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I have a wonderful husband and 5 amazing children....

I have a wonderful husband and 5 amazing children. The last one is in college now. It's really time to work on me. I am in desperate need of a TT,BL, BA along with lipo(sculpture) to all parts of body. I am 6ft 2 in and weigh 212. I want something that I have never had but ALWAYS dreamed of... a naked body that was pretty! I'm working out the details on that one.

Learning a lot from everyone's journey!

I have been much more diligent in reading everyone's experience and advice. I bought a note book and am writing down questions I have fir the doctor. My son in law speaks fluent Spanish, he will go with me to meet the Dr in person.

I actually worked with a gal last week that had work done in the D R. It must have been fate that we met. She went there in 2007 is what I think she said. Her after pictures were amazing. She still looks wonderful. Although she is 16 years my junior... She had a great experience. I'm waiting for her to get back in touch with me and share the name of the Dr she used and the one of her friend. The minute she does, I will update! Tomorrow I will attempt to take and upload photos. Wish me luck. ????

The moment of truth!

Well, be nice. As we all know, the majority of women hate to be seen naked (especially in the daylight lol)

I finally heard back from a Dr.

I have sent out numerous emails to Dr's that I researched. I finally heard back from Dr. Goico's assistent Karel. I'm very excited and will email her better pictures. I need to redue the ones I took.

I am looking forward to the day that I can wear a pair of shorts (which I have not worn, not even at home for over 12 years) or a sleeveless blouse and not be embarrassed. I guess I should start gathering "Wish" pictures.

Had my daughter take pictures

This was an even more sobering event when I looked at my pictures. I just broke down and cried. I am so repulsed my my naked body. How can this body, the one that gave birth to 5 amazing children, look so disgusting.

So disappointed!

I sent emails via Real Self to numerous doctors, at least 11. One responded for me to have patience because another RS friend followed up with the Dr's assistant. One other Dr replied. I still have no quotes. This is very discouraging for me. It makes me think they are not interested in doing my surgery or they are just to busy. All I can say is WOW!

My Quote

Maria option#1 $5,100.00 tummy tuck with liposculpture flanks full back waist armpit BBL the cost is 5, includes 10 days in recovery house, transportation ekg xray blood work meds cardiologist evaluation 1 garment 1 night in the clinic all post op consultations: this quote does not include the mandatory medical i surance which every patient must acquire the cost is 150.00 it is to cover medical complications for 30 days as of sx day covers upto US$15,000.00 in medical reimburstments.

Option 2
Tummy tuck lipo flanks waist breast lift
5,700.00 with the same details included as option #1

What should I do?

I received my quote from Dr. Almonte. I have 2 options for sx. Option 1 is the BBL and TT and all the details. Option 2 is the TT with BL and augmentation. I'm struggling with what to do. I really want the TT that's my number one priority. My dilemma is do I want the BBL more than the BL/BA? I can't do it all (although, I want it all) in one sx. I suppose I will just have go back.

BUT, if I do the lift with my TT, go back for the BBL, where will all that extra fat come from since I will have already had liposculpture?

Dr.Goico's response

Hello Maria,

Thanks for your contact.

I apologize for the delayed evaluation, but I am simply getting way too many emails per day and I try to respond as soon as possible, but (as you may well see) I like to deeply evaluate each patient and reply with the best option available for them.

So, I have evaluated your photos and have a few comments about your case:

First of all, let me tell you that I am very honest with my evaluations, but you will perfectly see that I do it in the patient's best interest. With me it's always safety first, and if a procedure will not give you an important change, I am the first one to recommend it's not worth it or if it's simply too much.

Now, you seem to be a great candidate for these procedures. Your BMI is pretty good (27.1) and you are wanting plastic surgery for the right reasons. I am very happy when I receive a consultation from a patient that understands that plastic surgery enhances the shape, but it will not make you loose weight, and that if you are over a healthy weight it's an absurd and unnecessary risk. That said, I do believe that you are wanting (and it's completely understandable) too much for one surgery alone. All of these procedures would not only put your life at risk (for the long period of surgery) but you could not be able to move with so much performed and that would be a problem as well.

