I still love you Dra. Disla!! 13 weeks PO with pictures.

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Ok so after stalking this board for 3 months I...

Ok so after stalking this board for 3 months I finally decided to make a post and pull the trigger on my surgery. I will be going to DR on 5/27-6/4 for BA and liposuction of my stomach with Dra. Walkiris Robles. This is something that I have always wanted to do and am finally going to go through with it. What's weird is I'm not nervous about the procedures. I am more nervous about going to a foreign country by myself. The only thing comforting me is seeing everyone else's great reviews and awesome post op pics. Is anyone else planning to see. Dra. Robles around Memorial Day??

In almost a month I'll be traveling to DR for...

In almost a month I'll be traveling to DR for surgery. I've been taking Vitamin C (1x a day), Folic Acid (1x a day), Vitamin B (2x a day) and , Iron (Elemental Iron 65mg 2x a day) for a month now and am planning to go for my physical this weekend, hopefully everything is good for surger

After reading the boards and everyone else's experience with Dra. Robles I really want to go with her, but the communication with her assistant Raquel Medina is not the best. She is really making me reconsider if Dra. Robles is who I should have surgery with and I am really close to looking for a new doctor. Raquel flat out refuses to answer questions, is extremely evasive and short when she does answer questions, and refuses to tell me what recovery house I'll be staying out after surgery! Like HELLO lady I don't think it's unreasonable to want to know exactly where I will be staying for 7 days in a foreign country that I am not familiar with! I'm really not sure what to do.

2 Weeks PO, so far very happy!

I previously decided to have surgery with Dra. Walkiris Robles in the Dominican Republic. However, Raquel, Dra. Robles assistant, started giving me a hard time by not answering my questions, being evasive, and very short. I started feeling uneasy as having my surgery with Dra. Robles. This is not to say anything negative about the doctor, I do not know the doctor, and I never communicated with her! Not once! In that time frame I started communicating with Domini and she told me about Dra. Disla. I immediately clicked with Dra. Disla and decided to schedule my surgery with her.

I do not speak Spanish; I went to DR with my best friend who is trilingual and fluent in Spanish. He helped me tremendously! We arrived in DR on Monday, May 27th around 11:30 and were greeted by Juan from Bambino Taxi.
**If you need a car service while in DR I highly recommend Juan! He is prompt, friendly, has extremely fair rates ($35 from the airport to the city, you cannot find someone same price or less), and he’s really cute (lol) bambinotaxi.com. His cell is (809) 780-9635, he has whats app so you can text for free. He also can help you with a nurse and cook, just let him know. He waited with me inside the clinic during my consult and I left my bags in his car, you can trust him he is a good guy!**

We went directly to CIPLA to meet with Dra. Disla who was at lunch when we arrived (it was 12:30 pm). When the doctor came back from lunch she had bought lunch for my friend and I! She got us something to drink and fed us immediately upon meeting her! Right away I just loved her. I had my consultation with her, which lasted about 2 hours. We talked about everything and she was very thorough and down to earth. I then went for my testing (EKG, blood, X-ray), paid, and then returned to my hotel. I stayed at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel, which is around 15 minutes from CIPLA.

The next day I went to CIPLA at 6:00 am filled out paperwork and was given a room to wait in until the doctor arrived. The doctor came in around 8:00 and marked me up. I took my blue pill and then was wheeled into the OR. I did wake up during surgery. I was scared about this too, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. I could feel a little when she was doing my implants but it is nothing to be scared about. The doctor removed 660cc of fat from my stomach, flanks, and back, she also inject 150cc of fat into each butt cheek (I did not want a BBL and did not have much fat to give for one, which is why it is such a small number. So please don’t say that the doctor can’t do a BBL, she can and you can request pictures of her work from her if you want), I also got 460cc cohesive gel high profile round textured implants with an areola incision. My surgery was 4 hours long. Dra. Disla told me that I would not get much attention at CIPLA and that the nurses would not give me any more medicine after my first dose and if I wanted I could go back to my hotel. Another thing I loved about the doctor, she does not include medicine in her package. She said the medicine at CIPLA is no good and there is no FDA to regulate what they give you. She said that some doctors buy the medicine cheap from CIPLA and then charge their patients a lot for the medicine, which isn’t any good. She gave me a prescription for medicine and told me to go to a pharmacy and that it is better medicine then I would receive at CIPLA. I opted to leave CIPLA and return to my hotel. So, around 5 hours after surgery I got dressed and headed back to my hotel, which was the best decision, I could have made. While the nurses at CIPLA were extremely nice to me, it didn’t strike me as exactly the cleanest room. Also, Dra. Disla checked on me twice in my room at CIPLA. While in DR I spoke to Dra. Disla every day through whats app, she called my hotel twice to check on me, and I had 3 post op face-to-face visits. Dra. Disla has a woman, Senia, who comes to her office and gives the ultrasound lymphatic massages. I had 5 while I was in DR (2 in her office and 3 at my hotel with Navy, she’s the best). I went home on Tuesday, June 4 and have been doing really well in my recovery. The doctor has called me and also emailed me to check up on me.

