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A bit about myself. I'm 24. 3 Boys and 6 months...

A bit about myself. I'm 24. 3 Boys and 6 months pregnant with my first daughter. So excited! I will be having my tubes tight and shutting down mothership :P. After much research I originally wanted Dr. Cortez to be my ps, because not only is he the best in TX, but he's only 1.5 hours away by plane. However, way too expensive and I'm not sure if he can give me the natural small waist look like i've seen from Dra. Duran in the DR. I'm terrified of leaving the states for surgery. Absolutely terrified. I believe the reason for this is because for 1.) If something goes wrong i'll be far from home. 2.) Being away from mi family. 3.) I've never left TX. The furthest i've been is Houston, Sad I know. But it's been worth not traveling just yet. My husband and I have been through it all. I met him when I was 11 and he was 13. We married and had our first child at 15 and so on. We were made for each other and have learned many lessons in life. We've both always worked hard and believe in education and instead of splurging on crazy adventures we've managed to pay off our first home and are now having a Brand new house built, paid off many vehicles, and our family has never gone without. Thank god! So after I have my baby girl I plan to wait a year and tone up my arms and legs, so Mrs. Duran can focus on my waist etc. Originally I only wanted only a tummy tuck, but after reviewing her before and afters here on real self I fell in love with the idea that she can give me an unbelievable transformation and bring back my self confidence by performing her BBL and Liposculpting. My husband at first was not for any surgery and then out of nowhere took a look outside his box and felt for me and decided to be supportive and told me I deserve the chance to have the body I never got to enjoy at a young age. At the age of 15 and bearing my first child. I weighed 130 excersized regulary etc. However, when you're that age you can also eat a box of pizza and burn everything so quickly. Well, I made the mistake of thinking I could eat the same way while pregnant and ended up gaining 60 lbs! I never worried about how big I got because I thought it was normal. I bounced right back to 145 but I paid the price with stretch marks. Same thing with my second child. I gained 50 lbs. and bounced back to 150. With my third I gained 45 lbs and bounced down to 140 after, by this time i began to get stretch marks at the top of my thighs from where my legs would swell up. Which leads me to my fourth pregnancy I am at. I actually started at 155. I started off bad, but i've made it my duty to not gain so much. I'm watching what I eat and excersizing. Something I never did with my previous pregnancys. I'm 6 months pregnant and ive gained 13 pounds so far. Hopefully, i continue to gain slowly. My husband was for my tummy tuck but not at all for the BBL, he works out religiously and eats great and works hard plays hard as well as our boys, so he tells me to do the same. I have a booty but I dont want to make my butt small hard and toned. I want the bubblicious curvy hips that dont appear through training and diet alone. I have some curve and what not but I want a little enhancement. So after much topic of discussion and showing him Dra Durans before and afters etc. He said. "Well hun, looks like i'll have my very own model wife soon". :"D I was so excited!! I was willing to do it with or without his support, because i've supported his dreams and I made up my mind that I was doing this for me and I deserve it and that his negativity would not stand in my way, but it's always a wonderful feeling to know he loves me so much that he can change his mind and see what I see. I'm so happy he's on board and makes me feel at ease about the procedure. I can't believe he's letting me do this much less leave the states! The thought of even doing this was just that "A thought" and now that I have his full support it's now "A journey". My sister has agreed to accompany me. She was once a CNA and worked at a nursing home and took care of the elderly. Changed them, bathed them, etc. She's very strong. She nursed both my parents after heart surgerys, pneumonia, etc. (They're at that age) :(. And she's even nursed our pup from near death. She's on the nurses about everything she doesn't understand, so I know if something isn't right she'll find it and she'll ensure I recieve proper care and she's so good about medications and times. I'm scared but I know That with everybodys support and through prayer everything will be okay. I haven't called Dra. Duran's office or anything yet. I plan to get quotes etc. about 3 months after I have my baby. In order to take realistic pictures to send to her and get her opionion on what she believes I need to have done. She's the expert on giving me the body I want and I know she is the one who can deliver it. I know for sure I ant the procedure 1 year after the birth of my babygirl. So I know i'm looking at May 2015. I'm sure she's not even booking for that time just yet. So if anybody on here is looking at going to Santo Domingo, DR in that time maybe we can buddy up. My sister will ensure we are taken care of and we speak both English and Spanish.

