Mommy Makeover 30 Years Old 2 Kids. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello everybody, I received my quote from Dr...

Hello everybody, I received my quote from Dr.Almonte for tt,lipo sculpture (waist flanks and full back), bbl for $5200 plus if my bmi and hemoglobin are good I will be having my breasts done for $1350. I will be staying at a recovery house for 14 days instead of 10. It's $75 additional per night. I've paid my deposit and booked my flight and I will be arriving on 8/28/2016.
About me: I'm 30 years old with two children ages 7 and 11. I'm 5'6 and my bmi is 34 so I started working out 3-4 times a week to drop 20 pounds before surgery. More would be better obviously but if I hit my goal, I'll be happy. I'm also slightly anemic usually around 11.8 so I started taking a multivitimin and a gentle iron pill (27 mg of ferrous sulfate) twice a day. I will be checking my labs in 2 months and reevaluate my routine because I really want my breasts done. I'm excited and nervous. I will post pictures of my progress. Best of luck to everyone on their makeover journey.


Hello everybody, so I just received my passport today. Woo Hoo! I'm down 16 pounds so my bmi is 31 now and I recently checked my hemoglobin and it's at 12.5 I haven't been really strict with my iron pills. I also made a payment toward my balance because I don't want to carry thousands when I travel. Anyways, I'm going to continue my diet and exercise routine and make sure I take my iron twice a day. Only 2 1/2 months left ????

Traveling today

Hello everybody, in a few hours I'll be on my first flight from San Francisco airport. I will arrive in Santo Domingo tomorrow. Damn layovers ???? Anyways, I will be staying at My Home Recovery house.
To date I've lost 27 pounds since I started my journey 6 months ago. I'm happy about that but I still want to lose another 15 after I'm healed up. I have not checked my hemoglobin in a few months but I have been taking my iron...fingers crossed that it will be high enough to have all my procedures.
Dra Almonte signed my leave of absence paperwork so I will have 3 weeks off from work. Yay!
I'm super excited and can't wait to get marked up and take my blue pill. I keep you ladies posted.

No surgery today

Okay this sucks! So I spent the night at the clinic and had all of my testing done.
My hemo was 12.8 which is just okay but my white blood cell count was low??? So Dra. Almonte had them redraw this AM and my white cell count dropped even lower to 1.9 and normal is 4. I had a nasty cold last week but I'm over it now but I guess it took my immune system out. Almonte wrote my a few prescriptions and I'm going to have surgery on Thursday.
While I was in the Clinic waiting for Neper to pick me up I asked for a iron transfusion and got one. I'm glad about that... now I'm at My Home Recovery House and just had lunch which was delicious! I was really hungry tho, hadn't eaten since last night.


So I went to the mall today. It's basically the same as back home. Exchange money for pesos. This is important I didn't exchange money thinking I didn't need to but I was wrong so definitely get some pesos at least $300 worth.
Also, recovery house info..they will do your laundry 2/week but only 5 pieces of clothing or they will charge extra and they do not wash your underwear. You have to hand wash them in the shower and air dry. For example I washed 2 t-shirts, yoga pants,a thin zip up sweater and a pair of socks. Oh and I've heard the plumbing here is not the best either but I haven't had a problem.

Surgery done.

Surgery went well.. I'm just in alot of pain, my back is killing me, getting up to go pee is hard..I ended up getting tt, lipo to full back,waist, arms and inner thighs. The pain is no joke!!! I will write a full review when I return home and feel better.

2 days post op

I just got a sponge feels good to be clean but your skin is so sensitive that every touch is painful especially on lipo'd areas...I'm getting my faja washed and I know it's going to hurt to put it back on..Dra. Almonte tells her patients to leave your faja open at night when you sleep..but when they buckle that thing up in the morning it barely fits due to all the swelling...this isn't a easy journey, it isn't comfortable, in fact it's more painful than I could have ever imagined but I can tell you that today is better then yesterday. Good luck ladies!

Day 3

Hello Dolls, today was my first post op appointment. I had a big blood clot that needed to be wrapped around my back a bit so they had to cut the stitch holding it in place, pull out the tube, use the syringe and then shove it back was the worst burning sensation. Deep breaths helped and a vicodin when I got to the recovery house. Please bring your own pain meds the ones they give you here are not strong. I'm walking without a walker today and getting out of bed on my own. It's a little better everyday.

Day 6 Break through day

Today was a good day. I feel alot better, thank goodness! I was starting to regret this whole thing. The night of day 3, I vomited my bedtime pills up. It was scary, painful and exhausting. My appetite had been practically non existent and my stomach couldn't take those pills. I was really worried I would bust a stitch and the pain...horrible!
Day 4 was not too much better...nausea all day on top of the normal pain/discomfort...
Day 5 things finally improved a bit. Took pictures after washing up.
Today Day 6 I had my second post op appointment, had another blood clot removed, got the okay for massages and was told I will need to postpone my flight home for additional 3 days :( originally scheduled to fly home monday. I'm really bummed about that. I miss home.
My massage was good. Carmen was really able to move the fluid around and out. It's $25 each time with her.

