YILY GODDESS!!! Almost 3 months POST-OP! SHE DID THE DAMN THANG - Dominican Republic, DO

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DISCLAIMER: I deleted my old account bc of all the...

DISCLAIMER: I deleted my old account bc of all the cattiness going on here. If the same messiness is brought to my page I will stop updating, responding to msgs, and possibly delete this account as well. If you want more details refer back to my old blog @msgradbooty

Okay ladies now on to the good stuff!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Quick review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Procedures: Breast lift w/implants, lipo of the abdomen, flanks, armpits, lower back, arms and thighs & bbl
Days in the DR: 9 days
Stayed at Tropical Island Aparthotel (DO NOT RECOMMEND) BUG PROBLEM & DONALD IS A GETOVER HOST!!! found on AIRBNB I would recommend Angel's RH, Yasmin's RH, (based off the ladies review I met in the DR who stayed there), or a HOTEL!
Height - 5'6"
Weight - 194lbs (day of sx) fluctuates day-to-day
Waist - 38" to 33.5" (after sx)
Arms - 15" to 13" (after sx)
Thighs - 29" to 27"(after sx)
Hips - 48" to 50" (after sx)
So I had my sx on May 20th with Dr. Yily. Everything went well! The first two days were the worst!!! All i did was sleepbc it took too much effort to get in and out of bed, approximately 30min! The next few days were better I was more mobile able to move around and care for myself. I am now 2wks post-op and was able to shower today…it was great! Except I almost fainted!! smh Got short winded, lightheaded and started hyperventilating. I just laid down and drank water…that seemed to work. As of now I'm loving my results. The swollen and bruising is still there but my pain has been nonexistence! Its more of a discomfort feeling of not being able to do what I like so quickly. I have to roll/scoot out of bed or off the couch. Makes me feel like a pregnant lady without the big ole belly lol. I just ordered my stage 2 garment from marenagroup.com tryna get the top of my stomach to flatten out so that when i bend over it doesn't crease. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to share. That's all for now. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.

Pics Added

More pics posted

Boobies are finally DROPPING (Pics Added)

My right boob dropped during week one and the left one is just now starting to drop/settle/fall in place. The scar on my right boob is ugly and red after removing the tape the scabs came off too. The left boob still had scabs which is good bc the scar is less noticeable. I just want to know how long will it take before my boobs are completely healed and I'm able to exercise again? Any ladies out there with knowledge on these matters pls inform me. Thanks! Here are more pics too with my squeem waist cincher on. Using this for extra compression along with my Ann Michelle board and foam until my stage 2 garment gets here.


Ok ladies so now I know how the ladies before me felt when ppl kept asking them questions about things that were already stated! If you ask me questions about anything such as procedures, costs, or anything else I already answered I will have no choice but to ignore u! Sorry if it sounds harsh but it's becoming annoying.

Update!!! 18 days post-op Stage 2 garment ((pics))

Today marks 18 days post-op!!! I feel great! The stiffness still gets me tho every morning...it's ridiculous! I am still very swollen in my abdomen, flanks and back. The arms n thighs are coming along well. Still swollen but not as much as the other areas. The bruising has subsided a lot! I'm thankful for that. As of today I'm still taking iron, vitamin C, arnica tablets and one-a-day multivitamin. Moving forward, I received my stage 2 garment today which I ordered from marenagroup.com. The same brand Yily puts u in. I'm now in a size medium!! It was tight as hell getting it on but very comfortable now that I'm in it. Feels like I have a lil extra room to play around with too. I forgot the model # but it's a pull up garment with medium legs and suspender straps. I paid $109.50 and it came within 3 days. Now I just hope it gives me the compression I need to get these creases out. I have started wearing my board from Ann Michele about a week now. With the both of them I should see improvement. Well I posted a pic of my arm to show u ladies along with some other photos like the rolls when I sit. That's all for now. Any questions just ask! :-)

3wks post-op (Pics)

Tomorrow I will be 3wks post op. I just want to let y'all know that the itching has started and it's a pain in the ass!!! I use benedryl itch gel which seems to work. Also, I stepped on the scale today and I'm down 7lbs from when I went into sx. That's good! Wasnt really expecting to lose weight after sx so I'm pleased with the lost. Just can't wait to start back working out! Well the creases are still there when I sit. Hoping I can tone that up when I get back in the gym. My boobs still have not dropped completely, the left barely moved. Pics posted. They're still cone shaped and awkward looking. Anna said it'll take a 3-4wks before they take shape. Any ladies out there can confirm this? As far as scars ewww idk what's goin on with these things. The scabs on my right boob are completely off so it's all pink n raw (is this part of the healing process?) and my left boob is the total opposite. Today I changed my bandages and some of the scabs came off the left boob and that part is pink now too. Ladies pls help ease my mind of this matter if u have any insight on the healing process. Thanks!