Now the fun begins!

I gave birth to my babygirl 2 weeks ago! I never went past 196 with any of my children but I weighed in at 222 with my princess! OmG!! I am now at 180 lbs. I tied my tubes the very next day! Whoop whoop and now I'm excited to get a quote from Dra duran. I wanted to wait to take pics to send to her but now I just want to secure my date and price. I lost alot of blood with my baby. I hope this doesn't predict problems for me in the future so in the mean time I'm just going to get strong take vitamins and eat healthy to help me in my recovery. :D I'm going to ask her how long she thinks I should wait after giving birth. For sure I want to wait more than 8 months but no more than 1 year. Here I go.

Pre - operative lab results just came in.

My hemo is 11.2. I believe it's because it was the last day of my period and as I said previously I had lost alot of blood with my baby. My hemo had dropped to a 6 after Giving birth. Then I was at a 8 the next day and my tubes were tied anyways even after my obgyn said she wouldn't do it if my hemo wasn't at 10 but anesthesiologist said it was okay at a 8. I was nervous but as yall can see it was no biggie. :) on a down note my hypothyroidism came back. My thyroid results have been good for more 4 years and now it's back. My mchc is low at 30.9. Normal is between 32-35.5 my row is high at 17.4. Normal is between 11-15. I'll uptake my iron and hope for the best because I'm now considering a BA but I'll do without if my hemo isn't the best it can be. Going to take pics and send to Duran to set my date and receive my quote. I'm now aiming for january. I'm trying to avoid income tax months because I heard that's when it's more packed. Anti-thyroid meds have to be taken on a empty stomache and have to take it hours before or after any other multi vitamin especially iron. So ill take it at 5am every morning then take my vitamins etc with my breakfast around 9 or 10am. Any who I'll keep yall updated. :)

My Befores

I'm at 182ish. Going to work my way down to 160. I have 6 months. My hypothyroidism makes it hard but I believe I can make it happen. I want a super small waist and I was these genetic arms gone. I don't want a huge butt. I just want that signature Duran back slope with a heart booty.

My wish pics

I can only wish. (Sigh). Sorry if these are yours pics but we all need hope and these results are bootyful. :)

contacted dra. duran

I moments ago sent dra. Duran an email and contacted her on watsapp. I do not have twitter or fb so I hope she gets back to me soon.

reg. update

Dra. Duran emailed me back right away for a little more info. She wanted to know if I had any illnesses and do I smoke. I emailed her back that I don't have illnesses and I stopped smoking a year ago. I have a bit of anxiety and possible asthma. I had 2 ekg's when I thought I was having a heart attack or something. I couldn't breath I was dizzy but both ekg's came back normal. My pcp said it was an anxiety attack. Which at the time I was going through a bad time. Both my parents had heart surgery in the same month and I wasn't sleeping Ii was working 98 hours a week and I slept at the hospital while my husband and family looked after my boys so that I could be there for my parents. Very tough time. Since then I get small panic attacks. I don't take anxiety medication I just use breathing techniques to calm my nerves. I've only had to use my inhaler once since prescribed last year. Since tieing my tubes my periods have gotten heavier and last longer so pcp put me on birth control for three months to raise my hemo, to lighten and shorten my periods and she decided I didn't need hypothyroid medicine she said it was just a little over the border line and believes once my hemo rises that it will correct itself. I'll be rechecked in 3 months. I emailed her a few times but haven't heard back from her so I'm now looking into baez and almonte. :) I'm still aiming for january and ive lost 5 more pounds. I'm down to 176lbs

wish pics

I really really think this is more realostic. I want a small waist and all but I'm wide so I think she can come close to this.

SX January 12, 2015

I'm scheduled for Jan 12, 2015. In order to have the works done I am told hemo must be at 13. :) I was quoted $6,800us.


