dr almonte/Tummy tuck+ Liposculpture full back, abdomen,waist, flanks,/thighs/BBL- Santo Domingo, DR

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So I have done so much research on this in order...

So I have done so much research on this in order to select the best doctor for me to perform my surgery. I have finally decided to go with Robles in DR. Thanks to all the reviews found on this site which were so helpful in this process. So my journey has begun....I am 36yrs old, married with 4 children. It is time for me to do me!! I have mixed emotions excited and nervous at the same time. I sent my initial email to Laura, Dr robles assistant a few days ago, I received a quick response via email and followed by a personal phone call from Laura and Dr Robles. This was a plus and gave a more personal touch to our first correspondence, I hope this does not change once my deposit is paid as I read on other posts. I am staying positive and so ready to move forward with this...

Blood Test

Sooo yesterday I did my blood work just to get an idea where I am at, my hemoglobin is 14.2 and I have not yet started my vitamins..*sweet*..so I am looking in good shape, does anyone know if the doctor allows to have the blood done beforehand? I would like to do the bloods here on Island in order to have it covered by my insurance...

Extra Money

Trying to get an idea of how much extra money I will have to bring along to cover the faja and addtl stuff etc from the doctor ladies need your feedback on this.

2nd thoughts..

Ok so my coworker went to Dr Campbell and Dr Carolina in Cartagena Colombia for her TT, her belly looks amazing..they are a little more expensive but no extra hidden cost, it just seem that going with Robles, has so much extra cost. But I am having difficulties finding anyone else that went with Dr Campbell and Dr Carolina at Premium Care Plastic Surgery....mmmm wat to do??!!

Mental RollerCoaster

It has been a few days since my last update, been reading the RS ladies reviews/comments. I was so confused about the doctor, but I have made a turn in another direction. Instead of Robles I will be going to Almonte in May. Travelling to DR on May 9 and surgery on May 10th is the plan. Sending my 350 deposit via Western Union to Lesley tomorrow and its ON!!..i feel so much more comfortable going with Almonte and Lesley has been an absolute darling. I haven't spoke to the doctor yet but not sure if I really need to at this point. I am adding a BBL to my makeover and super excited!!


Sooo paid my deposit tonight at the nearest Western Union usd350, it is finally official..ready for Almonte to transform me. Waiting for Lesley to confirm receipt and provide me with the RH information etc. She is such a sweetheart, I gave her a call and she wanted to make sure I started taking my vitamins and eating healthy. What a complete change of habit, but I have been doing really well with my eating and being more aware of what I am putting into my body. I do not drink or smoke so have no issues there..

Oh yeaaaa

Lesley is so busy all I can say is more power to her, she was able to confirm receipt of my deposit today, so waiting now on the details of my RH. I got a before/after pic from Leslie and I must say Almonte is absolutely amazing, she is so under rated. I love the response time that Lesley provides, I don't want to have to go to a doctor where it take days on top of days to get a simple response. So, yup, I am happy w/the customer service that they offer.

Recovery House

I need your help ladies anyone had any previous experience at Tropical Recovery House. Please let me know this is the first I am actually hearing about this place..


So today I went an get my ECG done..all is normal, thank god, I have not started any shopping for supplies yet. Plan to take only what is necessary don't want to much of an overload. I still have a few months to go but my gosh it is February already ladies my sx date will soon be hereeee..i feel so embarrass to put up my pic, urghhhh, hate my bodyyy, everything is all find and dandy when I have my clothes on but once there off well that is another story....



It's so on 2k14..recently purchase a treadmill trying to get some excerise going to add to my daily routine. Hubby has been soooo supportive we work out together and it makes it so much easier and I actually wanna workout. So now my coworker is in Miami for the weekend, she is picking up a few items for me couple of cotton dress my tank tops. Things are so expensive around here, I don't have the luxury of a walmart,target,ross..nada..so that sucks everything I gotta go Miami for to get value for my money.

Ok...now hubby is thinking about doing some lipo himself on dem stubborn luv handles, but I am wondering if he will be able to get it done the same time as me??!! god knws I need his full attention, mmmmm

wish pic

Curiousity Kill the Cat...

Ok so I had sent for a quote from Yily on Jan 27, just to see what kind of pricing she was offering and what she provided...no answer for days/weeks now today I receive a response after how many days...smh..go figure ladies, I am not putting myself in someone hands that take so long to respond for a simple quote, imagine if something went wrong. oh no, I don't care how great Yily does her thing, my life is more important. With that being said her quote was just a basic generic quote, way more expensive then Almonte for sure, did not include the RH. There was no sign of surgeon to potential patient bond going on, just some more dollars signs for Yily. With that being said Almonte all da way..2014 Almonte Doll dats wat poppin!!


Got my doctor clearance finally today..she deals with internal medicine and I see her for my arthritis, ye I am 36 with arthritis, pain frm dat it ain't no joke especially wen it is bad weather n I am having flare ups. My medi keep it under control but I stopped them prematurely..*hideface*..sooo doc has said keep my medi goin until 2 weeks before surgery n start dem back 2 weeks after. So that is the plan. Plane tickets gonna purchase them friday usd827 round-trip per person. Route is from here to cuba to Panama then to DR my flight would arrive 12:59am on Saturday morning May 10 so all my bloods and xray will be done apparently as soon as I reach the clinic..I am feeling tired already just thinking about it...*sigh*...!!


It's been a hot minute I have not updated. Sx is still as schedule, hubby and my tickets done bought and the waiting game has begun. I have been lurking on this site just trying to get as much info as possible. I ain't takin a whole list of stuff only the essentials, if I need anything differently hubby will be able to run out and pick it up for me. He has been such a wonderful support, he is fluent in spanish, my spanish ain't that wonderful but I can get around lol...he is going to assist me n my chica G we both having sx on the same day with Almonte god spare.


Omg 7 weeks and a couple of days, time is flying by. I am getting really nervous now been reading so much about the pain especially with the back lipo....I have come this far with my planning I have got to keep a positive attitude. Although it is so hard!!....been lookin at some of Almonte BBL not seeing to much of the dip in the lower back or the heart shape, hope I get the results dat I want..

pain meds

Got my pain meds dis weekend..doc gave me 40pills of the Percocet, so dat is enough to take me through the days I am DR. My insurance covered it 100percent so I had to pay nothing for them...excitement, nervousness, anxiety, everything building up in one!! May 10th gettin closer and closer!!
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