Now, let me detail each area with the procedure I believe would give you the best possible outcome, and later I'll comment about the most recommended combination for you:

- Breasts: I would definitely advice you to get implants. Now the question here would be what type of lift would achieve the shape and breast format that you desire. Meaning, with a periareolar lift (aka donut lift) we could probably get a very natural (semi drooped) style of breasts. Now, with a vertical scar lift (aka lollipop lift), you could achieve more of that full breast shape (as in, cleavage without using a push up bra). Please send me photos of breasts you consider ideal, so I have an idea of the volume and breast format you're looking for (never for trying to imitate them). I really think you're a candidate for a periareolar (if any lift were needed), but this is just some of those things that we'd decide in a personal consultation because only by photos I couldn't answer with 100% accuracy.

- Abdomen: There is some evident and very important muscle separation seen in your abdominal region. This, added to the moderate skin and fat excess in the area, clearly tell me your abdomen aspect could be greatly improved aesthetically with a Tummy Tuck. The tummy tuck not only eliminates fat and skin, but it defines the waist line more, giving the patient a curvier body because of the "corset" effect created by the abdominal rectus muscle. Another good point on your favor is the fact that you have enough skin to have a very low positioned scar, meaning, this surgery should allow you to use a very low bikini bottom or panties if you feel like it.

- Body: Liposuction could also greatly improve your body silhouette by eliminating the unwanted fat from unwanted areas. In your case, the areas that mostly call my attention are, abdomen, back (upper and lower) and flanks (love handles). You're one of those cases that could greatly benefit from an important liposuction, so you have to make sure your blood levels are high (specially your hemo). If you have anemia, you cannot (and should not) have this surgery, as you may put your life at risk.

- Arms: You are a very good candidate for an arm lift (aka Brachioplasty). You have an important skin excess (and a moderate fat excess as well) in your arms that could be well treated with this procedure. Now, something you need to know is that removing so much skin would result in a scar (hidden in the inner side of your arms) that at least for the first year would be pretty visible (on your skin type with a year or two it tends to become pretty imperceivable).

Commen about combinations: when it comes to combining such a number of surgeries I always recommend patients to put priority numbers to the area that affects them the most. If you would ask me, your breasts are not that bad, and I would say they should be your last priority. For me, your abdominal region would be priority number one, and this could be treated along with the rest of your body with liposculpture. In my opinion, you should combine arms and breasts, and abdomen and body, or simply have the complete mommy makeover and forget about the arms for now, even though (at least by looking at your photos), it would seem your breasts are not in such a bad shape.

Karel, my assistant will send you your quote (usually less than 24 hours)for:
- Mommy Makeover (with Implants)
- Breast Lift (with Implants) + Arm Lift
- Tummy Tuck + General Liposuction

Any medical doubt you may have, please feel free to contact me directly to this address or via whatsapp to my cellphone at +18098017900.

Take good care of yourself,

Dr. Luis A. Fernandez Goico

Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva

C/ Sócrates Nolasco #4, 2º Pisto - Sala 3
Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana
C: (809) 565-0938
M: (809) 801-7900

Instagram: http://instagram.com/drfernandezgoico
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dr.FernandezGoico
RealSelf: http://www.realself.com/find/Dominican-Republic/Plastic-Surgeon/Luis-Fernandez-Goico

