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Hi ladies...obviously, I am a new member here but...

Hi ladies...obviously, I am a new member here but I have been lurking for a few months and it is now my time!!! I'm looking to get liposculpture with a BBL from the one and only Dra Yily de Los Santos! I'm looking for a late September, early October date, but as I haven't sent her anything yet, nothing is confirmed. My money is all set???? and I'm just going to get my hubby to take my b4 pics so I can send off my email ( I translated it into Spanish bc I've read that it may help facilitate this process.)

About me: I'm 26, mom of one, 5'7" 180 pounds from CT...before marriage and my baby, I was 150 pounds, so I doubt I'll need to gain any weight for this surgery! I've obviously gained some weight, but overall I've managed to carry it well! I had a 10 pound baby naturally 18 months ago without any hideous stretch marks on my belly, but it had left my abdomen a little puffy (no pouch or hangover, so no tt for me) I think and negated the small butt I had before. I also have some bra rolls I want GONE. BFing for 9 months also left me with DDs from a small C sooooo. I'm going for a YILY WAIST and a little extra on the derriere to match my top n bottom! I'm looking for that coca cola bottle shape! I also have large thighs, so im hoping Yily can give me that "keyhole" between my legs. I'm soooooo excited! I've already started cleaning out my closet to make room for a fabulous new wardrobe!

I'm still undecided about where to stay, so any and all suggestions are welcome. I only want to stay for 6 or 7 days post op, and as I will be traveling alone, i want to stay in some type of "English friendly" recovery home/clinic.

I'm still working on my supply list, so suggestions are welcome there too!
Also any of you ladies have children after bbl? None in the near future for me, but I'd like to know how that may have affected your results.

Back soon w pics!

The pics....

This is why I need a miracle! Flab, rolls....I just want a some curves!!! I've never had them even when I was skinny(-er) :( All of the women of my family have a coke shape...most of them with big booties to match..my sister got the shape, no booty, and I got NOTHING!! ::sigh::
I'm hoping that I will be a good candidate for the procedure. I'm in perfect health (except the obviously overweight thing I've got going on here :(. I had my labs read to me this am and my hemoglobin is >12 !! I had been taking prescription strength iron tabs a few days before having my blood drawn, but I'm going to keep at them until I have my surgery. Hopefully sooner rather than later as I've had to great new things come up and I just want to look my best! Has anyone been successful in scheduling a surgery with Yily in a relatively short period of time? I'm thinking mid August!!

Sorry for typos..iPad typing sucks for me...

Got my quote!!!!

I emailed Yily, Duran, and Walkiris Robles, but Yily was the only one that got back to me. (she didnt take long at all, emailed me the next day. it might have helped that the email was in spanish, idk). The price for fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist is 3200$USD...I'm going August 26th!!!! Can't wait!!!

Now to find a place to stay!!!

Anyone going in late August?

Ive changed my date to the 26th and I'll be traveling alone, so I'm hoping for a SX buddy! I'm also still looking for a recovery house!!

Deposit sent, flights booked!!!!

Taking a red eye out and headed straight to CIPLA for pre op! Looks like I'm staying at Real recovery armonia, at least for the first few days, and then hotel plaza del sol. I'll be in DR 10 days total.

I'm almost done shopping , but my nerves are getting the best of me!!!

Anyone stay at Real Recovery Armonia?

I'm pretty sure that's where I'll stay. They seem pretty top notch but I can't get more than basic information from their Facebook site. I sent them a PM- basically it's 85/night single room, 3 meals, two snacks, 24 hour nursing, AC, WiFI, transportation included. Massages are separate, and she did not give me a rate for them. I also am not sure how to pay, especially bc I don't want to carry large sums of cash with me. I also don't want to prepay bc I have nothing in writing even though I have a reservation. Oh the dilemma...lol.

In other news...I've gotten all my supplies. I found inexpensive lipo foam for the inside of your CG on Amazon.com...it's 7.50$ for a letter sized sheet, so you can buy as little or as much as you need. I also found a 30$ ab board to go in my CG once a bit of the swelling goes down. PM me if you need more info, bc I don't think I'm allowed to post product links on here.

I'm not going too crazy on supplies after reading through the lists here and seeing what wasn't used..so I just got a few cheap ($10 or less) Maxi dresses from Rainbow, cheap pads, chucks from my job, Dermaplast (leftover from my pregnancy stay), hydrocortisone, vitamins, the post op meds from my MD, waterproof bandages, lipofoam, ensure and toiletries including Hibclense. I also purchased another butt out faja from Faja Salome for $100 in large that I plan to take in as necessary post op.

I'm going to prepay the balance of surgery the week prior to leaving. I'm think 100 USD in pesos should be enough for tipping. Anyone have experience/recommendations with/for travelers checks in DR?

Oh I forgot....

I have gloves, paper tape, gauze, a pee funnel (i saw someone make a homemade one out of a water bottle by cutting off the bottom on one of these reviews here lol ) and compression socks/stockings as well...the compression socks are on sale at Amazon for 8$!!! Grab them while you can! Hope I didn't forget to list anything!!