So I've decided not to have my boobs done afterall. 1.) My husband says he knows I'll get enough attention from tt and bbl and that I don't need my boobs done and because what if I lose sensation there and blah blah. 2.) I guess it would be too much at one time. I will see how I feel about it after my results and if I'll feel better getting them done then I will do them here in the USA later. So now I'm waiting on a new quote without the BA and I may have to pick another sx date because it turns out my husband will be joining me on his 4 days off and we still need to see what days those fall on and get the additional two days off approved. :)) I'm glad he's coming. I heard my husband is welcome to stay with me at armonia and I will call them later to find out. I lost 5 lbs so I'm now 175. We're joining the ymca since they have child care there and I'm mostly going to be doing cardio and toning up my arms and legs :) I've been strict on my vitamins I hope my hemo is rising as I speak. Monday we are applying for our passports. That's all for now.

supplies so far

So far I've bought:
20 3in. × 4in. sterile antibacterial adhesive pads
20 large non stick pads
50 vinyl exam gloves latex free powder free
12 large waterproof pads
First Aid antibiotic pain relieving ointment max. Strength
20 yd. Paper tape
7 day and night pill planner
Latex free elastic wrap
Hydrocortisone lotion
Benadryl itch cooling spray
10 xl count flexible fabric quiltvent technology
2 small bottles of hand sanitizer
Neosporin anti itch cream (different kinds only cuzz I heard the itch gets bad)
Size large Anti embolism thigh length closed toe stocking (moderate 18mm/hg compression)
4 bottle travel kit and spray bottle (to keep alcohol handy)
Feosol aka ferrous sulfate iron (high potency iron 65 mg

supplies cont.

Oh yeah and diurex water caplets 48 capsules
I ordered 3 different forms of arnica from grahms pharmacy that will be in tomorrow. I got it in a spray, the tablets, and the cream. I read from one review she used up all the different three she brought so I'm prepared. So far in total I've spent roughly $100. Still need ensures, lots of chux , alot of equate pads and a few other supplies. Wed. I'll look into flight prices.


I read somewhere that the boiron brand is the kind that comes with the vitamedica kit??..I paid between $6-9 @ grahms pharmacy

thinking of rescheduling for november??

I read you should wait 6 months after having a baby to do a tummy tuck etc. 6 months for me lands in nov. So now I'm thinking of changing my date to do this while the kids are on break so my mom won't have to do much while I'm away. What are yall thoughts? I'm taking 14 days off work...I'm hoping that's enough time to take off a 13 hour a day job. I work 7 day shifts 13 hours a day followed by 2 days off then I work 7 overnight shifts followed by 4 days off. I work in a oilfield lab running tests on my feet all day.

booking everything in order

I kept my original date in january because her assistant told me 6 months is still too soon after giving birth to a baby and it's okay with me. I booked my flight! ! :D I paid 709 round trip from tx to nj. Then nj to dr. Lol I'm relieved. Dra. Duran. Here I come. :) thing is I'm scheduled for jan. 12 but my plane won't get there until 1pm jan. 13th. Need to call Monday and fix that :) I'm going to book with rrh. I haven't sent duran my deposit but I don't think it's necessary....?? Woot woot. I'm excited!!! :D

more supplies

Little by little tho ;) still need chucks and a pez. Hope I can find one at Walmart a rf said so. :) thinking of extending my stay two more days just hope it doesn't cost a lot.
7 muscle shirts
96 equate maxi pads (heard the cheaper the longer and thicker the better)
100 wet ones
192 baby wipes
=$32 at walmart. So I've spent $132 so far on post op. Supplies oh and I bout two black tube top maxi dresses they were on sale for $7. I'm buying one more. Heard the most we will need for 14 days is 3 because we won't ever really be out and to get dark colored in case of blood spots.=$146 total

And a celestial dreams zip robe with pockets (for drains) $13

What else

So I guess my hubby got over his own insecurities and said he knows I want to get my boobies done and after seeing dra. Durans latest work for all the procedures done at once he knows I'll get the look I want hands down and wants me to be the best me that makes me happy blah blah he lost me from the jump lololol I just heard a big permission slip lol and so IF my hero is great and dra. Says all procedures are a go I'm going for it. :D thing is lately I've been dreading going back to work and I've had a occasion sip and cig. :( but the pack we were sharing is done so no going back :)) lately my right hip has been giving me problems and two nights ago came down with the flu. I had body aches all over and due to my right hip I could NOT for the life of me get comfy. When I would get sleep in between the pain I dreamt that's how I would be postop. This lasted 48 hours and if the pain is far worse then that for the first 3 days I'm up for a ride. I had migraines swollen tonsils and the whole 9 yards. Glad it's over.