On 2015-06-11 01:31, Consultorio Dr. Fernandez Goico wrote:
Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva
Clínica Plastimedic
C/ Sócrates Nolasco No. 4,
2° Piso - Consultorio 3
Ensanche Naco
Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana
www.fernandezgoico.com [2]
Tel: (809)565-0938
Instagram:http://instagram.com/drfernandezgoico [3]
Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Dr.FernandezGoico [4]
Begin forwarded message:
FROM: Maria Meikle Kratz
DATE: June 5, 2015 at 10:30:31 AM AST
TO: "Consultorio Dr. Fernandez Goico"
Hi Karel!
Thank you for responding to my interest. I did take the pictures
that you asked for. I looked at them and just cried. I am so
repulsed by my body you have no idea. Although this body gave birth
to 5 amazing children, the after math is disgusting to me.
I am 50 years old, 6 feet 2 inches. I weigh 211 pounds as if this
morning. I had a complete hysterectomy in September of 2012. I am a
healthy female. I do not smoke or take drugs. I am active and work
full time as a flight attendant for a major U.S. Carrier. I fly
mostly international trips to Europe.
My hopes for surgery are a full tummy tuck with liposculpture of the
back, sides and abdomen. I am in desperate need of a breast lift and
modest augmentation. I also need a serious arm lift to remove my bat
I am so discouraged by my appearance, I truly hope that Dr. Goico
can help me!! I'm looking forward to hearing back from you.
Maria Kratz
Sent from my iPhone
On Jun 4, 2015, at 23:41, Consultorio Dr. Fernandez Goico
Hello Mrs. Kratz,
Thank you for your contact.
We have received your message through RealSelf.com [1] about your
interest on having a Mommy Makeover.
For online evaluations, we'd need you to send us photos exposing the
areas of interest ( if possible, ask a third person to take them and
try to avoid showing your face). The best angles for this surgery
are front, posterior and side view. As soon as I receive your
photos, I'll send them to Dr. FG and he'll answer you with his
evaluation and comments of your case. Right after this, I'll send
you a quote for the costs of the necessary procedure(s).
Please send me information like your actual weight and height, and
if you suffer from any known disease or have any health condition.
Also, if you'd be so kind on telling me when would you be interested
on having this surgery?
Let me know any doubts you may have.
Have a wonderful evening,
Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva
Clínica Plastimedic

Looking to make a change

Well, I received another quote from Dr Goico. His work is amazing. He is very straight forward and honest with his evaluation and recommendations as to what procedures will benefit you. He is detail in his assessment of the pictures you send to him and it makes you feel that he cares. At least I know that he is the one who actually reviewed my specific inquiry and not his office manager. I waited a few days for him to get back to me because he will consider all of your requests and let you know what is realistic. While I waited for his reply, I received an email from his office saying that Dr G will be answering my email personally but it may take a few days. That to me was priceless! Just acknowledging the fact that my email was received...

I did have an interest in Dr. Almonte initially. She too is amazing and her skills as a surgeon are beyond PHENOMINAL! Unfortunately her office manager Lesley, is overwhelmed and takes forever to return an email. Had it not been for a RS friend contacting her, I still wouldn't have had a quote. It makes me feel that she is not interested in me or my surgery! She did send me a 1 line text saying "Be patient" I figured my money spend everywhere! She's not doing me any favors, so I think she sealed the deal for me to go else where!

I will keep you guys posted along the way!

Look fine with clothes on...

I've been looking for wish pictures. I know this will sound odd but I really am happy with me. I love my life, my children, my job, my friends and me! I just don't like me without clothes. With clothes on I look great (at least I feel like I do) how do you search for pictures ?

My editing didn't work, had to delete and retry

Much better with clothes on.

My first wish pic

I'm having trouble finding wish pictures. I did find one, I love the waist. I'm posting with he hopes of findinding more.

Have a sx buddy

As luck would have it, I found a sx buddy! Not only did I find one but she ends up living in the same area that I do, and we both are thinking of November for sx, how crazy is that?! We met yesterday for lunch and talked and talked and talked. We are both torn between Dr. Almonte and Dr. Goico. I truly feel no matter which one we chose, the end results will be beautiful. We Plan on taking a trip to the DR to have a face to face w/ Dr. G sometime in the middle of September. This is working out perfectly!

Paid my deposit!

W O W! It became very real for me today. My husband and I sent Dr. G my deposit on Friday. I received a text from his asdistant yesterday saying it arrived. Today, Karel, Dr. G's assistant sent me a follow up confirmation email along with my balance for surgery. I look at that and it hit me... OMG, I'm going to the DR and having something I have wanted for 20 years. It's GOING TO HAPPEN.

I'm just thrilled with Dr. Goico. I highly recommend him to everyone who is undecided about choosing a surgeon. At least check out his credentials AND his work. Honestly, he could make millions with his skill and art form here in the U.S.

