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..So here goes my first time for blogging Hahah I...

..So here goes my first time for blogging Hahah I received a quote from Dr Duran fairly quickly within about 2-3 weeks and its definitely reasonable.. Id like to think im like the typical person that jumps on the bandwagon with everyone so im super scared of what can happen when you fly to a third world country for surgery. I called the office today to try to talk with Dr.Durans assistant im Hispanic and speak Spanish and English fluently, the person that answered the phone interrupted me while talking and transferred me to Dr.Durans assistants line and the phone just rang and rang.. So I will try later.. Im not surprised with the lack of communication bc I read that they are busy.. Im trying to see what the next step is in getting a date within the next 6 months.. Im so scared of dying over a vain procedure but I also want my body back . Anyone feel this way? Ugh I know so lame.. Anyways I guess this is all for my first post..


I'm NOT the type to jump with others only bc many are doing it ... So I just want to make sure this is safe and the outcome is good ..

Here's what I look like now

So I know I've always had sort of a booty naturally but I really want a rounder fuller booty, and mainly a tummy tuck . I have my tubes tied , 3 kids , ready for the next chapter .. I've had 2 c sections and I feel like a tummy tuck can only give me the desired look I want . DR Durans work is gorgeous ! So weird telling strangers so much lol !

My Stats lol

Im 5'3 , 185 pounds.. Which I do hold well but its legit 185 and its hard work to loose every pound smh ! Im divorced mom of 3 .. 1 natural birth , 2 C sections.. No known health issues.. lol I don't smoke , I use to smoke socially but gave that up a long time ago , not cute nor healthy . I strive to look young and stay young .. Im 26 yrs old , Hispanic, born in Venezuela.. I live in MS =]

How can i Delete posts lol?

Im not really use to the site yet , How Can I delete something I wrote , Thank you ?

SO many opinions.. Random stuff.. What i wear..

SO Im sure you all are aware on how once you mention surgery outside of the US ppl tend to look at you like you lost your mind.. Naturally I think it’s normal.. I told my parents about it couple of days ago my dad was like go to Venezuela ( Our birth country ) hes like they are the best .. I was like pa she went and graduated from a college in Venezuela for plastic surgery as well as her other specialties from other places… He was like that’s good, Venezuela is known for plastic surgery it’s quite common there.. Lately Ive been having headaches so I want to do a thorough physical and make sure it’s just this crazy pollen, and im more than likely dehydrated.. I had a dream last night I was in DR having surgery and I chose a male, right before he was going to cut me I said nooo I want Dr.Duran haha WTH .. Weird dreams.. Anyone looking to go in the next 6 months, I prefer a buddy English is a my second language so consider me a free translator hahah. Seriously though rather find a travel buddy. I noticed a lot of ppl take all these vitamins and things.. You really should NOT do that most of them will act as blood thinners and will not work in your favor.. Im thinking what’s necessary is possibly arnica pills, arnica cream, maybe some iron and B12.. Ill post the list later.. Also a healthy meal plan which should mainly consists of vegetables and little meat at least 2 months prior.. And a lot water, like a whole lot.. Cut sugar and salt as much as possible unless it’s found naturally in the food… As far as the comments that I look good for 3 kids, ( 2 c sections ) Look this “ FAJA” phase is old news in the Latin world .. This has been around for years ! What ive pretty much done since having kids literally is I wear a garment that has compression yet it’s totally flexible and comfortable to me ! I wear it over 12 hrs a day everyday for years.. You can buy the exact one I have at Walmart the brand is “ Sweet Nothings “ I wear the one that looks like a noodle strap but it’s a compression garment. Helps smooth everything and give some support. ( I own prob 10 ) They are about $25 each… Thank me lady its legit, At first weird but later its like your second skin… Ill try to post a link on what the exact one I wear is..

Been doing some research ..

So of course I've been doing some more extensive research to which I decided to randomly add people from the Domincan republic on Fb !! Hahah call me crazy I say it's genius .. I have become friends with an educated local there and we chat about everything .. Don't get me wrong I trust no one and I'm aware of the risks .. But anyways they had a local girl die yesterday but not at Cipla .. Yes she had plastic surgery done , scary.. sad.. You know Cipla was shut down in 2013 for 3 deaths close to each other , patients were american.. They were cited for health violations etc.. I have the link if you want it .. He said he hasn't heard anything since then for cipla .. I believe Dr. CABRAL is the owner of Cipla !! Well that's it for now ...muah

Spoke with Dr Duran

I spoke with Dr Duran over instagram asking her when was the best time to schedule during the non busy season , she said Sept forward so I guess I'll be scheduling around that time , I'm not going to get a bbl I think that's too much for one time . I'm thinking TT lipo I'd love a breast job but prob simply too much .. I don't have a lot of time for recovery due to my job.. I am some what hesitant , so scary putting yourself in a vulnerable situation .. I also discovered Dr Robles her work seems really good.. Dr Duran is awesome I wish she had a more professional system and timely way of doing business . Although she has always answered me on Instagram she seems like a great person .. I need to renew my passport ..and loose some weight .

Well I stumbled upon this

Have you guys seen this ...

More info Regarding what the CDC has on their website

Safety and Security

Driving in the Dominican Republic is hazardous. Traffic laws are rarely enforced, and drivers commonly drink and drive, exceed speed limits, do not respect red lights or stop signs, and drive without seatbelts or helmets. The Dominican Republic has among the highest number of traffic deaths per capita in the world (41.7 per 100,000 population). Many fatal or serious traffic crashes involve motorcycles and pedestrians. Motorcycle taxis, which are used throughout the country, including in tourist areas, frequently carry 2 or more passengers without helmets. Visitors should avoid motorcycle taxis, use only licensed taxis, and always wear a seatbelt.

Foreign tourists may become victims of crime in the Dominican Republic. The risks are similar to most major US cities. Although much crime involving tourists involves robbery or pickpocketing, more serious assaults occasionally occur, and criminals may react violently if resisted. Visitors to the Dominican Republic should follow normal precautions such as going out in groups, especially at night; using only licensed taxi drivers; drinking alcohol in moderation; and being cautious of strangers. Criminal activity is often higher in the Christmas and New Year season, and additional caution is advised during those months.

Medical Tourism

The market for medical tourism, including plastic surgery and dental care, is growing in the Dominican Republic. Several companies offer package deals that include postsurgical recovery at a tourist resort. As of March 2014, no public or private health care facilities have standards accredited by bodies such as the Joint Commission International. Outbreaks of health care–associated infections, medical malpractice, and even deaths have been reported among foreign visitors traveling to the Dominican Republic for medical tourism. People considering traveling to the Dominican Republic for medical procedures, including plastic surgery or dental care, should consult with a health care provider before travel and consider whether foreign health care providers meet quality standards of care.
( Straight from website )

Again I report as I discover info , this isn't to persuade anyone just inform what I FIND * ,, Im no longer going out of the country . I will continue to loose weight and find a reputable person in the US .. NO doubt the doctors there have skills BUT there is no denying officially now they are not equipped with life saving equipment nor have a great record regarding infections etc ..
This is the body I have to live with and I cant afford to be disfigured or near dead .. Ill save more and search more. You guys have a good day .. Be blessed muah
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