Honestly, I could not be happier with Dra. Disla. She is a sweet heart and really knows what she’s doing. I was never rushed and treated as if I was just $. She genuinely cared about how I was doing and my best interest. I would recommend her to anyone! Here are some pictures. Please remember I am only 2 weeks post op and still swollen (I gained 20 lbs after surgery in water!!!! I am now only up 5 pounds from my pre surgery weight). I am in the process of requesting the pre surgery pictures Dra. Disla took and will post those when I receive them.

Massages in New Jersey

Since returning home to New Jersey I have been going for lymphatic massages everyday with Ana of Innovations Medspa which is located at 570 North Broad Street, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208 phone number (908) 662-7697. They specialize in post surgery massages and a lot of their clientele are patients who traveled to DR for surgery. They have lymphatic massages with the ultrasound and also red light which helps with the bruising! They are a life saver! The massages come in packages and I paid around $350 for 10 massages.

**EDIT from my review of Dra. Disla***

I'm sorry, I was incorrect in some of my information. CIPLA does not sell medication. Dra. Disla just told me about doctors who have inclusive packages which include medicine. The majority of times these medicines include are generic brand and the doctors sell them for more than the pay for them. She does not prescribe generic brand medication because there is no quality control in the country for medication and so she ONLY recommends/trust commercial medication which is more expensive. At the end of the day, it's your body and it's best to do and put in the best that is available. You do not want to cheap out on medicine.

5 Weeks Post Op!

Finally 5 weeks Post op! So happy and things are getting better day by day. Unfortunately, I know that there are some malicious women on this site who are spreading lies saying that I am not a real person and also saying nasty things about the doctor who I chose to have my surgery with. You have to be a real low life to go out of your way to try and ruin somebody’s livelihood and are truly ugly on the inside as well as outside (I saw your pre-ops. Honey, surgery can’t even help you). What you say about me bothers me not one bit but to spread lies about my doctor and have other fools believe you saddens me. When all the drama went down at CIPLA regarding the deaths and closure Dra. Disla was on vacation in Europe. She was not even around or in the Dominican Republic. She still took the time out of her day to check on me and make sure that I was ok while she was on vacation and complete chaos was going on in her clinic! I am so impressed with this woman. Not only with her skills as a surgeon but also with the amount of care that she gives to her patients. She really took good care of my body. Everywhere I go (to the doctors, faja store, massage place, friends) where people get to see my body without clothes and look at the incisions they comment on what a good job the doctor did and how well the incisions and everything looks. If I sound like a commercial for the doctor, Oh well! Get over it! I am overjoyed and really love her and her work and I’m not going to stop talking about how great she is! LOL!

Anyway, my swelling has gone down tremendously. Although, I still do swell up occasionally. I started going back to the gym at 3 weeks post op. I noticed after the gym or a big meal I swell up a little more. Ana the masseuse I was going to gave me a really good natural remedy for the swelling involving the skin of the pineapple. After you slice up the pineapple as you normally would to eat save the outside shell and wash it good with hot water. Cut the shell into little pieces and place it in boiling water. Turn the heat down to a simmer after 2 minutes and continue to let it simmer for 10 minutes. Strain the water then serve and drink sort of like a pineapple tea. I’ve been doing this every night and it seems to be working and also tastes yummy! Also, I went to the store to buy some bras and I had to go up to a 34D. I originally wanted a C cup but I am not mad at all at the extra love!

Ok I’m not sure what else to write about, I’m not really good at this blogging thing. If anyone has any questions feel free to inbox me. I know the whole surgery thing can be overwhelming and scary. Here are some pictures from 5 weeks post op.

Almost 3 months PO

I haven't updated in a while because there's not really much to update. I am doing well, and trust me recovery just gets easier and easier. You just have to take it easy, know it will get better, and don't rush the process. Thankfully I haven't had any complications.

For anyone who needs Dr. Disla's contact info it is:
Phone: 829-880-5527
Email: cynthiadisla@hotmail.com

I am attaching a couple of photographs, I'm sorry I'm really bad at taking pictures. I will take better ones later.
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