34 Year Old 1 Kid - Dominican Republic

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Hello Dolls I have been contemplating this for...

Hello Dolls I have been contemplating this for awhile and after doing my research and my bestie encouraging me Im finally have my date to become a Duran Doll!!!! Im nervous, scared, and excited but I do know that i will be soooo much Happy afterwards. I am confident Dra. Duran will make me look the best i can be!!!! I have booked my flight paid my deposit with Dra. Duran and I will be reserving my stay at Sealily recovery house tonight. Wish me luck future dolls because I need it...


Ok future dolls i have to more things out of the way i have booked my RH and my flight next step Passport which i will be doing this sat. I can't wait until i am snatched the anticipation is something else lollll.


Happy Saturday dolls today has been frustrating to say the least me and my companion went to do our passports but i couldn't submit my application because i didnt being my original birth certificate i made a copy and had that soooo now i have to wait until either Monday morning or next Saturday anywho ive found some wish pics i plan to show dra. Duran for how i wish to look enjoy and have a nice saturday dolls

Looking To Switch Dates

Hello Dolls i have a SX date for Aug 2nd and im looking to go early if there is anyone willing to switch please comment below


Good evening dolls so after a rough saturday with my passport app i got up early before work this morning and got it submitted im so happy now after they come i will start shopping for my sx and getting my bags packed i know i know im not going until august but i just want to be fully prepared plus I'm super excited anywho good nite future dolls i hope everyones journey is going good and smoothly

Passport Is In

Hey Future Dolls I got my passport is in Ladies Im one more step closer to becoming a Duran Doll Yeaaaaaaa


Hello dolls i have a new SX date for June 29th instead of Aug now im super excited now its officially countdown time and now i have to start buying stuff i will be a Duran Doll soon whoooo hooo
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