I feel good.

So today is day 10 and I feel pretty good. I had an appointment with Dr. Almonte and her assistant. I got my stage 2 Faja in medium. It's tight but not too uncomfortable. It definitely gives you'm supposed to get my drain removed on Wednesday and fly home on Thursday :)

Day 20 post op

I'm feeling better everyday. My 6.5 hour flight from Miami to SFO was uncomfortable but I didn't care because I was coming home.
I had my Faja stuffed with pads and lipo foam. I was really hoping I wouldn't run into problems at the airport. Well I did. No problems with customs but security in Miami was an issue. The x-ray machine detected something around my abdomin so I was pulled aside. I told them I just had surgery in the DR and it was foam and padding for compression. Them they tested my hands to see if it had any chemicals...guess what?? It detected 2 more security come and take into a separate room for questioning. Again, I explain my situation. I get a manual pat down then they ask me to undress..I told them if they make me fake this Faja off they will be buckling it back up. They agreed. So I unbuckle it and they remove all my foam, padding, lipo boards and then give me the all clear. They struggled putting it back anyways I almost missed my flight because of all this.
Okay when I left the DR Dra. Almonte drained me with a syringe 130 cc. She told me I would need to be drained about 2 more times then I should be okay. She provided me with a few supplies to do this when I got home. 2 days later I attempted to drain myself...I watched a few youtube videos beforehand. I poked myself with that big needle 7 times! I only got fluid twice but when I hit a pocket it filled up quick. I realized that I wasn't going to be able to do this again. So I called around to local plastic surgeons and finally found one that would drain me. $200 for the consult and $400 for the draining. He was able to drain 80 cc and I will follow up with him again tomorrow for more. It is what it is.
My results look good so far. The surgeon here said the incision/bb looks good and is really low. I took these photos yesterday.

4 weeks Post Op

Hello Dolls, so I'm 4 weeks as of yesterday. I'm still swollen, still have cankles and I still have a little bit of fluid in my tummy. I go to my local PS Monday for hopefully the last draining. Overall, it's getting better. I can sleep on my side now but I'm really stiff in the mornings. I've also started having itch attacks on my belly. I was washing my faja and took a few pictures.

7 weeks post op

Hey Dolls, 7 weeks post op. I'm feeling pretty good. I still swell in the evenings. I've been using bio oil on my scar and silicone tape used for c-section. I stopped using my boppy pillow this week but I still wear my Faja 80% of the time. I figure whatever butt I have now is all I'm gonna have at this point. I do wish it was bigger though. I told Dr. Almonte to fill it in but don't make it too big...that was a mistake because you lose a ton of volume in the 1st month. Overall though I love my results. I'm debating whether I should plan round 2 in the DR or here at home. I really want my boobs done in 2017.

Round 2 scheduled

Hello everyone, I'm 4 months post op and love my results. I'm going back to Almonte for round 2 in June 13 2017. I will be having breast lift with implants, upper eyelid lift for my hooded eyes, lipo to abs and fat transfer to will be $3950. I really want a rhinoplasty but I haven't seen any before and afters of her work. Has anyone had a rhino done with her?? So I'm going to hold off for now. Some days I want a bigger butt and think I should have another bbl but I don't want to end up looking like a stripper or a centaur. Booty greed is real tho. F.Y.I Lesley told me Dra. Almonte puts 10 cc of fat into the lips if any dolls wanted to know. Here are my most recent pics

Tomorrow is the big day

Im back at My home. I had low hemo (12.4) so I needed an iron transfusion yesterday and today. Got the all clear. Tomorrow I will have surgery for my boobs and lipo. Yay!!

Boobs done

So I ended up getting breast lift with implants lipo of stomach, back and side of thighs. And a bbl. just 500 cc... my butt feels too big but I know it will go down in the next 6-8 weeks. Dra. Almonte said I should wait a few more years for the eyelift and I still had some filler in my lips from 6 months ago so no fat transfer. It's still pretty painful but it's manageable...round 1 was way worst.


I fly home tomorrow...yay!! The breasts look good so far, sutures are dissolvable and bruises on thighs are fading. Overall I'm happy with Almonte's work

11 days post op


I'm dealing with a complication from my breast lift with implants. I have a area about the size of a dime that won't heal. I typically scar very pink /red in the early stages of healing so that part is normal. I noticed at about 2 weeks that is was opening up. 4 weeks it looked really bad and now I hope it's on the mend. I have been doing daily dressing changes...washing it with hibicleanse and using silver solution otc ( I'm allergic to something in Neosporin so I stopped using it) I paid for a consult with a local PS and he said it doesn't look infected and that he is going to see if my Insurance will pay for some really expensive cream or something to help it along. He said it was made out of human placenta ?? I'm still waiting to hear back. Everything else i got done is fine.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She is a great Surgeon. Your health is her top priority. Follow up is hard when you have your surgery out of the country but I would 100% recommend her :)

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