Bbl with Yily Scheduled for 2/25/16. Dominican Republic, DO

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So I did this so list min . I called today and got...

So I did this so list min . I called today and got the quote , booked and scheduled. I am going to start taking my vitamins today . I scheduled my blood with my regular doctor today you was totally against me going lol . I hoping all goes well. I will keep you all close through this journey . I am hoping to have a small small small waist , nice hips and ass. I've had lipo before when I was 18 so I kinda remember the pain lol . I am a little nervous to go outside the United States but I am just going to pray

Blood Results were Good .

I still haven't received my confirmation email yet . I booked my flight already . I called and spoke with her office this morning and they said not to worry they would resend . I am just hoping all is well . I went on Amazon and purchased everything I think I will need and my primary care doctor prescribed me Motorin 800 for pain while I am there

Gained 20 freaking pounds for this surgery

Soooooo when I first started sending out quotes everyone said in order to have enough fat to transfer to my hips and butt I needed to gain weight. Now I am on Mirena recently which I believe has contributed to this weight lol but I have been eating everything in sight . I was 159/162 yesterday at the doctor I weighted in at 183 my heaviest ever(sad face) not sure if that was the best thing to do because my face and arms are fat and those parts aren't getting lipo. Oh well I guess we will but I better have a big ass and a lot of hips for all this weight I've gained . I am almost thinking of trying to lose something lol by next Thursday

Staying at Diamond Recovery .. Any SX buddy from 2/25-3/3 ??

I had my heart set on Serenity because it looked fab lol. However they were booked so I will be going to Diamond. Anyone have any reviews on them ??

Brand New 2nd stage Faja for sale from Yily

Hello I have a brand new Faja that I haven't used. Willing to sale for $60. I purchased for $120 from Dr. Yily office let me know if you're interested
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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