! I go home day after tomorrow I can't wait I miss my family dearly.

Leavening dr

So today I am going home .... My overall experience was amazing I have not one complaint doctor almonte, Lesley, even Raquel gave me the best of care!! My results are amazing! Tropical recovery house was the best they took such good care of me I'm almost sad that I have to leave..it's so weird that these people I barely know have become like family to me!... My driver naper was also very sweet always laughing with me and making sure I get wherever I need to go!!... I ate good here ...I was catered to like a queen! Well idk wat else to say lol...everything was great..I saw almonte a few times while I was here...she's the best and I love her she has changed my life! So good bye DR!! Back to my babies!!

Home sweet home

I made it home last night! So excited to see my family I cried lol..but this is no joke it's a lot harder than I thought to take care of my 7month old..taking it very slow right now. But it feels great to be home


So I'm still really really sore my back is stif numb and swollen...my bruises have mostly gone away besides some little ones on my arms....I'm happy with my results but I honestly can not wait till the swelling goes down at least a little bit...ordering my extra small compression garment tomorrow.


getting better everyday...my back still hurts and is still swollen its still uncomfortable to sleep..but i have to put my pain to the side to take care of my 7 month old...thank god for my husband massaging me every other day i showed him just how to do it and i feel so much better when i go to bed it really helps a lot....i can't drive right now especially with the baby putting him in and out of the car seat its just too much so I've been staying home....i know everyone says that ur suppose to get theses drainage massages but i honestly cannot do it right now with an infant so i will do one once a month and have my husband massage me every other night..still have my stitches wondering wen they will dissolve


wwent and bought one of those nice electric massagers !!! waiting on the hubby to give me my massage then using that!! and a hot shower lol...still swollen my back really feels like my sin is about to break lol not so much painful but its very weird and uncomfortable


Bitches are bitter and miserable hahaha!! Why is it that if you have lipo your considered "fake" lmfaoooo now I'm fake because I had fat taken out my stomach!!! I can't with people!!! Damn I'm still real just lost a few extra pounds..no implants no butt shots lmaooo!!!! Anyways...loving my results today I finally tried on some cloths that I had bought before surgery... And DAMN I LOOK GOOD!! can't wait to heal all the way!!

Faja life!


still swollen fml!!! but thank god for my husband who massages me every other night ..last night he did an amazing job i went to bed with no back pain at all...and i feel a little better this morning....this is very uncomfortable especially when u have to take care of a seven month old crawling everywhere!! lol


The stitches under my tits hurt like hell does anyone know when they will dissolve or how long it takes?

Fucking faja omg!!!!

So my xs faja finally came today..omg I wanna punch somebody right now this shit is so fucking tight!! And on top of that I'm about to go out for dinner smh ..omg smh I'm so uncomfortable wtf!!!!

I can't

I'm sorry but idk how these girls do it..I couldn't sleep in that small faja so I decided I'm going to switch between the two...i will wear my small one all day and the medium to sleep..I can't deal my body is so sore I want to cry smh... Massage today at 5:00


So Lesley email me yesterday and said for me to sent pics so they can see how my swelling is going..I think it's awesome that they actually care about how I'm doing!! Love them!! Happy Easter everyone! Off to church with my family!!

back pain

ladies be ready because this back pain is no joke i feel ike I'm walking with a hunch back lol!...i went and bought bomelain yesterday its a pineapple extract that brings down swelling i taking it three times a day I'm hoping this will help. with this surgery u must have sooooooooooo much patience...if your expecting to pop out of surgery with this beautiful body that ypou can go out and dress right away..smh nope reality is it takes time to get to that point!!..havent seen anyone really posting about the downtime u spend laying down....or that u can't wear your clothes right away..or that your back will be swollen for months to come....yes my body looks 100 percent better but damn the recovery is no joke!!!

I know u ladies have been waiting for after pics

Trying on my birthday dress..I'm still very swollen but I honestly love love love my results..


Ugh I finally drove on the highway for the first time since before my surgery!! I miss driving my car with my music blasting and my kids in the back lol...but I'm back home and my body hurts now...and my day is never over have to put the kids to bed before I shower and hubby gives me my massage lol! Some of my stitches under my breast fell off yesterday I guess that's good they take so long to dissolve I'm wondering if the others will ever!!!


One month

Bargain hunter


I weighed myself this morning I have lost seven pounds since surgery yay!!! I'm wearing my small faja now everyday....one more month of wearing it 24hrs..ugh can't wait for a little freedoms from this this...I've been getting my hubby massages every two days and soaking in Epsom salt also taking bomelain pills drinking water all day....I see a huge difference in my body...swelling is going down and it's starting look really nice!! ...the only thing really bothering me is the area next to my under arms,...at night it seems to bother me more so I've been massaging it everyday. Spoke to Lesley thus morning I sent her pics...she sent me a list of surgeons I ca go to that know dra almonte..just in case I want to get looked at again .....

