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Okay ladies, I've been browsing this site since...

Okay ladies, I've been browsing this site since April 1, I'm so ready for my transformation. My first choice was Dr.Beaz but she was booked till July (per say) I've tried contacting Duran & Lily, no luck with that. Cabral prices was to expensive. Got a email from Dr. Diaz with detailed information, at the moment I got excited. I started asking questions and he answered every one. I started researching him looking at pics and reading comments. It was nothing that turned me off so I decided to book with him. I already have a passport and my funds been put aside for this day.. The countdown begins.......


Ok so I decided not to get the bbl because my butt is wide enough, not much curve tho... I have skinny legs that don't get bigger even if I gain weight. All the fat that I gain goes to my breast, abdomen, hips and butt. My legs & arms never gain so no bbl for me.


7 more days to go..
Went to Walgreens today and purchase some Arnica gel, I've read it's good for swelling and brusing so when your getting your massages make sure you pull it out.
Also purchase Maderma for the scars that I'll have from the breast lift.. Need to work on getting rid of that ASAP...


Finally received an email from Lily with a quote $4200 for Breast Lift and Lipo and she booked til July..
I've already made my decision to go to Dr. Diaz.. I really think that's bad business responding 3 weeks later, if your that busy have someone else answer..
But anyways, I like the package deal he offered that's probably why his price is $5500
Breast lift, lipo of abd, flanks, back, inner thighs ,10 day stay, ride to & from airport, 3meals a day, blood work, x-ray, EKG, cardiovascular evaluation,anesthesiologist, garmet, massages, &meds.
(Sounds good to me) sent my deposit & booked my flight thru American Airlines for $323 round trip ????????????????

I'm not sure yet where my 10 day stay is but I'm sure it will be nice. I've read it's at the hospital cause he like to check on his patients at all times so I know I'm in good hands.. I like that, a doctor that cares for his patients.


I see we can't use emojis on RS cause it leaves something else.. Lol disregard the ?????? behind round trip

Wish pic

I didn't want to put up any wish pics cause I know everyone's body's are different but anyways here goes 1


Is any having sx on May 1 with Dr. Diaz??


Is anyone having sx on May 1 with Dr. Diaz?


This day has finally come..


Made it to DR safe today.. Guy was standing in the airport with a sign with my name on it just as Dr.Diaz stated.. Made it to Cipla, it's a small building but it was nice and smelled clean. I met Hennessy whom is Dr.Diaz secretary, she's a doll, don't speak much English but she'll try her best to understand you. I also met someone that's having sx tomorrow that's going before me. I'm scheduled at 3:00 so y'all know I'm gonna be starving due to me not eating anything after 10pm. Got labs done and in the morning I'll go meet with the cardiologist. My room that I'll be staying in for 10 days at Cipla is nice. I'm so glad Dr.Diaz offered this package, I think it's better then a RH any day. Anything go wrong I'm right here and Dr.Diaz come check on you everyday until your discharge.. (Hand clap) to that..


Hello everyone, just a quick update before my sx.
Took a shower this morning so I can be clean before sx. Don't think I'm allowed to take another for the next couple days but I did bring some bath wipes to wipe clean in the meantime.
Had X-rays and EKG done so I'm good on that, thank God. Now I'm just resting until they bring my blue pill.
I will post before and after pic soon as I can.
Keep me in your prayers and thanks to the ones that already have.


Dr.Diaz just marked me up so this is a good time to send before pictures.


Hey ladies, I'll give a quick update, I've been in a lot of pain, not in my breast but the lipo'd areas and my bbl, everything is tender and sore. Massages help a little, don't forget to bring Arnica gel.
Anyone staying at Cipla please put the translator app on iPad or phone because 2 out of 10 ppl may speak English.
Pillow a must
Snacks a must
Bath wipes
Flush able toilet wipes
T-shirts to go under garmet so u won't get burns
Lipo form to keep skin smooth under garmet
Rob or maxi dresses.
Anything tight you can leave at home.
I'll update pics soon as I'm feeling well


So I wanted to be noisy.. Went use the restroom and empty my drain so I said to myself, why not take a peak at them.
Ladies remember this is not the final results, they are swollen and need to drop and I can't wait until the drop in place.


This garment is so uncomfortable, it has me up all night, I may get 2-4 hours of sleep and that's with taking sleeping meds....Soon as morning comes I take the garment off and wait for the lady to come do my massages , it has to come off anyways and she put it back on afterwards.
Dr. Diaz maybe upset with me because the last two mornings he came by to check on me, my garment was off. He would say "Where is your garment". He's such a cutie and handsome but my focus is getting well & getting home, no time to flirt lol


I'll be leaving at 4:30 am to go catch my 6am flight back home....I enjoyed myself even though it was painful... I met a lot of ppl from all over the world and learned a lil Spanish. I didn't take many photos because I had dizzy spells a lot and that had me in bed a lot.
I got my drain out today and I'm feeling a whole lot better.


If you would like to see my healing journey/pictures, follow my Instagram @bfanci_


Finally got some sleep, I don't know if it was the shower and the fact that I was finally in my own bed, I slept the whole night and it felt good....And my stage 2 garment is much more comfortable then the one I was put in after sx


Look at my new babies... I've been waiting for this moment half my life.

Bbl 500cc

Here's a butt pic, remember I'm still swollen and can't wait till it drop and fluff.

BBL 500cc

Here's a butt pic, remember I'm still swollen and can't wait till it drop and fluff.


Hello everyone, I can't wait until the soreness and stiffness goes away, I feel like a helpless old woman. My lower back still hurts and feel a lil numb. My stitches have dissolved in my breast but I'm still applying the Neosporin until I hear back from Dr Diaz to apply the scar gel.


Hello everyone, haven't been taking many pics because I'm still sore around my waist, abdomen and back.. Its uncomfortable to get dress and try to go hang out somewhere. I'd rather be home in bed. I wonder if it's just me that can't deal with the pain.


Here's a update on my breast, there healing pretty good to me. Get a lil pain in them sometimes when I'm doing to much with my arms.


Hello everyone, just a brief update on my healing process. The swelling is finally going down in my abdomen and I'm starting to see more results. I really wish Dr Diaz was more aggressive in that area, it was one of the main areas I was concerned about. He stated I still have healing time and it's not my final results so let's see if it gets better. Still get still at times but that's getting better also. Loving my small waist and breast, just pray the scars get lighter.


Loving them by the way... NO IMPLANTS, I get asked all the time.. Working on my scars now...
The garment have them looking huge but they really not, they're perfect to me.


Pics of the bod, y'all enjoy..
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