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Hey fellow bbl ladies I'm looking to enhance my...

Hey fellow bbl ladies
I'm looking to enhance my shape I'm already kinda a curvaceous girl I just want more hips and butt my thighs I feel take most of the fat my measurements are 42-30-45 I'm hopping to enhance my waist to 25 atleast... I'm kinda young for this procedure but I feel if your in happy of your body doesn't matter the age I been dreaming since I was 14 to look like a pin up doll lol . I'm 20 right now and been saving all my money I found my dream doctor and she's from my country ms.yily de Los santos I'm schedule to leave march 19 i'm looking for a buddy to share the recovery house charges and other expensive a I'm very reliable so you don't have to worry . I'm thinking about staying Jacqueline recovery house so you ladies are interested or have any questions feel free to write me I will be posting my experience day by day

So I'm almost ready I'm getting so anxious I think...

So I'm almost ready I'm getting so anxious I think about it everyday and night I'm still debating if I should stay 10 days or 14 days so anybody has advice please let me knw

I'm almost there but I haven't bought anything I'm...

I'm almost there but I haven't bought anything I'm such a last minute person ima gonna post pre op pics and wish pics hopefully she can achieve the dimensions keep u ladies posted

I'm almost there but I haven't bought anything I'm...

I'm almost there but I haven't bought anything I'm such a last minute person ima gonna post pre op pics and wish pics hopefully she can achieve the dimensions keep u ladies posted

I'm so close to a new me in so nervous as well I...

I'm so close to a new me in so nervous as well I been trying to book rh but Yily nobody's picking phone up and I was measuring myself all wrong I'm 36D 30 45 but like I said my thoughts take up the fat on the bottom and I have Lil back fat so hopefully I go down to 34 or 30 24 47 my ideal shape I have question about massages when we comeback to states how massages should we have and do we get deep tissue or lymphatic massage I'm confused please let me knw

I Need Too Contact Duran ASAP

Does anybody know how to contact duran I already have the funds for the procedure but I really love her work she did for one of the girls on here mzyummybooty looks beautiful... Can somebody please let me know and if you need a buddy let me know a swell... I'm posting new wish pics on here

Ayman Shahine or Jonathan Fisher

Ladies I'm Fanilly Getting My BBL Thanks To My SD Lol Anyways I Need Help Ayman Shahine in NYC seems really good watch his videos with Nya lee and Stephanie Santiago but than I heard he was terrible he was a surgeon so than I found fisher love his work any ladies been to these doctors please let me knw honestly

FisherDoll Sept 16

So Going With Fisher I Can't Wait He's done pretty good work on a lot of people keep you guys updated

Moved My date up FisherDoll 8/18/14

Thanks too Jessica at Vanity she so sweet she moved my date from September 12 to August 18 Because of my job so keep you posted.

Cbc Count High

So I had bloodwork done on Monday and supposedly I'm fine but I was told to take a cbc and urine test supposedly something was high with my cbc has anybody been through this I'm so sad and worried I can't sleep at night we'll keep you ladies updated....

New wish pics

Found this girl on Instagram love her body my bestie says its kinda basic what you ladies think

4 days left

My labs came back fine So 4 days left And I'm closer to my new me I'm going to post before pics and I went shopping for some supply's I have the recovery house package with vanity so I didn't need much I'm so anxious hope all goes well ladies who did surgery how's is post op day 8 I'm suppose to go dinner with my bestie but I want to make sure I'm not in pain and when did you ladies start wearing heels and drinking?

confirmation 1 more day

so tomorrow I'm flying into hollywood and nubia will be picking me up i got a confirmation today vanity said my operation will be at 12 sucks i wanted to be the first one. oh well keep you posted more wish pics ......

