Waiting to be ideal weight... 150lbs 23 , 1 baby.

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Hi I am half dominican and middle eastern . I Use...

Hi I am half dominican and middle eastern . I Use to have the body but after my first child 5 years ago and almost 150 lbs gain , it's not the same. At the moment I am in a toxic relationship that I am looking forward to get out of. I am ridiculed everyday on my body. I don't plan in having children anymore, I am focused more now in advancing my career and taking care of my daughter. I have top surgeons I am interested in including Dra. Duran , dr. Cabral, dra. Yily and dra. Baez. My favorite has been Dra. Duran

23 years old with 1 child via Cesearan

Here's are so e updates to my current body image. Thanks to @kathylopez for letting me know that weight factors into your quote. I have time to lose weight until the end of the year. Let me know comments and details for future procedures :)


Why wait for a new year to start eating healthy, when you can have Mondays! I'm looking forward now to begin eating healthy and changing the direction of my life. It's more of an emotional when you look towards plastic surgery to change your appearance instead of taking care of your actual needs. Early in my post I said I had a toxic relationship... I did. But the thing with women is that we always say one side, and not the other. I'm in an almost 7 year relationship with my first boyfriend that I had a child with and began to become distant in my relationship. Not taking care of my man or my home, whom really did nothing wrong, I just needed that affection again and hearing that I was beautiful from someone else. So he started to sense our relationship take a drastic toll, while my time was being spent on googling plastic surgery and irrelevant tasks... All along I have someone at home who loves me for the way I am! And I realized I have to learn to love myself . And after I began to give love to myself and into my relationship again, things seem to be back to normal. So I'm sorry if I haven't responded to the so many supporting messages; but I'm fixing what I broke. :-) tommorrow he starts college! I helped him graduate high school and it's amazing to see how much he has grown. But today starts day one in eating healthy. It's 8pm now so I'll be preparing my daughter for bed. She has broken her sleeping habit and sleeps late (up waiting for dad to come from work around midnight) , then falls asleep in class and grades are failing :( so I'm focusing myself in being a mom and try to take her mind away from "dad's not home" and maybe try reading books etc etc. it's hard raising a 5 year d and juggling what life throws at you at 23 and have a somewhat husband (we're not married). But I love the support you all give here. There's definitely a sense of home on his website. I'm packing up some lunch for work tomorrow (egg salad on whole wheat, steamed broccoli , and Mozzetrlaa cheese) . Day one I will be trying black coffe no sugar to try to take the sugar craving away from my body! Wish me luck, talk to you soon :-)

What's wrong with me ????

I've recently found out that my boyfriend cheated on me a couple months ago while living with me. It's a disgusting feeling to know the person you love had sex with someone else, and it makes you wonder if they even love you enough to keep the secret hidden forever. We are cohabitating (living together as parents but single) and I've realized I never recovered myself from all the cheating times. After I found out, I usually get closer to him but now I'm won't be. I'm going to be loving myself and taking care if my needs at home. As soon as my income tax drops, (who else is waiting LoL) I'm buying myself all the needs to start juicing (thanks Kathy) and stock my fridge with healthy food and purge some old fat clothes I have. Recently I've been increasing my water intake. Sometimes I go days without water (i don't know why!) I never think about it. But I've been purchasing single water bottles and drinking 1 liter a day. As time goes on, I'm sure my body will be asking for more and more water. I wake up and drink a whole water bottle , and then try thru out the day at work or at home to drink two more cups.

Juicing for two weeks

I've been juicing now for two weeks and see some progress! I've actually haven't weighed myself but can see a difference . I have to invest in a scale and looking forward in buying a spin machine for home excercising

Still havent done it...

Wow it's been over a year now since this. I've lost about 15 lbs overall. I am normally between 190-200, on and off. I think I am going to put off the surgery for a better emotional time in my life. It's funny rereading these posts I made, and reliving those feelings. On a personal update, I've decided to end my relationship and will be staying with family soon. I've also applied to become an offcier, so a lot of fitness changes will be coming soon into my life. I am looking forward in this next chapter of my life, and well the surgery can wait. :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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