39yrs Yung. DURAN Im Ready. BBL+TT+LIPO+BL - Dominican Republic

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Im scheduled for my sx on the 20th of May 2015....

im scheduled for my sx on the 20th of May 2015. yeah this time I gotta do it. Please Lord with y our blessing. I went last year and had to turn right back with an emergency. SMH. O' well that's old news but I had to tell you because I will post some current pix of my before... Im crazy I don't even let me boyfriend see me in a pix like this. :}. Ive been caring this weigh for almost a year.

Shopping Online for a couple of things i gotta get :),

Hey dolls
I'm getting a couple of things that found for my TT and BBL for sleeping, since that seems to be no joke. Here's a couple of pix and ill post the website just incase. I have boppy pillow but look at this monster it takes up my whole suit case its heavy and IKN I need something for everything . plus its super heavy.. idk maybe I got a monster one.. what do I know I didn't have 1 one for my rug rat :)
the BBL pillow website ... http://www.bblpillow.com
:(.. out of stock for the girls so hope I get an email quick when available oh its though make me heal ..

oppps ..a little bout me

im 5'4 was 121 all boobs .. with the weight gain im now 133.5 im going for 145.. its still keeps my BMI under I believe actually pretty sure its 35. Hey kwel I found this BMI app and its free and its easy to know if your under 35..
its called BODY MASS INDEX .. durrr = BMI

Wish Pix ..

here are a couple of wish pix that imam show Duran. So she can get an idea. And its my motivation. because 40 % of me says awww pay your bills off and 60% of me say really look at that gutt u got now you don't have a choice woman. ughhh :) ok not all of these ill just pick 4 front, back , side and boobs

My RX from US

What I need to pack :
-Rx from US.
CLAVULIN -antibiotic.. taking to CIPLA
DICLOFENAC 50MG -anti-inflammatory drug. reducing substances in the body that cause pain and inflammation.. CIPLA
OMERAZOL-gastric protector..CIPLA

HEPARIN 40MG.. ILL GET FROM DURAN ..anyone know how much?

VETS!. I Need a nurse if I stay @ hotel

My friend wants to come with me to help. But I don't even know where to start to get a nurse?. Someone who can give me my heparin shots or what ever I need. Please help me ladies. Alot of recovery homes at booking fast. Smh.

Ladies Happy Easter

He has risen!!!! yeahhh.. I just wanted to say I luv you guys.. and my prayers goes up and blessings come down.. My prayers ladies.

I found my recovery house " Healing Haven"

Dolls look them up on facebook and .. the ladies help out so much with all we NEED to know. Im going to stay there. Jules is awsumm. I hope if anyone is going in may we can roomie to get a low rate @ 40.00 a night. Shes very profession she really tells us all we need to know ... you know are fear and will help some of the anxiety... totally recommend. please let me know again in May.

18 days Duran. May 2015

I really would like a buddy or buddies so we can support each other. I keep waking up n can't sleep. I'm nervous and my anxietys kicking hard. :(.. I've never been away from home alone away from my babee he's 7. And he has special needs. I pray n pray. So I know once in there to have someone going thru the same will help me n her :). Thank God I speak some spanish. Ughh. So dolls if your going the middle of may to D.R. please message me. Omgee it's getting real Flippin Real!!.

omgee!! I found a new sexxxi wish pix

I gotta show this to dra duran.

any sx in June?

My sx was suppose to be today. :(...
My son got sick n here I am sick with the flu it's been 10 days. I need antibiotics for this one. Yuk.. Ladies I'm now June 12th. Any one getting g sx in June 12th. Please message me. Xoxoxo


Wow. I've been going through some serious emotions. . I'm missing my son already. I've never left him longer than a day. :(..... the enemy just trying to put alot of doubts but I have the word and believe it. Thank You Lord.. I wouldn't be able to get through this with my own strength. Sooooo... here we go. I'm bring my camera to get better pix to keep ya dolls posted. I'll post when I'm on my way to DR . I'm nervous flying. :0/

OMGEE.. Ok tomarrow I LEAVE to DR.

Sooooo tomarrow I fly out to DR and Friday is my Sx.. yikes. Vets any anxiety relief that you can give it will helppppp. Please ladies your prayers will be appricated. :)-

well I'm on my way DR

I'm at the airport right now :(...it's delayed I was supposed to be boarding .. errrrr. I'm tired n have to wait 2 hrs before we board. Well I'll just nap on my boppy til it's time. Hey lol On my way back I'll have my other cheecks on it. Man this things big n heavy dolls. The crap we do ..smh. Nite zzzzzzz

I am so sorry Dolls

Well had sx on Friday it was like 4pm I can't even remember. I'll try to put this together in a nutshell. So I get blood xrays done. It's friday like 3am I wake up my calf like was hurting. So remember I'm traveling major hrs on a plane n that's a risk for DVT. it's dangerous. So walk around the plane 1ce n hr. So I'm think please Jesus don't let it be that. Anxiety kicks in I'm freaking out upstairs by myself. Something told me go downstairs.. there was 2 dolls that had there sx already they recovering I just walked in started balling n man I'm telling you the Lord works in mysterious ways. They calmed me down the said what I needed to hear. Nows it 445am. Go to get ready to leave by 6am. I go upstairs n sleep for 45 get up get ready n off to cipla.

hey I've been trying to post but wifi slow

Here's a pix

Omgee ughh.. hold on sorry

Sorry uploaded without the new pix hold on.

here we go

Let's try again

I'll update more info. n hopefully pix.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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