Today is the day :)

Today's the day I'll keep you guys posted I'm so nervous :)

Hey dolls so I did it

I did body looks crazy haven't took any pics my hands are so swollen I'll try to post tomorrow Joanna of vanity recovery center is a doll btw hopefully tomorrow I feel alil better I can post pics and my story btw plz don't get arm lipo and bbl this is hell

Pics up

So swollen but look at that waist ???? Omg I love fishers work gave me exactly what I wanted he's very aggressive


So today Johanna took off the faja so I can wash it and she took a pic I couldn't believe how insane my curves are ima try to take a better pic tomorrow feeling really sore

Feeling better

Felling better still swollen alil and very tired

I forgot to upload pics

Sleep is getting to me here is my pics still swollen and I need a smaller faja but my good them curves fisher gave today I have second massage today plus lipo boards and smaller faja getting put on let's see how that helps eating a lot of pineapple

Omg day 3 post op

Alil better took my girdle off too wash it almost fainted in the elevator ppl jus stare horrible lol anyways here's a pic day 3 finally wore my boards last night

Feeling better

Feeling better today I met with Mr.Fisher he looked at my shape and said good work good work hot chick lol he silly so tomorrow he's taking my drains out than I'm coming for a follow up in 6 weeks bought some dresses while waiting for Nubia I love my shape even with the girdle....

Round 2 Bbl Fat Transfer To Laterals Only... Dr.Alvarez

Hey so my first bbl came out beautiful with dr.fisher but he didn't give me the hips I wanted so round 2 bbl two years later 7 months ago I did a laser lips hoping to have better results didn't come out as planned so now I'm back until I get what I want. I have more of a square shape booty than a heart.

2nd BBL Revison Fat Transfer To Hips Completed

So I'm such a risk taker On Dec 16 I called imagenes Plastic surgery and talked to a girl name Maria she's really nice btw and told her I only have a 3 week holiday break from school if she can squeeze me in as soon as possible . She told me Alvarez was booked but had an opening Thursday Dec 22nd By the way guys that was like 6 days away not even being prepared I took the date gave her all my info and booked a ticket to Miami thank god one of my besties was there she help me with the hotel and drove me everywhere I have awesome family and friends lol. Now I really risked it not preparing for this surgery but I eat pretty well and I'm young so I had confidence when I went for my labs the day before surgery I was gonna be fine. Went in on dec 21 took my labs met with Alvarez who btw guys I like because he is super honest he told since I did a laser Lipo 6 months back I might not have enough fat but I should still try if I wanted to have that true hourglass figure. I was so nervous because I did everything last minute I would be so sad if it didn't come out the way I wanted. I Still went through I knew god was on my side . Maria told me instead of 8 areas he would have to do 14 areas to get enough fat and it was $700.00 more I was so sad I just paid 3950 there asking for 700 plus faja I just bought and supply's I needed plus hotel and Christmas was right there had to buy gifts called my boyfriend and he talked me into going through with it sent me the money thank god for that man because my god my results are amazing....

Day of Surgey 2nd bbl revision fat transfer to hips

So It's Dec 23 I woke up early I prayed and got to imagenes early they gave me everything I waited for the doctor to come in he came at 11 marked me up and told me he might have to take fat from my thighs because my arms didn't have much fat as I thought especially because my laser Lipo they focused on my arms mainly. I was kinda scared because I heard thigh Lipo hurts to walk but I had confidence in dr Alvarez . He left the room talked to the anesthesiologist he said I was healthy Ask a few questions and left . Now it was time for my surgery I was super nervous got on the table my anesthesiologist Couldn't find good veins so I got poked like 3 times until the 4th like I told him was the best choice guys it hurt so bad lol. All of sudden I'm ko woke up on my buttocks it kinda felt like I did a bbl it hurt . I started shaking from the anesthesia fell back asleep. When I woke up the nurse put my faja on they told me the one I had was small so they got me a 2x once I put the faja I started walking around since I'm kinda like a veteran in this surgery game I knew what to expect and I knew I will feel better if I got my blood circulating and I did. Got my prescription while I was waiting for my friend who was stuck in traffic btw anybody who picks u up warned them about Miami traffic it's horrible . Since I was moving around the nurse walked me next door to get my prescription I forgot my card and couldn't think my pills came out to $100.00 so make sure u have insurance to buy the prescription. Finally my friend picked me up I felt alil nauseas but took a pill for that felt better when we got to the hotel I was still leaking because he left my incisions open to drain so I got extra towels and covers from the nurse from imagenes love her she was nice to and slept till the next day. Woke up the next morning went for my massage and follow up still was leaking. My nurse took pics while she was changing my bandages everybody said I look good for somebody 1 day post op ????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Jonathan fisher is my doctor

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