Im 4 months away. I'm so excited. Everything is coming together...but my nerves got the better of me today. I'm scared....I guess once we got everything and we are ready are minds have nothing else to focus on and BUT surgery and we all know our chances and we take them especially with every successful girl that makes it out problem free and those others who make ER trips after...I just want to be a success story....Guna say a prayer...night rs sisters..

Finished buying supplies! :)

50 chux
1 homedics therap hot&cold massager
12 ensures
12 surgical dressing heavy absorb cured
3 pairs of aloe sock & 2 pair of Dr scholls circulatory socks
3 panties
Blanket(not in pic)
Lip care vanilla creme 8 hr hydration lock
14 tabs of prilosec
waist pack
zzzqui l
Miralax stool softner 7oz. Liquid bottle
Spray deodorant
A lone oil funnel
monistat 1 day maximum treatment (read antibiotics can make you get a yeast infection so just in case)
Cough drops (read on other reviews it's needed because throat gets dry after surgery)
4 men v neck size LG
26 tabs extra strength Tylenol
Equate triple Antibiotic spray
Small crest toothpaste
I'll be asking my pcp for prescriptions but idk what she'll say. I hope so because my insurance covers 100% of my prescriptions. :) fingers crossed. I spent $195.00 for today's post op care at walmart. In total I've spent only $327.00! That's great because I've read some reviews that spent about $800.00 but thanks to their reviews I know what we will really use. Also depends on what recovery house you will be at. Tomorrow I'll be booking my recovery home and make sure I'll have a night nurse scheduled to be with me. :D Tomorrow I'll see how much more I'll have to pay to stay 2 days longer. I heard sometimes it can be cheaper idk. I've only flown once to houston for my job and they booked everything so I don't have any experience doing this myself so if all goes well ill be so proud :P kids start school wed. And my maternity leave ends next Monday. Next Tuesday I'll be back to my crazy work schedule. I have to weigh my luggage and check tsa regulation for how to pack my liquids etc. I heard liquids must be bagged in 1 at zip lock bags. I hope I won't have to take put my Peroxide or alcohol into smaller containers seeing as how I got the little bottles.

I extended my stay to 14 days. 16 days total

I'm flying thru united airlines. I extended my flight from jan. 12. Thru jan. 28th. I had to pay $200 extra to change my flight. She said no matter how longer or shorter my stay was it would be $200 to change. I asked about if my liquids etc needed to be in zip lock bags etc she said no but they recommend it in case they spill. However if you have liquids in your carry on those need to be in little travel bottles and in a zip lock bag to be allowed on. That's it all for now. :))

I booked my recovery house

:D SO. Yaye. I booked my rh. I'm set. I'll be staying at real recovery aka tropical delux with Ruth. One thing that struck me odd was that my deposit will be sent to mayra? I thought Mayra was the owner of recovery armonia? Can someone help me understand this? Needless to say I was offered a sweet deal. I requested a single room for the first 4 days.( $90×4) my remaining 9 days I will stay in a triple room for ($65×9) then they have a special on massages ($13×10) since I have such a long stay my overnight nurse at cipla is free. Once we get to feeling well we get a tour for $15-$20. $360+$650+$130=1,045. This price includes transportation to and from the airport 3 meals 2 snacks 24/7 nurse care, med. Schedule drs. Appointment etc. I'm positive I will recover in peace here. My conversation with recovery deluxe was very smooth and caring. I'm just glad I'm comfortable. :))

