Mallol Dolls?? Lipo+ BBL ..27 Yrs Old, 1 Child - Santo Domingo, DO

Hey Ladies ive planned to get my body done for...

Hey Ladies ive planned to get my body done for some years now but now i feel like i kinda rushed into it ..and im freaking out..So its Nov. 11 2016 and ive been talking To Dr. Mallol and i just paid my deposit and booked my ticket! Crazy thing is that my surgery date is Dec. 7th 2016 ..yes in less then a month anybody else having surgery around that time? Im flying in from Germany which is another thing that's freaking me out since my flight is 9hrs and i know i cant sit on my new Booty..i dont know what i got myself into! Any tips would be greatly trying to get my things to pack together

Which Recovery house?

Hey Ladies soo which recovery house to you guys recommend i have three the Doctor said i can choose from..
Paradise Recovery house..
Be Recovery house and
Armonia Recovery house..
and is there free WIFI?? Im asking because i was already informed by him that tv with english channels will cost extra and A/C?? Omg..does anybody know
how much extra? Thanks in advance :)

Pre op feelings

I cant flying to the states tomorrow from Germany ..layover in ATL then Tuesday ill be in DR ..super nervous ..i feel like im forgetting something idk ..pretty much overthinking smh and sad that im by myself
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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