I know Dra. Yily offers it for $250, but after checking on the US department of travel website I noticed a list of companies that offer insurance that is valid in DR for much less!! I brought a policy for about $14....you can change your deductible and coverage limits to whatever you need and your policy will probably still be less than $20. I used insuremytrip.com

I hope I won't need it, but I'm glad I found that link. I thought I'd share!

10 days to go!!

I'm so excited! I'm on RS everyday and I swear I have read every. Single. One. of Yily's reviews by now. I've googled this procedure, and watched so many videos that I'm convinced if I do any more, I'll be able to so the procedure myself lol!

My suitcase is packed and sitting in my closet. Only thing I'm waiting for is my ab board (11$ w shipping! POW)...
I've been brushing up on my Espanol and downloaded Skype, textfree, and majic jack apps for my phone to stay intouch w my hubby and little one while I'm gone. This is the longest I've ever gone w/o them, but I'm so ready for this procedure, I don't even think the reality of that has sunk in!

Grr....is it August 25th yet??

Nail Polish

Any one know if nail polish (or Shellac in my case) is going to be any issue during surgery??

In other news...3 MORE DAYS TILL IM IN DR!!!!


I just kissed my little one goodnight and headed for the airport...yold mu husband to take one last good look because this is the LAST time you will ever see me loke this...SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!!!

I'm starting to get nervous, if these butterflies in my tummy are any indication . Last night, I had a dream that Yily didn't do my surgery: instead it was her intern named Sam who had NO medical training... I woke up like WTF! Lol

My nerves are making me hungry! I'm definitely going to have my last "fat meal" at the airport since my flight leaves at midnight. After Yily snatches this waist; it's lettuce and gym time!

OMG OMG OMG...Tomorrow is my big day!!!! I can't believe it's here!!! I know Yily only has two for the day and for now I'm second! Can't wait to see how Sugah turns out. Sigh...Pray for me ya'll...I'll def be back ASAP with updates!

I just met Yily!!

She's a doll!! (And she looks awesome, even in scrubs and a cap) I'm all gowned up so I don't have much time but I wanted to let u ladies know I'd landed and made it to CIPLA... Just took my blue pill (midolizam)... No turning back loves!! See you from the other side!

Before my review...

I wrote this before surgery but it didn't upload so here goes:

Thank God for Realself

For all the ladies who went before me and journaled their experiences, I thank you. From the bottom if my heart. I embarked on this journey to DR on a little more than a wish and a prayer. Because of your stories, I knew what to do and what to expect, because that's the only thing that allowed me to travel to another country of foreign tongue alone for invasive surgery!!! I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!! I hope I can do the same for those still to come!!

The flight was pretty uneventful...there were only 15 ppl so we all got rows to ourselves. That left me with wayyyy to much time to think...I started feeling like I was making the wrong decision, like: what if it was a scam and no one picked me up at the airport, I have no where to go, I don't speak Spanish..what if I never see my husband or kid again....etc etc etc. I really had to take a breather and re read some of reviews I had bookmarked to get back in a good headspace! I prayed about it and on it and I'm good now.

Anyway, when I landed at 330a Mayra was waiting at the exit with a sign w my name. She is such a sweetheart , helped with with my bags. She speaks decent english and is super helpful with everything. Real Recovery Armonia is everything I saw in the pictures! It's very nice and clean. My room has two beds, but I don't have a room mate. There's a mini balcony, private bathroom and personal air conditioners, and a small flat screen tv with a cable box. I can't sleep...so I unpacked everything. There is lots of storage space , but no safe. However, every room has its own key that you keep while you're there. It's also a great thing that she does charge you for your surgery day..so even tho I'm here, today is on the house!! I've decided to spend the entirety of my trip here barring some great misfortune or w/e. I'm looking forward to some food because right now, I AM STARVING. I tried to eat before my flight but my nerves wouldn't let me....I regret it now......

So far there are three girls here, including myself. I met MzTiny tonight.. She's a doll...even gave me a satin pillow case to keep my Hair neat lol. From what I understand, we are all here for Yily. We'll be traveling together in about an hour or so to CIPLA.


She gotta a DONK!

Ok...so myself, another girl i'll call Eliza and mzTiny rode to CIPLA together where we met up with Sugah. We probably got there about 7 am or so. Samira was waiting for us in Yily's infamous tiny office. Samira was wonderful, speaks excellent english and French too, so she did a lot of translating. We had our bloodwork drawn ( the tech does wear gloves', but she likes to pop one finger off; she never touches your blood with the unloved finger tho) then EKGs and finally X-rays! Everyone passed (my hemoglobin stayed at 12.2 even with a month of iron supplements). In total there were 4 girls for Yily....I think one girl only confirmed Friday. Anyway, Sugah went first, but she was put into a different room. She's back at the RH now, but I haven't seen her since.

So after all the tests, we were officially admitted and shown to our rooms (401). Eliza and I ended up sharing a room, which was great. We dressed up in our gowns. Yily came into to see us and was very sweet. She asked me want I wanted (small waist, hips, big butt) and marked me up.