My sx date is November 18 and my sx buddies is November 17. We chose Serenity House for our recovery house. Now, to start ordering just the basics.

Deposit and plane ticket

Well, I sent my deposit to save my sx date 2 weeks ago to Dr. G. I bought my plane ticket last night. My surgery buddy and I are taking the 7 am flight out November 15! Wooooooo hooooooo talk about being REAL! Something about your plane ticket that makes it sink in...

Tourist visa

That is the link for the visa. It's been a while since I've written. Not really much going on. However, I did get my tourist visa. I have read from others here on RS that if you purchase it before hand, you don't have to wait in the horrendous line in SDQ (city code for Santo Domingo ). The visa is only $10.00 USD. I'll just print it and bring it with me on November 15. My sx is on the 18. I will be staying at Serenity House for my recovery. I'm beginning my list of things to bring with me. I have the greatest sx buddy. She has done so much of the leg work and had made this very easy, I. Basically just following her.

I did begin a better eating program. I realize that this sx is not the solution for poor dietary habits. I found a spectacular and livable way to be healthy. Whole30 can be found on the Internet and you can eat real food. It's basically no refined sugars and processed food. That's a good school of thought to follow anyway. I will keep you all posted on my progress. Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Paid in full!

Well, my sx is paid. If that's not reality... I'm excited and scared, happy and frightened, nervous but determined all at the same time. I really have wanted this since 1998 but never dreamed it was possible. I'm so blessed to have a fantastic supportive family. My husband and children are behind me 110%. I'm also lucky to not only have a surgery buddy, but one who lives close by. We have become friends over the course of the decision process and I know we will remain friends for years to come. I also have another RS sister that is a genuine "rock" of encouragement. I'm so appreciative for all of the RS sisters who have posted their journey before me. I look forward to posting my "after" sx pics soon.

RH changed to Harmony Recovery House

I Have recently read horror stories about certain recovery houses. I have chosen Harmony Recovery House. So many claim to do so many things but in reality fall very short of their promises. I was blessed to have a sx buddy that researches and researches until the point of exhaustion. My advice to you ladies still looking for a RH, READ every review you can. Don't go by pictures, they are very misleading. You have to go on first hand reviews. This is the 2nd most important part of your journey, the 1st being the surgeon you choose! Good luck to all!!!

Last minute change

This is so crazy. I arrived here in the Dominican Sunday afternoon. Our driver picked us up and brought us to Harmony Recovery House! The house is wonderful. The owner Mabel and her mother Nancy truly care.

I had my pre op testing done. My blood work was good, hero good, chest X-ray... everything was great. I have vericose veins. Suddenly Dr. G became so freaked out and said he wouldn't do the surgery. I came back to the recovery house and was ready to pack it up and leave. A very dear dear dear RS sister and 2 time veteran told me to have a second opinion. The more I thought about it the more I agreed that was the way to go.

My sweet friend contacted Lesley, DrAlmonte's assistant. From that point on, it all fell in to place. Lesley had me do more tests then a special test, Eco cardiogram. My heart is functioning perfectly. Dr. Almonte said she can perform the surgery and my life will not be in danger. Thank God. Keep me in your prayers. I'll be posting more soon

One more test...

The cardiologist wanted me to have a Doppler test done on my legs since my veins are so bad. I had that done with a vascular dr., then had to have an appt with a vascular surgeon. It was a lot of running around but my recovery house has taken me every where and stayed with me thru out this entire ordeal! I am so blessed to have Harmony Recovery as my place to stay!

It's 7:35 am here at CECIP. I'm showered and waiting for Dr. Almonte to come in. I slept surpringly well. My surgery is this morning and I'm Dr. A's first one.

I will let you all know a bit more when I'm on the flat side. ????????

This is lunch from Harmony Recovery House

2hours post op

Forgot to upload the infamous "little blue pill"

Day 2.