I still like my first faja


So idk y my pic says two months post op I actually won't be 2 months till the 31 of May ...I'm feeling good almost back to normal again ...I'm now taking fish oil as well as the bomelain it really has made my swelling to down a lot more !! I'll post more pics at the end of the month..thanks for all your kind words dolls!! Happy Mother's Day weekend ladies!! God bless!

Must haves!!!

hey y'all

just ordered my extra small faja today can't wait till it comes!! I'm wearing a small now and its already loose ..the bottom part of my stomach is still swollen a lot so I'm hoping this will help bring that down more thats where i had the most fat in the little pouch area wwww glad its gone lol ..other than that I'm doing well my back instill very sore but most of my lumps are gone..thank god for my hubby lol i been driving him crazy every two days for massages ..this recovery is super long I'm just hoping that i can enjoy my summer i didn't think i would be out of commission for this long smh...but I'm am loving my new body its so worth it!!

Lord lol


Why did I think that xs faja was gonna fit me hahahahahahha!! Yea ok I ain't killing myself darlings !!


I'm right around the corner from being two months post op and I swear my back still hurts my skin burns sometimes and I still feel like if u touch me I will smack you smh...on top of that if I take off my faja for a little while my stomach pokes out a little wth!!!! This is taking so long I'm so tired of thus process

2 months

so its been two months since my surgery...and i guess I'm happy with my results but i do have some issues that I'm not happy with right now ..number one is my scars...they don't seem to be going away and the two behind my shoulders looking like two small kiloids and I've never had that in my life it looks gross!! the scars on my back don't look good either ...they are not shrinking...now i don't know if in time they will go away but I'm worried and insecure about that...the second thing is my tummy i feel like as soon as tai off my faja for a few hours it pokes back out..and i feel like i still have fat around my stomach...now don't get me wrong I'm happy with my results because the main thing i wanted gone is gone no pouch lol but i do have some concerns right now other than that I'm not in pain anymore even though I'm still swollen ...people just can't hug me too tight but I'm fully back to doing normal things!!

New pic

almost three months post op!

more pics

hey dolls!!

so just a quick update on my recovery so far I'm doing really well i have ver minimal pain ..my skin still feels really weird whenever i stretch or bend over..not wearing my faja as much only to sleep or if I'm home just relaxing...all my clothes are a size small now i even had to give my stepdaughter some of my clothes that are too big now...i starting working out last month nothing major i just walk 3 miles around the track everyday at 6 i just started last week to jog a little....i drink plenty of water no fried foods no fast foods no soda and plenty of fish and salad!! still taking my vitamins too! like i said the only thing i hate is my scars!! but i am going to see a dermatologist about getting them reduced i will take a pic to show you girls what i mean...other than that i can't complain I've been getting so many compliments about my body...im turning 31 on sunday so overall I'm happy !! i found the fountain of youth!! lol

scar on the right side behind my shoulder

hey everyone!

hello ladies its been a while since i updated about my recovery ski just thought i would let all of you know how I'm king!...well so far i do have to be honest that I'm not completely happy with my results...one part of me feels satisfied because i don't have that pouch any more at the bottom of my stomach but the other part of me i not happy because i still have fat...now i know that it can't be perfect but i just figured my tummy would be completely flat by not and don't get me wrong it is flat bt still just a little tiny bit of fat i would lie to get rid of....another thing I'm struggling is my weight I'm trying to go down to 140 but i can't get lower than 160 without starving lol.....everyone tells me i look amazing but idk I've been eating like crazy too smh i have to stop......but outer all my results are ok I'm happy with my back i have zero fat no love handles not back fat but i still have fat around my abs to which I'm not happy about at all i felt like it should have all been taken out due to the small amout i had and how much i paid...i see some girls posting about getting more procedures than me and they paying less????? hmmmmm idk but any way I'm thinking about going back next year for one more round just on my tummy!!!!!

1 year update !!

so hey ladies!! i just wanted to post a 1 year update since they say u don't see your full results till after a year..... i am very happy with my results my waist is smaller than ever i am now wearing size small or extra small clothes!! my scars are slowly fading away and i have no more pain or funny feelings! i still have just a little bit of fat around my upper abs and tummy but nothing crazy!! I'm planning a trip to go back for one more round with Almonte just for my flanks and abdomen....i don't need to do my back because almonte took all the fat out the first time..right now its all bone lol!! which makes my butt look huge even has people thinking my butt is fake lmao!! over all she did an excellent job!! can't wait to go back!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr almonte is the best I'm glad to write a review for her she is the sweetest caring docter she is very strict and only operates on healthy people...she checks in on u a lot....I love her couldn't ask for better the recovery house and hospital staff she works with are excellent ...they make feel ver comfortable while I'm here..I will recommend her to everyone...forget the rest Almonte is the best!!!

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