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Hi ladies getting tt, lipo, bbl and maybe breast...

Hi ladies getting tt, lipo, bbl and maybe breast lift with no implants, 1) I hear that after any breast procedures females don't feel the same sensation or no feeling at all. 2) going crazy trying to find a GOOD recovery house pls help. I also see a lot of ladies can't get a quote from Dra Duran but I got one in 2 days (Sergicalcoodinated) help me have to pay them $200 but they help with everything u will need I just can't make up my mind in what recovery house I will like. PLS HELP

Current situation ????????

Can't wait to see Dra Duran!!!!!

Hi ladies; just a quick update

Planning on going beginning of March just waiting on Sergicalcoodinated confirmation; about recovery house I love the reviews on "High Class Recovery" but if I can't get there then "Serenity recovery" just waiting on the confirmation of Sergicalcoodinated.
On the other hand "High Class Recovery" have they own coordinators also working with them just in case they could get me the day I want, who ever get me the day faster with Dra Duran get pay, sorry I sound mean but that just business, "but they both told me I pay them after the surgery day are confirmed.

LIPO OR TT????????????????????????

Duran told me I need a tt, but I'm trying to lose the weight on my own I don't want a tt, I think that scarf on my stomach will look disgusting ( no offense) I will like to think that with a lipo and exercise after sergery I will look good and look natural with a real belly bottom. been seeing a lot of females that look fake. So I decided to get a lipo of my entire body ( upper back, lower back, arms, stomach and inner legs) I will also do a lil bbl not much just to make it a lil harder and rounder, I just want a natural look instead of a Barbie boll. Sorry pls don't take this the wrong way just asking for advice. By the way I change my surgery for April 17 2016, cuz I want to loss more weight, been losing weight on my own so far 17 pounds trying to loss another 15 before my surgery. I really won't like that scarf on my stomach. PLS ADVISE!!!!!!


Hi ladies & gentlemen
Feel I haven't write a review in a long time so divided to update.
My sx date is April 19 2016 bought my flight for $591 Boston to Sdq staying in the lovely island of Dominica republic 4/18-5/3
Pay my deposits to SurgicalCoordinated $250 Dra Duran $200, the 200 will be deducted from my surgery quote.
I'm staying at High Class Recovery House (owner Wendy she's a doll her self) Pay my deposit also $100 she been very nice and always answer my text (whatsapp)all I have here from this recovery house is good things (well one bad from RS one girl said that they didn't change the bed shits everyday I think she should have said something in a nice way and that situation wold have taking care off) but other then that I personally haven't heard anything bad. If ya ladies have plz let me know. I won't change but just to have my eyes more open then what they are going to be.


High Class Recovery House

Pay $100 deposit wanted a single room but none available the only thing they have was a triple room for $65 night didn't want but I took, now that I been thinking about it I'm gonna be staying for 16 days this'll not be a vacation no going out clubbing or having fun so sharing room will be ok for talking and having fun doing other stuff with the roommates lol the surgery recovery will be painful and boring so I guest company will be ok (PRAYING TO GOD IT WILL AND THE MY ROOMMATE WILL BE COOL)
Will arrive on 4/18 surgery 4/19 (Wendy is a real doll her self owner of High Class) is not charging me the day of the surgery (won't be there any ways lol) my stay will be 4/18-5/3 $910 plus $125 pick up drop off airport unlimited ride back and forth to doctors appointments. All together is 1,035 minus $100 deposit balance of $935 planning to pay before I leave tru PayPal.
Will keep ya posted with pic update about recovery house when I get there.
One of the this I like from this recovery house is I won't have to buy a lot of stuff cuz they provide a lot of necessary things so my list is getting shorted lol.
Not trying to be mean or anything like that but all recovery house owners need to provide at least the necessary stuff for all the $$ they be charging us. The massage are $25 but if u buy 5 massage is $100 I'm planning to get 10 so that is $200 the nurse I think is $45-50 not sure will ask when I arrived even though I already told her I need for surgery day.
Also they provide juices daily.
Can't think of anything else to write
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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