Today marks 2 days post surgery. I felt great yesterday. I did pretty much everything for myself. I can feel it now. I am very soar but it's manageable. I'm glad I only had 1 procedure. I don't know how the gals who did the full MM with lipo do it. I'll post my picture. Hugs to all.

This one was prior to sx

Look how adorable Dr. A is


Oh dear God! Now I understand what everyone is talking about. Today was my 1st massage. I am 2 days post op and if I never have another one it will be too soon. I say that but tomorrow my therapist is coming at 9:30 am. I wonder if I have enough time to leave the country. Lol. That is some serious pain. Trust me, I know pain... I had five 10lb babies naturally. THIS was worse. I'll keep you all updated tomorrow. Wish me luck. ????

Follow up visit & 2nd massage

Ok, I had my second massage. It didn't hurt as badly as my first one but IT STILL HURT! Lol. It has really helped with all that fluid sitting under my skin. Before my massage, my body was hard and the lymphatic massage is the greatest. The therapists mane Mariel. She's really good. Her hands are tiny but powerful.

After that I got cleaned up and went to my very 1st follow up with Dr. A. The entire office was so happy to see me. They are so sweet. Love them all. As if having my massage today wasn't bad enough, I received my faja. Ok ladies, to those of you who haven't had their sx yet, those son of a bitches are evil. Lol. I'm in a large now but was informed I will be moving to stage 2 after drain comes out. Over all, I had a great day. I don't have any pain unless I move suddenly. All is good.

Day 7

Well, this is truly a journey and everyday brings a different emotion. I made it thru day 4 which was AWFUL. Not with pain but with emotion. I did what the vets before me have done. I questioned WHY did I do this, WHY did I travel to a foreign country, WHY did I torture my self etc. blah blah blah. My Recovery House family (Harmony House) and my sx buddy came rushing to my rescue. I just had to cry it out!

Ok, so I made it to day 8. I am 1 week post op!!! Wooooohooooo. I feel fantastic. The anesthesia has worked its way out of my system and I have no pain (just some discomfort). I was taking the pain medication at night to help me sleep. It did help but it makes you SO SO constipated. (Sorry for that). Oh dear God. That is awful. So I quit taking the Percocet and will take an ibuprofen at night.

I'm draining quite a bit. I did have one clot in my drain. That was crazy to watch being removed. But after that big blob was taken care of, it's smooth sailing.

Massages are getting better. I'm beginning to look forward to them. It really is wonderful after its finished. I will go see Dr. Almonte today for my 1 wk check up. I'll have more to say after. Till next report my RS sisters! Much love. ????

Day 10

I went to see Dr. A today. I had a good visit, found out that I'm healing beautifully. Scar looks great, belly button is good. The bad news is that I will not have my drain removed before flying home. I have 2 days left here, if by chance a miracle happens, I can try for Wednesday morning before my flight. Pray for me sisters. But, if not, my family care dr at home can. I have a few pics for ya. Hope everyone is well and following their dream!!!!

Day 18

I've actually tried to update twice and both times I've lost the review. Third time is a charm right?!!!

I went to my own dr. here in NC. He said that my incision was one of the cleanest cuts he has ever seen!!! Hot damn!!! TEAM ALMONTE! Lol. I received a clean bill of health on my drain sight and my belly button.

On Saturday, day 15, my drain started leaking like a water fountain. By Sunday, it was pouring out every time I moved. The good news is I was able to contact Dr. Almonte's assistant surgeon Dr. Placencia. It was with record quickness she got back to me. She said my drain needed to come out and for me not to panic. Hell, it was too late for that, I was in full blown panic mode. Of course it was the weekend and my dr was not in. I sat around and wondered what I should do. I contacted another dear friend who is also a RS member and an Almonte veteran. I decided to take the drain out myself. That's exactly what I did. I had my alcohol and gauze, I pulled it out slooooooooowly, very very slowly.

Now all is good. I'm trying not to over do my activity. That's easier said than done. I really have no pain and no complaints. I realize it is a journey and slow process. So far, no regrets!!!

3weeks today

I made it to the 3 week point. Life is good and God is great. I feel fine. My incision is healing nicely. My drain area seems to be closing nicely. That one took forever. I wifi be taking some pictures as soon as all the little scabs fall off. Merry Christmas everyone!

