45 Year Old 7 C-sections - Dominican Republic

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I am new to this site and I thank God that I...

I am new to this site and I thank God that I stumbled across it because it answered all of my doubts regarding traveling to other countries for surgeries. I had the weight loss surgery GS 06/04/14. I only needed to lose 30-40 pounds so I didn't lose nomore than that of which i am satisfied, however after 7 c-section births I can not seem to work out enough to get rid of the excess skin and cellulite on my butt. Fixing my body is a lifetime dream. I pray that God blesses me to do this successfully. Excess skin removal is a must, so TT and lipo, would also like BBL and Breast lift with implants, Thinking about going with Dr. Mallol. Cost is great and I have seen very good reviews thus far. Anybody have any advice? For starters: TT,Lipo and BBL.

Preparing my body for surgery

Working out to get in better shape for TT and BBL

Mother;s Day 2016 #NewHairCut

Just Need To Get My Body Tailored Now

I'm ready to get my body tailored. I work out alot and I eat right, "most of the time".
Update: I have nothing againt Mallol at all, but I have decided to go with either: Yilly or Duran. They cost more but their results are out of this world and that's what I need right now. So far my plan is to do two rounds. Round 1: BL,TT,BBL and Lipo Round 2: Arm lift and more Lipo if needed.

45 year old 7 C-sections under my belt...Time for a transformation

I'm ready for a change. I'm a graduate student and I want to be more confident about my body. Hopefully I will have my transformation completed before graduation. #WalkingByFaith

Decided to Be a Yilly Doll!

My expectations are: That Yilly does a great job and keeps my safety as her top priority. I am having BL,TT,BBL and Lipo FIRST ROUND and Arm Lift on Round 2. 

I received a quote of $5200 for Round 1 including recovery house and transportation needs. So I'm pretty Excited. Have not secured a surgery date but I will keep you ladies udated within the next month.

Before Pics

Tired of wearing spanks to hide my stomach. Yily transform me love.

More Pre Op pics

Yily: Take this excess skin from me.
I am so ready to transform my body. After 7 c-sections. it's about "me" now.

Finally Dropped The Deposit To Become A Yily Doll

I am so excited!! omg! My surgery date is September 27, 2016! Any Yily Dolls looking to g in September and need a buddy?

More Before Pics

I am so excited about this transformation! I'm keeping Yily in prayers daily, that her hands be blessed.

Flat Bootey Be Gone

More pics of my pre op bootey

Sent my deposit two weeks ago! Received conf a few days after and Conf Surg Date Also. OMG!!!!

OMG! It has gotten so real for me. I sent my deposit through a private Chase bank account for Yily. I am so excited. although my transformation date is September 27th I feel as if I needed the extra time to prepare completely. I'm in grad school so this would also give me some to re-adjust some things there as well. I have decided to do the all-inclusive package that included the RH because it was only $700 extra and I didn't want to have to look around for any services outside of massages which i feel is fairly simple to do a few weeks before I leave for the DM. Still looking for a bud but if I have to do it alone, God is always with me.

More before pics

His cellulite is out of control...mi know that cellulite doesn't just go away with Lipo and BBL but I'm hoping that it will have a much better appearance...anybody have alot of cellulite on their ass and saw a big change after BBL?

More PreOp pics

Countdown dolls.. September 27th is the transformation day for me. I'm taking pictures along the journey. Before pics and will do my best to post op pics as well.

More pics of the flat butt. Yily GodBless your hands

More pics to compare...PreOp

Countdown Begins starting blood builder regimen

I'm so excited now! I'm starting my blood building earlier than recommended. I'm also lifting weights..working on arms,thighs and stomach.

More bootey before pics advice please

This journey has really been an eye opener. Prior to this I've never really paid attention to my body like I have now and I see that I do have some booty it's just not shaped proportionately and I was wondering if anybody had any advice on what I should say to my surgeon to make sure that she doesn't go overboard because I don't want a donkey I just want her to fill the spots that I'm missing to give me more of that curvy or more Fuller look

#AtTheGym 06/23/16

Can't wait to get these ladies lifted. I keep thinking about how my transformation is going to change my life. I'm single and want to remain single for at least 1 year post op. To give myself a chance to adapt to my new body. I need. A chance to know myself better first....

Since I've had 7 c-sections and gastric sleeve...I consider myself somewhat a guru of PREPARATION

My regimen begins as such:
1. Started blood building 60 days prior to surgery instead of 30.
2. Began lifting weights: Target Areas

back..upper mid and lower

I'm doing 30 min to 1 hour of cardio 4-5 days a week.
Lifting 3-4 times a week

I'm taking BCAs for faster muscle repair.

I'm taking a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar for joint health. Diluted in 8 ounces of water. With a tablespoon of raw unprocessed honey.
This is just for starters...I'll keep you ladies updated as I get closer...
Starting early and strengthening muscle and joints.

Lifting weights

Trying to build muscle for upcoming surgeries..

QUICK UPDATE VERY SAD Passport Denied Yily Assistants Are Not Responding

My passport was denied due to an old child support balance., so I had to cancel my flight and surgery with Dr. Yily, I found another surgeon in the U.S but Yilys's assistant Sasha and Yomy are not responding to my REFUND REQUEST, after telling me they would process it. If anybody has ANY advice; I could sure use it. I was okay with them deducting the $300 deposit. They told me that they would deduct the $300 and send me the rest...PLEASE HELP

No Refund after Passport was Denied. Promised me a refund but wont answer my calls and emails

If anybody has ANY advice, PLEASE HELP.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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