More wish pic and tt tattoo cover up

I've been working out more than usual. I'm never consistent but I've been on it lately however I've been getting more hungry I don't snack or over do it when I do eat it's just that when I do eat I want carbs..need to make better food choices. :) my legs are looking great tho so that's good for me since I don't want tight lipo..I get alot of leg cramps as it is...I couldn't imagine getting a bad cramp after lipo..how will I jump out of bed?? lol I'm carrying alot of belly weight tho..I'm not too worried about it tho since it's becoming just loose skin and I'll be having a tt to get rid of it :) I was getting really bad headaches so I stopped taking my vitamins for a 3 days and my headaches are now only a 3 on a scale 1-10 before I was walking around in a dream and it was worse than a headache more like an all day migraine idk if it was the vitamins but I'm going to start them again and hopefully the migraines don't come back....

plastic surgery app

Hehe I couldn't help but try it out. I hope for this result. My pcp is going to check my hemo again on the 23rd of this month and my passport should be here in about 1 week. ;)

Hemo test

My hemo is now 13.7 I'm 176 (I was lighter before but I look more fit now with all the toning I've been doing) my lung test was over achieved and something I need to address with duran that my pcp brought to my is why are we being prescribed heparin. It is a blood thinner and also as long as we move our feet and legs very often and walk around and do breathing treatment very often we shouldn't catch any fluid in our lungs or infections etc. It upset my pcp very much about the heparin and said she absolutely will not give me a prescription. She says the heparin has terrible side affects especially after surgery and she says there are other better ways to prevent deep vein thrombosis is instead of taking that. Ugh. Decisions. Decisions. Other than that I'm happy about my hemo. :)) I'll see her again in two weeks and this time I'll ask for some percocets. I completely forgot to do ask.

getting closer

So I'm down to 173. I've been doing squats and lots of leg work because like I said previously I don't want my thighs lipoed. My sister might be going with me afterall! She really wants a tummy tuck :D can't wait. Almost my turn :D

A great wish pic


last step :D

I got my Loritab pain meds and my passport came in!!!!!!!! :D this feeling is real. So real!! :D

weight update

I'm down to 164ish. 6 week left. :D I'm hoping I can get down to 150 lbs. But we will see. I'm hoping for a very natural yet sexy full upside down heart kinda look. I just want to fill in my jeans. I don't want to struggle pulling the pants over my donk hehe. I'm thinking of hiring Jose brito the driver just right before but we shall see. I've recently just started feeling better again. I've had 5 tooth fillings. 4 wisdom teeth removed about 3 weeks ago and just last week I had my braces put back on because...it's true people...if you don't wear your retainer...they will very slightly but obvious to me start to change back. Braces should only take a year this time. I plan to have them whitened after but idk because I hear it will make your teeth sensitive and all my other teeth surrounding the front teeth are extra sensitive to heat and cold.from my filllings....very sensitive...also...I may get rhinoplasty a few days after surgery if I feel good and up to it. About 6 months after surgery I will get epilasik eye surgery. If I decide to tell my job about my surgery and manage to get my 6 weeks paid leave I will do my last around that time to heal. It's like a week down time before you can start to see clearly. Like I said... I know it all seems like alot but 2015 is my under construction year. I am blessed to be able to afford all these blessings back to back so I don't take anything for granted.

Until next time....:))

more wish pics

Okay yall get exactly what I wantm.natural..sexy..upside down full of love bootay hehe


Turns out I'm getting my epilasek done Dec. 19th. I'm doing it before I leave because if I get rhinoplasty I can't wear glasses and what if I wake up during surgery I want to see who's there lol I'm bliiind so not having to keep reaching for my glasses after every nap is important to me, especially where I'm not familiar with. Also, all my kids are sick these days. Some have strep some just a fever...I'm having a sore throat and I hope it isn't strep :/ I've fallen back on my vitamins because of everything I had going on with my dental procedures but I've started my geritol and in a couple weeks I'll start to take them individually again. :) Also, I no longer have to worry about keeping this a secret from my job because I no longer have it. :/ sucks but once I'm healed I'll be back at it. I have too much going on anyways :)