5weeks post op

Well, I survived the Christmas holiday. Enjoyed my family tremendously. I ate everything in moderation and felt very good about that. I just started using the silicone tape as of yesterday. I'll keep everyone updated on my personal results. I am experiencing quite a lot of swelling but have been advised that is normal. Things are movin along great. I will post a picture of my incision after a few days of using the "tape". Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all!

6 weeks post op!

Well, I've Made it to the 6 week mark. I am trying to update and not be one of those members that commented like crazy and then after their sx never said a word. It drives me crazy because the after "journey" of sx is so important for us to know. It mentally helps you prepare yourself for whats to come.

Anyway, I must admit at this point I feel soooooooo much better. I love looking in the mirror and no longer cringe when I catch a glimpse of my mid section. THe swelling depends on my activity level. I wear my Faja aka "the torture garment" thru out the day but I no loner sleep in in. I feel better with a little pressure on my tummy so I bought control top panties at Target.

I apply rose hip oil at night to my scar before I go to bed. I rub that in gently then put my cotton panties (granny panties) on and my control top panties over top of that. In the morning after my shower, I put the silicone tape over my incision. I think it is healing beautifully.

I remember in the very beginning after sx, I wondered why I did this? Why did I go to a foreign country and subject myself to this suffering? I also said " I will NEVER do this again"Lol. That was on day 4 post op. I have read and heard that day3 and 4 are tough for most women because of the anesthesia and medication in your system. But beyond that, I have no regrets!!! I love the new me, I love the results from Dr. Almonte. I think she is a fantastic surgeon. My sx buddy was my source of sanity while in the D R. I adore her. We have remained in close contact and will always be friends! I also had such a great support system at home. That means a lot.

I am planning a rd2 in October of 2016. I'm going to complete my journey and have my breast lift and arm lift. I will keep you posted on that as well. Dr. Almonte will be my surgeon!
So ladies (and gentleman), please post updates and pictures post op. It's so helpful to the future dolls!

Much love and Happy 2016 to everyone!!!!!

7 months P/O

Time really flies once you get passed the first month. I was very lucky, I never had any real pain. I did have ups and downs in the healing process. Swelling is such a major factor. Still till this day, 7 plus months afterwards, I swell.

The area above my TT scar is numb. I guess that will take quite some time for the nerves to heal and to get the feeling back. The muscle repair I had (if I actually had it) did not last. Even though my tummy is flat, I have to consciously hold my stomach muscles in so that it doesn't pooch out. That is my cross to bare I suppose. It still looks better than before my surgery.

I have maintained my weight and have lost a few additional pounds. I feel great. I would do it all over again without hesitation. I will post 7 month photos soon.

My advice to all the future dolls is:

RESEARCH your surgeon. MAKE SURE, and I can't stress that part enough, make sure you communicate EXACTLY what you want and exactly what your expectations are. Talk with your surgeon BEFORE your surgery. If you're not happy with the surgeon, CHOOSE a different one!!! Good luck dolls!

Just not happy with muscle repair

I had my TT on November 20,2015. I had a few hiccups, nothing major. I had to fly home with my drain, the area where my drain was took a while to heal. When it did heal, it's not a straight line. I haven't complained about that. I did question my muscle repair I supposedly had during my TT. I always have to hold my stomach in to make it flat. If I relax it, it looks as though I've never had a TT. I reached out to Dr. Almonte's assistant, I sent her pictures. She told me that I had a seroma. I had a C T scan done of my stomach and I DO NOT have a seroma. After talking to a dear RS friend, she encouraged me to contact Dr. Almonte directly. I did that Sunday night, Dr. A responded back to me yesterday morning and asked for pictures. I took them and sent them to her. Now it's a waiting game to see what she says. I also told Dr. A I have not gained weight, I've actually lost weight.

I have one MAJOR piece of advice for all future dolls. Make sure, I repeat, be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN of your surgeons revision/ satisfaction policy. I can't stress this enough.

