TEAM YILY JUNE 13th - Boy Meets Yily - Santo Domingo, DR

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So let me start by saying that I am no stranger to...

So let me start by saying that I am no stranger to plastic surgery. Various family members of mine have gone under the knife for cosmetic procedures, and honestly... they all look great.

I decided to go with Yily after I saw how pleased people were with her results.... and out of nowhere it turns out my friends sister was going to her too after I had made up my mind. So i had alot of questions answered needless to say when she returned looking like a bad B*tch. so any who... im probably the only guy whos going to Yily whos ballsy enough to share my story.

I decided to get this surgery because after a deteriorating relationship with my parents and my significant others i found myself spiraling into a deep depression. already a foodie... i resorted to eating whatever the hell i could to help me cope with my unhappiness.... i would seclude myself from others and often feel unworthy or unwanted. As a gay man, our community or dating pool is predominately made up of guys who work out and have near perfect bodies and who require the same from their partner. unlike straight men who may go to the gym, but may still be attracted to thick women. the gay population is extremely judgmental and shallow. so naturally i dont run in gay circles, not because i cant (I am very handsome)... but i just dont choose to be surrounded by people who only want to be around me because of the way i look.

2 years ago i was super thin at 225 (im very very tall), im now 260.... and ive never been this heavy in my life. The good thing is, the only thing i hate on my body is my chest and belly.... so i decided to do lipo on my full upper torso. arm pits, flanks, abdomen, back, and chest.

Reserving a date was a bit daunting, but definitely worth it. You can correspond via email but the truth is it may take a while as many girls and guys and finding out how amazing Yily's work is. So for my date I simply called her office and asked for Yira. I was then greeted by a very nice, adorable, and helpfull girl (Yira) who seemed to know pelnty english. work.... tired more later.


I got the red eye into santo domingo this morning. super short and comfortable flight. I got into SDQ airport at around 4am and was greeted by my wonderful driver. Okay... this is super inappropriate, but .... my driver was so good looking that I honestly had to try to not stare. I will include his details when I return to the US. As of right now, its 6:50am and I am waiting to be called to do bloodwork. I scheduled for the first surgery of the day. Not nervous at all... im ready to get my surgery over with!!! I will update you guys on the other side. Sidenote: (1) the language barrier is REAL. DONT PLAY YOURSELF.... GET A TRANSLATOR. & im out. (2) try to bring some narcotics lmao... Yily will not be prescribing you any kind of strong pain killers. Good thing Im savvy... cuz i got some OXY so im gonna be GONEEEE. just wake me up when its time to leave lmao.

DAY 2 - POST OP (PO Pictures Included!) - TEAM YILY!

okay... so yesterday i had my surgery, first patient as planned. everything has been splendid..... i shared so many laughs beyond this language barrier... i can finally see my privates lying down.yesterday i woke up in a panic because i thought i was urination on myself- turns out ya boy had a cathetar in. but because of the anesthesia i got my ass up straight out of my bed after surgery, ripped out the catheter, and tried to run to the bathroom. BAD IDEA!!!!! do not get up like that fter surgery. that epidural was still working... needless to say after hitting the floor and sitting in a pool of blood i learned my damn lesson. i was able to use the bathroom and return to bed. I woke up almost with no pain, just very stiff. i didnt feel the pain again until they put me in my raja. im kinda sleepy so....until next time, deuces my real self peeps. I AM SO HAPPY, i told yily she came in my room and asked me how i feel i said HAPPY, she leaned in kised and hugged me. i love me some yily, y'all !!!!


very swollen. my tummy will be completely flat. i am ECSTATIC. YILLY IS THAT CHICK. this is day two ... im walking around visiting the other girls i met post op, they are still in bed. im going to the bathroom by meself and everything, i think its because i been taking Geritol iron (liquid), i was taking my arnica, and bromelain a week before and my vitamin b12 while here in santo domingo. i could probably go shopping if i wanted to hahah. yily said im recovering well but my hemoglobin dropped to a 9 after surgery. i still feel good. :D one day i'll be able to finally do it with the lights on LMAO jk, well maybe just a lil. haha later ladies!!!


Flying back to US tomorrow Cant Effing Wait Yo

Im in swell HELL right now... cant wait to get back to the US so i can get a lymphatic massage, and get the fluid drain out of me. super uncomfortable. Appetite is like a 2 out of 10 i literally have to force myself to eat.... :( BUT- it could be worse im not in much pain probably a 3 out of 10. ive also been having these abdominal cramps those really suck i think its from gas and my stomach being kinda empty.