22 Days left

My epi-lasek went great. I asked the surgeon if any of this would effect my upcoming surgeries and he said not at all. :) but I'm concerned about the liquid steroid drops I have to take for the next 2 months that aides with scar healing etc...I haven't read anywhere about crosslinking with anesthesia etc. I don't think it's a big deal but I will ask him if I should stop at any point before surgery :/...I saved up enough money to have rhinoplasty with dr. contreras a couples days after my mommy makeover with duran. He's charging me $2,000usd. In order to save a little cash I am booking a triple room at tropical deluxe for 13 days my massages will still be $13 but I doubt I'll be able to get em all. Sucks cuz that's a good deal. Hopefully I heal quickly sanely and safely from it all. Getting nervous about going alone with this much cash on me :/

Rhinoplasty. Duran or contreras?

I haven't seen many rhinoplasty reviews on either one not even but a couple of pics of their work on instagram regarding that matter. I personally enjoyed only one of contreras pics. None of the afters seemed to scream natural. They were like Michael Jackson noses. Sorry but true. I may not go through with it if I don't feel they can give me natural looking. We will see but in the meantime I'll post what I'm working with and what I'm hoping for. :)

hemo update

Well 4 months ago my hemo was 13.7 and as of last week my hemo is still 13.7 and my hematicrit is 41. Something. Lol oh well as long as it's not lower than 12 I'm good :D 6 more days till surgery. 4 more til I leace the USA. Woot woot Nervous but sooo ready to get this pre op stuff over with lol

I'm at the airport

My flight is about to take off!! See yall on the flat side. Yes, yes I've been waiting to type that lmao!! Prayers prayers. I'm so nervous. Also, I changed my rh. I'm staying at silouette with another doll. ;) angie is the sweetest!!

I made it to the other side ;)

So she didn't have time to do my arms becuz she did aggressive lipo to my back and armits also becuz of that very reason she says. It is very painful but I have not cried yetttt lol I almost threw up but I just spit. It hurt my tummy. So I got tt bbl and Ba. I will update more later. In pain right now


Here is a before and after for the one who asked. I went Duran. I plan on having a nose job but I hear mr. contreras is in jail again so I was referred to another Dr. Fkr rhino, But now that I am nickel and dimed idk I may not have enough so we will see.

2 weeks post op

It was a roller coaster bit I have no regrets!! I look amazing! Haters tho..fuck...the world would be better without them smh. On my way home I had 3 plane rides. When I got home I was sooo swollen andy legs and calves feel bruised. I thought I may have dvt or something but I propped my legs up and woke up to pee 7 times and I woke up okay. Less swollen but my legs still felt bruised. I started baby wiping myself down since doc said wait 3 weeks til bathe I ended up shampooing conditioning my hair shaving doing my eyebrows putting on my make up running my hair thru a straightstraighter and wallaa lol out came a new improved me lol I had errands I had to take care of and woaw. This little town wasn't prepared haha overall I feel good I knew soon as I left the DR I had to snap out of it and get strong. I have a 8 month old so I have no choice. I have my mom dad and two sisters helping me with my 4 kids but I take care of myself and today I cleaned and cooked. Getting stronger everyday. My husband is working out of town but comes home tonight and I told my mom she's going to have to play referee to keep him in his lane lol I can't tell you the things he's said to me but he's ready for the play ground haha I'll post pics later Ive been stuck in my faja

1 week post op rhinoplasty with contreras

I looovee my new nose!!!! I almost did not go to him because of things I heard but ladies his facility is amazing!!! Hes got this sparkle about him. He hooked me up in many ways. He worked with me financially also because I was running low on money but he knew I really wanted my nose done. Sweet man. His staff made me comfortable and we're so caring. Not like cipla at all!! Cipla is the worst. I hated it. I stayed two nights to help out a friend who didn't speak Spanish but boy should I have gone back to the recovery house. If you don't know spanish download Google translate to make your stay easier. JoseFina and zenaida are the caretakers at silouette. They are a mess but un a good way lol once you get comfortable wit them they will tell you stories and teach you bad words lol loved them!!! My buddy was awesome!! She gave me life. Back to my nose. At first I was a little nervous about how it looked it the bandage but now...it's still a bit swollen and already looks great. It changed my face and expressions but for the better. I look younger ILl post a pic :)