I will update this as soon as I hear back from her and give every detail I can.

Revision quote

No muscle repair
So I did receive a quote from Dr. Almonte's assistant. She was going to charge me $2800.00 to do a revision of my muscle repair, lipo of the sides, back and waist (ALL OF WHICH I ALREADY PAID FOR BUT DIDNT RECEIVE) needless to say I was furious. I sent Dr. Almonte a text telling her that the price was outrageous !!! She agreed and told me that she would have Lesley send me a new quote because maybe she didn't understand what I was asking. Now, I sent her the text last week. I JUST received a new price today only after I sent Dr. A another text. I was cautiously optimistic ... well the new quote is $2450.00. Can you believe that? I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO ANGRY right now I can't even see straight!!! I don't even know how to put in to words the anger and disappointment I'm feeling right now. I really trusted that Dr. Almonte would do the right thing and make good on the revision. I am posting the video showing my stomach and the lack of muscle repair. I plan to document as much as I can to make as many women aware of the problems that can happen when dealing with Dr. Almonte and her assistant Lesley. I guess this is the problem dealing with a foreign country. I have no recourse at all. I never discussed the revision/satisfaction policy so I'm to blame. I paid for a surgery I didn't receive plus over $2000.00 in travel expenses. I spent close to $7000.00 total. After this experience, I WILL NOT RECOMMEND DR. ALMONTE!!!

Revision August 25, 2016

Hey sx sisters! I came back down to the D R to have my revision. This time I know my muscles are tight. I can barely move. Dra. Almonte redid my entire incision. It's like the first one all over again but with major pain. I had lipo of the sides, full back and stomach. There was even enough fat to give me a small bbl. I haven't seen my results yet since I just had sx on the 25th of August. I will have my first massage tomorrow and will have her take pictures. Thru out this journey I have learned much about myself. I learned that I am much stronger than I ever thought possible. My faith in God is deeper than I imagined and my love for my family is my entire reason for existence.

My first sx was sabotaged by the owner of the rh we chose to stay at. She told Dr. G many things that made me a bad candidate for sx. I learned all of this later. But that is neither here nor there. I had to come back for a revision of my stomach muscles, so I did the entire gamut. I feel like I look like a million bucks. The truth will be revealed after my massage.

I also wanted to talk a bit about the hundreds of recovery houses that are down in the D R and very few are worth a shit. My first experience was at Harmony house. The owner and her step mother ran it. I say that loosely but Nancy, the mother took care of all the day to day scheduling. She cooked for the patients, she cleaned the patients. She got the. To and from their dr's appointments. She truly nursed us back to health. What did the step daughter do you might ask? Well she lied to her patients, she stole from her patients, she went thru the bags if her patients and she was mean to her patients just to name a few...

The good part of this review is that the step mother cut all ties with the thieving step daughter, broke off all communication with that witch and has now opened a new recovery house. The new house is named Peace and Love. That speaks volumes. There is so much caring and love in Nancy's heart that it overflows on to everyone she comes in contact with. She loves taking care of people and she loves bringing them back to health. I can't say enough wonderful things about Nancy de la Cruz. Her home is very clean and welcoming. I highly recommend looking her rh up on face book an read some reviews. This is the second time I've stayed with her and you can believe I will stay again the next time.

A few pics

1st Post Op visit

I am on day 4. I had my second massage this morning. It truly hurt like hell but I knew that it was helping me and the end result would be great. I really really hope my muscles are tightened because the only thing that hurts is the incision on my back and the lipo'd areas. I know I'm not super woman, my pain tolerance cannot be that high. I suppose I will just have to wait and see. I'll post some pictures after the visit.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

This has been crazy. First I picked Dr. Fatima Almonte. For reasons I won't go in to I changed to Dr. Fernandez Goico. So I arrive in the DR, have my face to face. Do all my lab work etc. he says he won't perform my surgery. Ok whatever. Who do I end up going to see???? Dr Fatima Almonte. It was meant to be. She and I had a consultation, had a couple tests and 2 days later she did my TT. I will have volumes to say after my 12 days here. Stay tuned.

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