Hey Guys 2 Weeks Post Op - Depressed

Hey guys, glad my surgery is behind me. but these past few days have been kinda hard for me. #1 this faja needs to die slow. #2 my life is otherwise completely consumed with this surgery. and most important of it all my swelling wont go down for the life of me. I dont know if its normal, but im really nervous because i look nothing like my day 2 pic anymore and even though i was swollen at that point i liked where the result was going, now i look and feel like an oompa lumpa and i hope to god that everything im going through is normal. another thing i wanted to talk to you about is my massage lady, I have already gone to 3 massages with her since my surgery and she tells me i have to come in like 3 times a week or my swelling is going to turn into scar tissue and add up in inches. now is this just proper advertisement for her services, or do I really need to do that many massages, because they hurt like hell and scare the living crap out of me, and im a trooper where pain tolerance is concerned. if i stopped getting massages would i have scar tissue or is she just trying to scare me, because 3 massages a week is going to really break the bank and im already miserable. smh i hope i look better soon cuz this shit feels like temporary forevers and im OVER IT -_-

2 Weeks PO - Update on DR and CIPLA

okay so let me start by saying this.... at this point based on my recovery, initial expectations, and how much I actually spent on my surgery I will say that I think it was worth it, and I know I'll be satisfied when I heal.

Now in full disclosure with no intention of damaging Yily's reputation i'll just say this:

A friend of mine who Yily also did some work on told me that she heard that the health department shut CIPLA down for a number of days due to the deaths of a patient. After scour the net for any confirmation of it, i hear that it was actually 3 girls that died. Now I dont know how concrete this is but I'll give you my honest opinion. Due what I did and bring your antibiotics from the US and if i doesnt contain clavulic acid or whatever its called cancel your flight. Simple amoxicillin may not help you fight off some of these more virulent infections. I popped my antibiotic before my surgery just in case also. These patients were not Yily's patient, but i can say from experience that Operating Room was looking SUS before they put me under. & i'll leave it at that. As far as complications i will say that Im happy I didnt have any and i realised that they actually changed the size of my nipple but just slightly and got them both perfectly matching. +1 for that but... my nipples were definitely fine before :/ wtf? Thank god they got it right on the money. I also have a tiny burn on my waist probably from the ultrasound assisted lipo or whatever. nothing to worry about. However two of my friends did get burned up pretty badly. So im like damn, Yily definitely hooked me up but I hate that im given so much ammo to not give her an A++ review. I cant be selfish enough and personally know people who have gone to her and got burned and not tell you guys I also know a girl that went to duran and got burned as well. but enough about that.... please use discretion.

I wanna just elaborate on DURAN for a minute

My friend who i'll leave unnamed just got back from surgery with Duran. Now when she got back i referred her to my massage lady, my massage lady told me that she wouldnt take her money and sent her straight to the ER. when she got to the ER she had to have multiple blood transfusions and the doctor told her that if she would have stayed in DR much longer that she would have died. Duran told her that it was just poor circulation and that it would subside and kept her an extra week then sent her home. im beyond livid about this because there are so many things going on at cipla right now and to hear that these doctors are F'ing people up and not advising proper care is crazy. my friend now has to get surgery.... Im praying for her. Just wanna let you guys know that their f'ing people up over there. Now i see why CIPLA got shut down. If I ever was to get more work done, i'd probably do it in columbia. Just keeping it real.

You need to rethink CIPLA..... is your life worth it? 3 dead girls... now my friend is very ill

my friend is in the hospital here in nyc now. they had to cut her open she has an infection on and inside the abdomen. they had to remove the skin covering the area. its extensive. DURAN KNEW THAT THIS WAS HAPPENING AND TOLD HER EVERYTHING WAS OKAY THAT SHE WOULD JUST GIVE HER ANOTHER SURGERY TO CORRECT IT AFTER SHE WAS ALREADY SUFFERING FROM A VIRULENT INFECTION. three dead girls and now my friend is in serious pain and and the mental trauma. she had her abdomen opened via surgery with a vacum on top of it. they took out dead flesh from her body.


