A Mother of Two and Hate my Body, I feel if I look good I'll fell good. - Dominican Republic, DO

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I uses to be skinny with no butt and chest that...

I uses to be skinny with no butt and chest that looked like i had on a bra. but now i look like i had ten kids and breast look like gravity hit and they just fell. I can't wait to get my sx done by DR. Fatima Almonte. i pray she give me the self confidence i wish to have when i look at my body. I'm still doing my homework and will have an decision by the summer time. that way i'm out of school.

update on what's going on at this point.

I made up my mind and I'm going to fly to the DR on June the 11th of 2017 and come back on June 24th. I have nothing but good thought's about my sx, so I will be making my deposit soon.


I just got my photo for my passport. but I'm trying to figure out if I need to get any shots before I leave. If so what kind of shots?

what's new

I got my passport in the mail today and now i just have to wait for my sx date. after my sx I will post before and after pics.

looking for a sx buddy

is anyone going for sx in june. i have Almonte for my doctor.

where I am

Well I have Booked my flight for June the 11th at 4:50pm and I will arrive in the DR at 12:08 a. i can't wait. 7 months 12 days 14hours 56min and 30 sec and counting. I still have to put up the now picture so other can see the difference between the now and then.

Can't wait

I am at school and all i can think about is my surgery. wish I could go and get it done now, but I can't. I have school. it's hard to study for a test and not think about the surgery. i just want to say thank you to every body that helped me make this decision. if it wasn't for you guy's before and after i would still have the same feeling about myself that i had before i found this site. because of you guy's I have found a new attitude about myself. i haven't gotten it done yet but my confident level is sky high. thanks Ladies you are the best. i wish the best to those who haven't gotten it done yet. you will make it, as every body say see you on the flat side ladies. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. WE'RE GETTING SEXY BACK

the way I feel

I can't wait for the day I fly to the DR and get my surgery done. super excited about it. I find myself on the site looking at pictures for wish pic, recovery home tips and things to bring with me. I have a choose to stay at either tropical, Armonia Recovery House or the nurse maria house. i don't know which one i will choose but i must decide. this is my first time losing weight for my sx. I started of 197.8LB now I am 190.4LB. I started on sept 27th, 2016 and i must lose 25-30LB by June. I'm counting calories, eating salads and trying to eat one time a day to lose weight. any tips. i have to put up before pictures so when people see the after they will know what I looked like before the sx. I will be getting my sexy back and a lot more. can i handle it! only time will tell.

I Just Figure Something Out.

I just came to reality that I will be graduating dec. 2017, and my birthday is August 31. So this will be a graduation and 35th birthday present to myself. I am proud to say that I will be getting work done, but the work I am getting done I was not looking like this at a young age. To be continued. ????

new weight

I was 197.6 when I started and now I'm 184.1. I'm so proud, since this is my first time losing weight.
I hope to meet people at the recovery home or on realself. I haven't spoke to anyone on hear, but i look forward to you ladies on here telling me about what you went through and how you dealt with it. because I know this information your sharing will be helpful to me. I'm thankful to have my family by my side on my journey, now I just need someone who went through this be by my side as well. good luck dolls and i hope to make it on the flat side as well with no problem. I have no pictures of me but that wont be for long. I'm going to take picture of me before and after in the same outfit.

How I Feel.

I wish I could find a friend on here to help me support with my surgery. Someone who has been through it already. Every time I comment on someone page or picture, they never respond back. But when someone else speak they get a response. Why is that. I thought this site get us to support each other. But why am I left out.

Can't wait for June 11.

I am so excited about my sx that the only thing I can think about is what I hope to look like after my sx. That I'm not fully there at school. Because all of my thoughts be sx.

My journey

I will be posting before and after. After the sx.

Two months until my sx.

I can't wait to be on the flat side. But the days are going so slow. June 11th I leave for the DR. But it's June 13th for the real magic to begin.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have not had the sx done yet but everyone on here is glad of what she has done, i hope to be glad i had the sx done as well and by the doctor i had it done by. I have family that waiting on me to get my surgery, so they can make their mind up about getting it.

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