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Hello Real Self Ladies!!! I have been using...

Hello Real Self Ladies!!!
I have been using Realself to help me take the leap and finally Get a much needed breast reduction.
I want to Thank eveyone who has posted their before and afters because without you guys who knows when I would of gotten up the courage to just do it. So Thank You Thank YOU realself members so much. I wish you all the best in your recoveries and future procedures. I wish Love and Health period!! Xoxo

Now on to my little review.
Ive always had big breast was a 32dd in 6th grade and probably weighed 100lbs. How awkward.. Well when I was 19 I considered surgery but said Nope Ill wait till i have kids. They were big but nice and full. Fast forward a few bambinos and these Girls were facing south BIG TIME I couldn't even see my nips or feet anymore.
I visit a few Docs I was impressed by them but still not 100% convinced and for the cost I need to feel whole hearted about my decision. I had a really Bad lipo job done a few yrs earlier that caused me depression and a disfigured tummy so I was a little turned of to having more surgery.
Lets not dwell on the negative. :))
After much research my husband's family member suggested a Dr. In the Dominican Republic.
I wasn't interested at first because I looked at BR in DR and I didn't like anyones work. I did see some awesome lipo and BBL and Tummy Tucks..
It was hard to find pics of the recommended Dr. Work but the few I found did convince me and when I spoke to his staff I said okay let me go meet with him if I don't like his work I can just say no. He doesn't email pics and He is very under the radar to people here in the states but in DR he is one of the BEST. I like that he wasn't pressed about not being soo "popular" the cool kid.. Lol He is though amongst the surgeons in DR. He's trained Brazil.
Well I arrived Dec.2 had a few hiccups but after a week of making sure my health was good we did the BR.
I am sooo happy!!!!!
Very little pain im so shocked.
Just restricted movement.
He did BR with a lift and lipo of my axillas and I think he did a little of the bra fat area.
I'm sooo sooo happy I did this I am so happy I choose him. And after seeing some of his other patients who look super natural and Beautiful. I will be be coming back!!
I cant describe the feeling of putting on a button up that actually closed!!
I know its early and I am only a fews days post op but I know it was the best thing I ever did.
To anyone contemplating stop living in pain and discomfort and probably a little depressed ( i know i was). Your time might be now if everything is falling into place Just Do it!!

They Fit in My Hand!!

Well ladies I am 10 days post op. when I posted before that I didnt have drains I was wrong! I have to pieces of plastic sticking out the sides. They are going to be removed tomorrow. I havent bern able to take an actual full shower so I smell pretty darn bad!!! I can really see my incisions much cause the fullnes of the breast pretty much cover it. I still have stitches and that tape over them.
Im Glad I can say I stil have close to no pain at all in the breast except those little zingers. The areas that were lipoed hurt and the massage therapy is a nightmare!!
I tried to add some pics but they keep coming out in half. I wonder If my nipple is going riseup more as I heel as of right now I feel they are a little to low. But cant complain cause what i had before im still amazed I was even able to get these results. It weird to me when they are putting my bra on they lift my boobs and I get nervous cause I think something is going to pop. But nope nothing

My stitches were removed

Happy New Year Ladies!!
Im still here in the Good Ole DR
Healing from my Wonderful life changing breast
They removed my stitches today.
So I tried to take some pics to share with you guys.
I think I liked them better with the gauze covering the nipples!
I was looking at my scars and Im really impressed with how thin they are.
Im only having one problem my surgical bra isn't lifting the girls up enough and they want them lift!! So they heal that way. The Dr. Explained to me that as the breast is healing it lifts more and the nipple get higher. But even when little these Girls just wanna do their own thing and are still heavy to be so small.

Im dying to hit the gym!!'
I put on a dress i already owned for New Years and the way it fits now is soooo different my Daughter was like Amazing!! The dress is seriously a little longer now! It hit hard that finally the nightmare of the huge boobs are over. Loving my results and They keep telling me i haven't seen nothing yet. Well its only been 3 weeks and I happy ans its going to get better It makes me wanna cry with joy no wait i think I actually have a few times. My scars a scabby right now but look way better i person the in the pics and lighter.

Well have a nice day Enjoy the snow and To All Of You I Wish You HeaLth, Wealth, and lots of Love in the New Year and Eternity XoXo

Scar Cream

They Use this on me daily after wiping my breast down with pure water and antiseptic soap then they clean all my wounds and change the gauze and my bra. I am not allowed to wear the same bra for more than a day. These whole process is called curing you. Lots of care and Im really apreciative I dont think I could do all this on my own. Im healing well. Sometimes I dont smell to great lol but its okay. Lmao
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortiz is Wonderful. He is a very caring and intelligent man. His Credentials are extensive. After meeting with him I felt confident he was going to help me achieve the results I wanted. His whole team is very charming, funny,and caring. They possess a confidence in their work that I admire. Everyone checked in on me after my surgery. His Secretary is even a Doll she assisted me in all my lab work and any appointments that I needed to attend to. I know that they are not just after your money your health comes first. I am very happy with my results. The aftercare was excellent I had a nurse to assist me with anything I need at any moment. They really took great care of me and For that I am so grateful.

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