4wks Post-op

Today I'm 4wks post-op and everything seems to be healing well. Only changes since my last update is that I found a hard mass in my left breasts right below my nipple. Not sure if its scar tissue or what but I will give it some time to go away. It just popped up two days ago so imma watch it and if no changes I'll go to the doct

4wks update (New Pics)

Sorry I hit send before I was done updating. Well like I was saying I'll go to the doctors if the mass is still there a week from now. My left breast dropped a lil more but still sitting high. I massage them daily and change the bandages every 2 days. It's suppose to be every 3 days but there's fluid n odor coming from the incisions so I have to change it a day earlier. My stomach is looking better. The creases are disappearing but there's still some numb and swollen areas. I took my measurements today and was supplies I'm still shrinking. I started wrapping too so that may contribute to the inches lost.

Waist 32"
Hips 49.5"
Thighs 26"
Arms 12.5"
Under breasts 32" (was a 38)
Check out the pics

6wks post op SHOCKING INFO!

Well ladies since my last post I've been to see a PS here in the states. I had an infection so he prescribed cipro 500mg for 7 days and insisted I use Neosporin or bacitracin on my breasts wounds. The doctor believes my implants were placed OVER the muscle which explains why they have not dropped yet and minimum pain experienced from the procedures! Smh of course he can't verify this unless I go under the knife again but just from his experience and the visual appearance of my breasts that's what appears to be the cause. This is very disturbing to hear but what can I do now? Not much....just wait to see what happens. Other than that everything is good. I'm still wearing my garments to keep the swollen under control. Everyone has noticed a difference in my ass but me! Smh Posted some pics for u ladies, enjoy!


Hey ladies! So after hearing that my implants may have been placed ABOVE the muscles I had to do some research. Here is what I came across. A long in depth article on the risks and benefits of each. See below....

"In conclusion, implants can be placed above or below the pectoral muscle. The advantages of placing the implants below the muscle include less risk of capsule contracture, more natural shape, more soft tissue to camouflage and protect the implant and more breast tissue is seen on mammogram. The major undesirable side effect is some degree of animation deformity. The advantages of placing implants above the muscle include being able to place a larger implant, position the implants closer together, avoid animation deformities and they have an increased ability to round out the shape of a cone or tubular shaped breast. The major undesirable side effect is the increased risk of capsule contracture. There is no one right way to have surgery. Request your surgeon to give you the result you want." ~Blaine P. Andersen M.D.
- See more at: http://www.refinethebody.com/Blog/What-is-the-difference-between-placing-breast-implants-above-or-below-the-muscle/#sthash.FMsGwbvJ.dpuf


Well Im 8wks post op today and not really happy with my results. I know it's still early but i know for certain I didn't get what I asked for! Which was big boobs!!! So after doin some research and it appears my "implants" were placed over the muscle. I DO NOT BELIEVE I GOT IMPLANTS! For one, my boobs are the same size, if not smaller, as they were before sx. 2) I don't feel the bag and they dnt sit up high. I specifically asked for big boobs, 400/500cc which ever will fit!!! She straight up said I gave u 300cc! I was too drugged up to debate it. My understanding is this, implants are placed over the muscle for the following reasons: to allow for a bigger implant and fix cone shaped boobs. Well I didn't have come shape boobs to begin with and I didn't get a larger implant! So y are these so called implants placed over the muscle (this is not confirmed but they're definitely not under the muscle) if I did not receive the 400/500cc asked for? Nor did I have cone shaped breasts to begin with. I'm just so disgusted bc my breasts were the main reason for goin to Yily and she failed me. Smh I've tried contacting her but of course no response!

Eye candy!!!

Got a new teddy from Vicky's so I had to show you ladies!!!

Eye Candy!!! PICS ADDED

Breasts lift/augmentation Pics

Hey ladies, it was brought to my attention that I haven't uploaded boobie pics in awhile. So here they are. As far as I can tell they're coming along well but still need some work. Only time will tell

Can you see a difference???

Before and after pic side by side ????

December 2013 Sx w/ Dr Jimerson!

Anyone having sx with Dr Jimerson around December 18, 2013? Looking for someone to room with.

Pics deleted collage added

Hey ladies, sorry I had to delete my pics. The hubby wasn't too thrilled about my pics being on the Internet. I didn't want to leave y'all hanging so I created a collage for those passing by. Sorry I can't give y'all more but this shall do.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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