Having TT, BBL, & Lipo with Dra. Duran in Nov. 2014 - Santo Domingo, DR

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I'm scheduled for surgery with Dra Duran on 13...

I'm scheduled for surgery with Dra Duran on 13 November 2013. I'm a mother of four and I'm done having children, so I feel it's the right time to have this procedure done. I also have to use up some vacation time so this trip can help with that. I always wanted to tummy tuck and love the sculpting that Dra Duran does on her patients. I will be traveling alone and staying at Recovery House Armonia. I'm looking for a sx buddy to stay at RH Armonia. If anyone is interested, inbox me.

Bought My Airfare, Confirmed @ RH Armonia, & 1 Month To Go!

So I purchased my airfare; I'm flying coach class to the DR and flying first class on my return flight. I didn't want to be uncomfortable. I was fortunate to get a shorter flight coming back. I'm flying out of DC and most return flights travel duration were something like 13-18 hours....whew. My flight with layovers is 6 hours and some change. Confirmed my stay with RH Armonia, and started buying some of my supplies. I'm still uncertain about whether or not I need lipo foam. I'm thinking about buying it to put under my faja. Can any of you ladies chime in if you used lipo foam and if it was worth it, or should I just stick with pads?

Figuring Out What Size Faja To Buy for Post Op & Where To Buy From?

Hi ladies! How do you know what size faja to buy for your stage 2 garment. I don't want to get it too big and certainly don't want it too small. I want to make sure that as soon as I'm out of the faja Dra Duran gives me, I have another one available. But I don't know what size to get. Also, can any of you ladies recommend places to buy the faja from. I seen some ppl like the Marena faja, is that was Dra Duran uses?

Had to Reschedule My Surgery For Next Year

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to reschedule my surgery for next year in the fall. I'm bummed because I was scheduled for 13 Nov and today I would be 2 days post op. Oh well....life happens and you have to deal with it and that's what I'm doing at the moment.

Good luck to all future Duran Dolls and all the women undergoing surgery, regardless of who your surgeon is!

A Year Later & I'm Finally Getting My TT, Lipo & BBL Done w/ Duran (Nov 3, 2014)- Excited and Nervous!!

So I was scheduled to have it done last Nov 2013, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to cancel my surgery last year. However, I'm back at it again. I purchased my airfare with wheelchair assistance on the way back (recommend this, ladies). They meet you upon your arrival to the airport and put you in a wheelchair and from there you go. If you have a connecting flight (as I do), they will meet you at the connecting gate and get you to the next gate. This will definitely alleviate carrying bags and walking/running through the airport.

I'll be staying at MyHome RH. Apparently, it's a new RH that has hospital beds. I spoke with one of the ladies there over the phone and she seemed super sweet. Unlike last year, I won't be traveling alone. My girl from work, Lilolemi will be going with me. She's getting a BBL. I'm super excited to be taking this journey with her. She is sooo much like me and we have so much in common. I can't wait to see how she looks post op, she's going to be turning heads (she already does)….lol.

I purchased some supplies and had some from last year that I never got to use. I also ordered Vitamedica Surgery Vitamins. I should have those by Sat. I order the PeZ female urinal. Figured that would make it easier to use the bathroom. I did my bloodwork with my doctor and my hemo is 14.8. I'm super excited about that. Last year it was 13.4 and I was happy then with that. In addition, I started taking Geritol vitamins at the recommendation of one of the other dolls on here. I'm hoping all continues to go as planned. As the time approaches, I'm getting more and more excited and nervous. I pray everyday for no complications and a speedy and uneventful recovery.

If any of you ladies have recommendations, comments, and/or suggestions, I will take them.
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