Frontal Hair Transplant in DR

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I've chosen Dr. Alba Reyes in Santo Domingo...

I've chosen Dr. Alba Reyes in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic to perform the procedure. I have already paid my deposit, locked in a date- just purchased my plane ticket and ready to go. The above price includes 5 days at a resort by the beach and 3 days in a hotel near the doctors office. Transportation is included. I have suffered from frontal baldness since I was a child and I've been humiliated and hid under an umbrella of shame and low self esteem my entire life because of it. I'm so greatful to God to have something done about it now.

Enroute to Airport in 3 hrs!

I'm excited and nervous at the same time! My car service will arrive in 3 hours to transport me to the airport, enroute to Dominicsn Republic. Keep me in prayer ????

Up Up and Away!!!!

We're off! Enroute to Santo Domingo for my procedures????

I made it Safely

I just woke up from a very long nap. I'm getting ready to take my shower, find what I'll wear to my appointment tomorrow, watch some television and go to sleep. I'm in a gated community with a security guard. The recovery house is nice, there are more Americans here that I haven't seen yet because they have had their surgeries and are in their rooms recovering. One of my nurses doesn't speak English but is very sweet. I had Jolof rice and fried plantain for dinner ( I told her that I wanted native food). Tomorrow I will have a biopsy done of my scalp to determine the cause of my baldness and then meet my surgeons. I'll keep you posted.

Transplant Tomorrow!!!

My hair transplant is tomorrow. My doctor is so nice and very beautiful! When she examined my scalp, she determined that a biopsy isn't needed so we're going straight into the procedure tomorrow! So excited!!!

Surgery Day!!!

Today I'll have my FUT transplant done by Dr. Reyes. She is a very beautiful and down to earth. I'm very excited about today. I will post photos later.

Photo Update

This what the sides of my hair looks like after the grays were put in.

4 days post FUT

Two Weeks Post Op

Sorry that it's taken me so long to update but I've been recovering from other cosmetic surgery procedures. I lost quite a bit of hair when my staples were removed- but overall I'm satisfied with my results and I'm just anxious to see the new hair begin to grow. On the left frontal side I can see where I'll have a full head of hair the right side makes me a bit nervous, but we'll wait and see. I washed today in very hot tap water with a special argon oil shampoo. A lot of scabbing was removed but there's still some scabbing left, I didn't want to rub too hard so I stopped, I'll wash again on Sunday. Here's some new pictures.

7 month update

I've been getting an overflow of emails asking for an update so I'll post my results but these pictures won't be available too long, they will be removed in 3 days.
Dominican Republic Hair Restoration Surgeon

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