A Mother of Two and Hate my Body - Dominican Republic, DO

I uses to be skinny with no butt and chest that...

I uses to be skinny with no butt and chest that looked like i had on a bra. but now i look like i had ten kids and breast look like gravity hit and they just fell. I can't wait to get my sx done by DR. Fatima Almonte. i pray she give me the self confidence i wish to have when i look at my body. I'm still doing my homework and will have an decision by the summer time. that way i'm out of school.

update on what's going on at this point.

I made up my mind and I'm going to fly to the DR on June the 11th of 2017 and come back on June 24th. I have nothing but good thought's about my sx, so I will be making my deposit soon.


I just got my photo for my passport. but I'm trying to figure out if I need to get any shots before I leave. If so what kind of shots?

what's new

I got my passport in the mail today and now i just have to wait for my sx date. after my sx I will post before and after pics.

looking for a sx buddy

is anyone going for sx in june. i have Almonte for my doctor.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have not had the sx done yet but everyone on here is glad of what she has done, i hope to be glad i had the sx done as well and by the doctor i had it done by. I have family that waiting on me to get my surgery, so they can make their mind up about getting it.

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