31 One Child BBL Fat Trasfer from the Abdomen to the Buttocks - Santo Domingo, DR

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Hello Dolls, I'm new to the site and I've been...

Hello Dolls,
I'm new to the site and I've been corresponding with Dr. Yily since March of 2013 and I'm finally ready! Ive had several consultations in the states but they are expensive and don't have the amazing reviews like Lily. So im back to the drawing board and Team Lily it is! I've already had my virtual consultation and received my quote from the Lily. I'm super excited and I received my date for Febuary 19, 2014. Dr. Lily's reviews are phonminal and I can't wait until she puts her hands on this body. I'm ready to be reconstructed and semi-perfected ;-). My SX consist of fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist. The quote I received is $3200.00, Dr. Yily stated that she is not taking any deposit at the present moment. She advised me to book my flight and confirm the date. I will be booking my flight on Friday, 10 of January. Currently I'm waiting on a response from my best friend to confirm if she is going to go with me! But if not Like the old saying goes one monkey doesn't stop a show lol. Well my Dolls I will keep you guys posted! Chow

If there are any Lily Dolls who are going for surgery around February 18, 2014 please feel free to send me a email I want to share this experience... ttyl

Sleep Less Friday Nights On RS (5 WEEKS 2 DAYS) Can You feel me

As my day for sx is approaching I must say Im becoming more obsessed with this site than the actual norm lol :-). No, but really I enjoy the encouragement and stories that the women provide. I want to give thanks to the creators of this site, Two thumbs up! We newbes and veterans get confidence, encouragement, and excitement from RS. The stories that women share is encouraging and empowering. I'm super excited because I received some of the best news that I've heard all week. After a confused day and evening of urging with my old head aka sugar daddy aka sponsor I must say that there is light at the end of my tunnel lol. Must I remind my self or anyone who is empowered with changing the image by enhancement please understand and know that "One money don't stop no SHOW" lol. My sugar is getting really jealous and acting weird as my days are getting closer to a little MORE perfection. First off what he needs to understand is I've just broke off a engagement due to the lack of support that a queen is desired to have. He's supposed to sponsor my new doll body but his insecure ways and actions is really turning me off. What he already knows is the fact that I'm go getter and No is not a option when I have my eyes on the prize. I go after mines, and I'm comfortable with saying that my $money$ is good regaurdless lol. So yes FEB 19th its going down, with or without his coins. Back to the good news, (VENTALATION MODE) I just confirmed that my auntie is coming with me (YEAHHHH) as long as I can remember growing up she's been the best & coolest aunt a chick could ask for! Shoot I would say yes too if all expenses was paid for lol! Also I'm super elated to say that I now have my mother on my side, and she might not still agree with my decision but at least she excepts it. Now my father on the other his hand feelings are more than I bargained for. Yesterday he basically yelled at me for even have the thought of sx in another county and he stated that "You want loose weight then you need to go and hire a nutritionist for the results that you want to obtain!" I spoke in a respectful tone and said dad I've tried the gym and eating healthy but it just hasn't given me the results that I'm looking for. Ladies if your anything like my self , I am a woman who takes pride in the way I look, dress, and present oneself. Needless to say he might not be on my team due to being my father and besides no one really wants their love one to go under the knife unless it's life threating. Any way he might not agree but he's starting to except the fact that Its going down!!! My family knows when I say I'm going to do something, then you might as well say its done... Another worry I've been having is my down time, due to being a nurse. Besides I have to get back to this money asap $$$, Good thing I've started paying and squaring bills away before sx time. 5 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS to goooo. Well dolls thanks for listening and the support that's given.... ttyl Peace, Love & Big Butts

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Late Nights With RS

I'm extremely excited and trying my best to avoid the no you shouldn't, why are you, and please don'ts from my close family and friends. My mind is made up and I'm continuing on this journey of which I'm paving. I got the approval that I hold to the highest regards and that my baby girls which might I add is my (EVERYTHING). I even got her opinion on the size of booty that will fit my body type and size lol she's really my best friend. My everything is 15 and very mature for her age, only with respect, knowledgeable and definitely wisdom she's not the grow or fast teenager type. My everything is a good teenage so everything I do I appreciate her opinion and approval on. If I get her respect on my decision then why does everyone else have something so pessimistic to say??? I was a youngh parent which as we know giving birth takes away from the body, so know its time to get the body back that was taken. She told my guy friend aka "sugar" "my mom deserves this surgery because I messed her up Lol"! It brings a smile to my face just to know that she wants her mom to be happy and sexy again :-) That's my boo. Any way I'm not talking to my surgery with no one else other than the person whose going with me and the RS community. Some people don't understand the measures of fulfillment and self satisfaction, I'm doing this for ME and a better looking ME. I'm very confident in the women I am, but I just want a little taste of the fountain of youth once again :-)! I'm just going to continue to keep this life changing moment in prayer for the results I'm looking for and most importantly back to GOOD HEALTH.

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