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?Thus far planning this

Thus far planning this has been a wonderful experience! I am so ready to do this!! Lord please have mercy on me! Praying for your peace, protection and love throughout this process. Amen!

39 Days Post Surgery

I absolutely highly recommend Dr. Emmanuel Mallol and his team. They were very professional and I am very happy with their work thus far. I had lipo, TT and BBL done on August 25, 2016. The recovery process seems very long and the process is exhausting but Dr. Emmanuel Mallol is very encouraging and reassuring. The post 39 pictures I've posted still shows I have a lot of swelling but you can still see that Dr. Mallol has done a great job and I can't wait to post updated photos in a couple of months.

There is one thing I wish was different as far as my experience with my surgery. None of the nurses spoke English. Trying to communicate my needs and pain while staying in the hospital was very difficult. Also, if you are able to get very strong pain medication from the United States and take with you to Dominican Republic I highly recommend you take them with you. Otherwise, my experience with Dr. Emmanuel Mallol and his team was very pleasant.

Forgot to add....

For what I paid, I received the following procedures: lipo in my abdominal, side love handles, back, inner and outer thighs, and my triceps; a tummy tuck and BBL. The recovery house, meals, medication, compression suite, and airport transfers were all included in the price I paid.
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