Contreras rhinoplasty

I don't want to share pics on here because people like to steal them but I know there aren't many of his nose pics out there so here ya go. :)

Contreras rhinoplasty

Love my new side profile no more hump no more wide nostrils when I smile :)

6 weeks pics

So body is starting to just now feel somewhat normal. Itchies are real. -_- I've went down all over but I'm still very curvy so I'm happy with it all. I'd do it all over again. When I gain weight it goes to my chin and arms maybe even thighs but I like that I have meat there so not complaining just have to get these arms right and jaw excersizes????? Lol I'm still 173?? But in the right places...still sucks...I want to get back down to 145 just hope the booty stays my waist is shrinking faster than anything so I look amazing in everything I wear. Booty is nice and full. Stomache is hard. Scar is low thin and can't wait for my coverup tat for the unremoved stretchmarks. I had alot of them so I knew realistically I'd still be having to look at them. Doesn't hurt too bad when I sneeze anymore. Feels like a tight stomache after 100 sit ups not too bad. Still wearing my faja but I have a few times been a few days without it. Recently went 5 days without it as I waited for my faja to be taken in again. Idk what size it's considered now..maybe xxs?? I can't wait tIL the 3 month mark I feel im ready for just a waist trainer seeing as how I never did get my arms or thighs lipoed...any other questions just ask :)

Contreras rhinoplasty 5 week update

Love love love. Occasional itch around my nostrils I can't reach. Hope that goes away. Inside swelling went down alot. Idk if more swelling needs to go down but I like I can atleast clean it out when needed. At first I had to use a q-tip just to get in and scrub it clean lol I still have a few stitch scars that I hope will not be so noticeable but for the most part I've just enhanced my look by alot and nobody's questioned my nose at all unless I told them about it. Any questions hit me up :)

4 months later

My nose has stopped itching. I can finally clean my nose alot easier. I can finally sleep on my belly. I'm still 173. The weight I gain has been going to my arms. :/ I finally feel normal enough to start lifting to fix that. Haven't gained any weight in my back or tummy yaye. Booty looks normal but juicy. I just feel great. No regrets. People. Haters are real. Just roll your eyes. You're going to hear the same shit over and over from alot of people that know you had surgery. OH I'M NATURAL I WOULDN'T CHANGE ANYTHING, OH BUT I NEED TO LOSE THIS BELLY...BTW WHAT YOUR DRS INFO?? -_-....I look at them like o.o...

so I'm roughly 7 months post op

Love it all. I should have worn my faja longer. I had it taken in to much eventually just fell apart lol but I need to start wearing a cinched or something because if I bend over my skin is a tad but loose and my stretch marks don't make any of it look better but what's a girl to do. Just happy to look way better than before I spose. Boobs have settled and look gorgeous. Booty still poppin. My nose....well...it's better than before But I guess it still has some normalizing to do. Like my Nosal folds where the stitches were look like piercings. And I don't know why but Ive had pimples around the nasal incision. Like one went away 1 month ago. Now I have a new round pimple. I hate it. But that's what I'm dealing with right now no sense in putting too much thought in it. I haven't been on any special diet too busy to care what I eat but I've maintained the same weight I've just noticed that because my arms weren't worked on anything I gain goes to my arms and chin. Which brings me to my next deal. I'm going back to Duran for my arms and having my arms fat go to my booty. Just to fill it in more nice and round. :) cost is 1500. I emailed her back to see what it includes because I don't know if thats for brachioplasty or lipo and fat tranfer. Hopefully she resonds back quick because here I go Again. Need to schedule my date w elizabeth. Book my flight. Get the days off. Do labs start my vitamin regime again. Stop drinking for 6 months lol noooo. Here I go again. BTW never thought I'd be going back. Smh. This journey is real. :)

15 month update

Im happy with everything still. Im gaining weight tho. My fault lol Just letting yall know im alive. Lol
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

All set. She's my ps. :D

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