I thank god that i was able to achieve a good result without complication. for that id like to thank the technicians working in the operating room and the lord above. but to be honest with you none of my friends saw Yily in the OR operating on them. One of my friends said that when she woke up they called Yily into the OR while here surgery was still happening so that she would calm her down. Why wasnt she in there in the first place? Secondly, you cant just enter and leave the OR like that thats a cross contamination and perfect breeding ground for violent bacteria and other sanitary concerns. now another thing... i just wanna say that when they rolled me into that operating room "NO BLUE PILL" WiDE AWAKE AND GIVEN AND EPIDURAL....... I was staring that whole place down. there where mounds of what i can only imagine to be breast implants places inside brown paper bags and marked with some kind of wording to denominate size most likely,..... then i notice the mean did not have foot protection. when they leaned me forward from the epidural you would have though this motherfucker was steve irwin traversing through the great outdoors for a living.... not entering and altering peoples bodies for a living. They are most certainly on a time crunch, not sure if they are pooling for availible operating rooms but they get right down to business on you. after my epidural i kept telling the anesthesiologist to "knock me the fuck out" repeatedly. i was pissed why am i seeing this shit going down. after a ruckus he put me out before falling under i said you better not let me die or im coming back to kill you all. now... im a wise as and regardless of any language barrier the shit had to be said. cant take the brooklyn out of me. if your going to CIPLA just please be careful. i know people are gonna bash me but im just keeping it real with you. if you wanna go to duran and get botched up or have your surgeon of choice come in and check in on your surgery while she has students doing the ENTIRE SURGERY than go to cipla. you'll probably come out nice. or end up with a disfiguring infection that could possibly kill you or rob you of the beauty you already want to improve on. furthermore, 3 girls just died at this clinic BACK TO BACK it was all over the news in DR is this where you want to have your surgery? have a serious thought on the matter and re-evaluate whether a low price is worth a low level and quality of the care you will receive. there are plenty of amazing doctors in DR. However, I believe that Columbia from first hand encounters is probably your best bet for inexpensive quality and world class plastic surgery. You may say that infections happen randomly and can happen to anyone. YES, THEY CAN AND DO HAPPEN.... BUT THE RATE OF MORTALITY FROM THIS TYPE OF SURGERY IS 1 IN 5000, so with that said for 3 chicks to die in the same month shows that that environment is not fit for surgery. Yily gets my stars because I cant fault her for anything... me and my friends were all fine. HOWEVER, something is telling me deep down inside that she hardly ever touched me. i just know it.... shes not doing these surgeries. i never saw her. Im sorry Yily, but you gotta fess up to that. And Duran, you need to be incarcerated, and that facility needs to be shut down. they told my friend that got botched by duran at mamonides that if she wouldve waited to seek help a couple more days that she would have died. and the infection would have spread in the blood to other places. i wasnt going to rant... but im doing this for her.... this is what i saw. . . so what i had a good result..... I COULD HAVE DIED TOO. so the many of you that will continue on this journey through the doors of CIPLA..... just know that i kept it 100 with you and your in a fucking danger zone. PERIOD.

TEAM YILY - 3 Weeks PO - Woke Up With Substantial Results Today

So i just woke up.... its 2:23AM Saturday morning.... took off my faja cuz that shit is a killer (but the only garment i'd wear - its the best, by fajate.... but salome is good too) anyways i passed my mirror and was like... WTF? Why do i look so hot? lol Yily or whoever took my fat out was definitely on my side cuz i look good as hell.

This Happened.......

Time for round 2

So yes, you heard it... i'll be going in for round 2 of lipo on my upper and lower back, flanks, and my lower and upper abdomen. Reasons why? 1. Price (smh) 2. i have a little dent or depression in my lower abdomen from the last liposuction with yily, and i figured if im gonna redo the abdomen, i should do everything and get it over with, no?

Well, im booked for may 28th and like i did before (I WILL BE BRINGING MY OWN ANTIBIOTICS AND VITAMINS) IM WARNING ANYONE GOING TO DR TO PURCHASE THEIR OWN PHARMACEUTICALS BEFORE GOING TO DR, their medications are NOT effective, and your chances of contracting some virulent infection are way higher. In my friends case that went to Duran.... she did NOT bring her meds from the states, although thats my girl and everything i do think this may have contributed to her infection. With that said, please dont be lazy and dont put yourself at anyMORE undure risk :).

Im a bit excited, but attempting to do something i probably shouldnt. I decided that I would be flying in on the red eye for my Wednesday May 28th Sx date, and leaving on the 6am flight Saturday morning. Coming back so soon is a little risky, especially considering that the first time around coming off the plane post surgery was a task, and as a guy I was soooo embarrased to ask for a wheelchair because half of the damn flight asked for wheelchairs too. (you know when a flight from DR touches down) the faja brigade has arrived. -_-

ANYWAYS, I decided I will be going into business. because of my interest and weird obsession with all things plastic surgery, i've decided to start an on-call door to door esthetician service. My girls will be providing Manual lymphatic drainage, (RF) Radio Frequency (anti cellulite), Ultrasound Cavitation (fat burning), and of course good ole' massages. Also, for those girls with PMMA and hydrogel injections, if you have discoloration (mild brown or red patches) on your booty, I can also make em disappear, i do have a treatment for that as well. :) The best part? its done in the privacy of your own home. Expect everything to be completely set up by August. SO check back here! ;)

Ive gotta get started on my arnica montana, liquid iron, bromelain, and vitamin c before the surgery. im also gonna start sleeping in my fajate waist cincher, working out, and closing my mouth so that i maximize my results. My expectations of this surgery is to come away with little to no abdominal fat, and a very sleep profile to my back.

Before my surgery this time, i have to let yily know my concerns, i will be taking pictures before and after and pictures with her, so she KNOWs shes putting her stamp on this work, I will also voice my concerns about me not seeing her in the OR and that i would only want her performing my procedure. Also, this may seem bizzare but for some reason patients that are operated on later in the day seem to be getting better results, ive confirmed this with another RS girl. so my main focus here is to not die (pray for me), look sexy and summer ready, and improve on my results. then ill work on getting me a new baller or two ;) ... had to tell my old boo that im going away on a business trip - he fell for it. oh well. im about this life. lol xoxo

Looking for a SX buddy....... May 28th!!!

Let me know if you would like to be my SX buddy... i would surely enjoy the company... However... im in and out of DR, i've been there, had this surgery before and i already know what im getting myself into..... so im actually leaving after 2 days post. Let me know if you'd like to be my SX buddy.
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