Eliza was Yily's second pt for the day and went in about 12:30. She took her blue and more or less knocked out. I stayed up for a good hour after taking mine and was awake when they came to get me. A girl from the RH remained with us the whole time. Her name was Patricia and she was very sweet!

Anyhow to OR 3 I go. My surgery was about 2.5 hours. I woke up very briefly on two occasions, only to pull off my oxygen mask. I felt no pain and Yily put right back on After SX I was taking back to my room for overnight.

Night was tough. The nurses were good, the came in every 3 hrs or so for pain mess and to empty the drain. they wouldn't feed us though, which was upsetting because I hadn't eaten all day. I also asked for my sheets to be changed but that didn't happen...they just gave me fresh chucks. My bed looked like a war zone by am. I spent the whole night on my butt.

My pain level is zero. I am however EXTREEMELY sore and moving and walking is slow going. I haven't been able to keep my food down. My faja had to be washed 2 in less than 4 hours because I am draining so much. I got my wish from Yily small waist, big butt. Will continue review and post pics when up to it. I am tired.

Some pics

No jokes...

If you think you're getting weekend surgery and going home, FUGGETABBOUTIT

If you think you can go to a hotel without 24 help your first few days FUGGETABBOUTIT

If you think it will be a walk in the park FUGGETABBOUTIT

I am SO SORE. I have NO PAIN, minimal swelling, and no bruising. I think I'm pretty lucky. My hemoglobin levels dropped to 7.9, but i was ok for discharge. I was nauseous for a bit. no weakness. Moving alone for the first 24 hours is hard!!!! I couldn't eat for the first 24 bc it all came back up so I bought some anti emetic medicine for 5 dollars from the pharmacy: problem solved! Since back at the RH I've been sleeping on my tummy. At CIPLA they have you on your back all night. It's hard to reposition your self alone and you have no pillows. I asked Yily and she said she injects the fat below muscle so it is ok to sit. Thank god, because I'm too uncomfortable to move too much. I've taken a few walks so far and that isn't bad at all. Sit/standing? Different story all together!!

Oh and ladies, invest in HUGE maternity pads because even the super long maxi pads did nothing for me; I leaked through in less than an hour! They had me in a depends to go to the RH is was so bad! Lol

Scratch that...

Woke up this am with some bruises around my armpits, from the garment. It's a medium but I'm not sure if its too small. I put some arnica on it and put some pads in there as a buffer. I'm still very sore, but I've been up and walking since day one. My drain has stopped collecting since CIPLA but I leak out from some of my incision sites. The nurse Ruth, flushed it for me twice yesterday, but nothing came. I hope that means I can get it taken out early because its annoying to carry around in your hands every where you go. the hook that came with mine snapped off right away so I couldn't hang it from anything. I don't know if being drained manually will be painful, but I haven't accumulated too much fluid so I'm hoping for the best. It seems to be mainly in my girl parts because the Faja doesn't give as much compression there. My massages start Saturday and Ruth does them. A few more pics from this am for you guys. I will add more after massages Saturday.

So I woke up looking like....

Quasimodo in the face this morning! OMG! My face is puffier than now than it was at 9 months preggo! Hands and feet are still fine but even my eyes feel swollen! The swelling is normal I just wish it wasn't in my face...grr.

Last night was rough...I couldn't get much sleep. Thank god for Patria, one of the girls who works here at RRA. She kept coming in to check on me, get me meds and make sure I was ok. While on the subject of RRA, I'll give you the good, bad, and ugly:

They have 2 apartments here, one one the 2nd floor, and one on the 7th with a penthouse room. I believe each apartment can hold five girls. Some rooms are singles, others have two full beds, and most have private bathrooms in your room. The place is tastefully decorated, and is very white and modern. Stainless appliances, nice marble n tile throughout. It is fully air conditioned and all of the rooms have private ACs that you control. There are small flat screens with cable in the rooms (i dont watch tv so i cant vouch for the selection) There's a washer and dryer onsite and they will wash and change your sheets daily. The girls will help you with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING...they are very hands on. They don't speak much English, but they try and there is wifi throughout so you can use your translate apps. They'll ask you want u want to eat and cook it for you.

There's a rooftop deck on the 7th floor you can sit out and look at the sea, which is about 3 blocks away. My room also has a balcony with an ocean view.

The only real cons I've encountered so far were:
1. You only get one pillow and its pretty flat. They do have HUGE wedges here that you can use to prop and position yourself, but if you're a pillow lover like me, bring extras!

2. My air conditioner stopped working the second night, but Mayra was ON IT! She got me a huge fan for the night and had a Tech out to repair it the next morning! So, again, no real complaints there.

3. I think the penthouse appt is pretty new, because there were some repairmen there my first day fixing the light switches and so glass by the stairs that lead to the deck. It was not noisy tho, so I barely noticed.

There are like 5 routers between the two apartments so u will need to program the passwords for them as you move about, as each router does not have a long range. However the signal os good for phone calls, downloads, Skype, FaceTime, etc.

The ugly: on the day of your surgery, one if the girls will escort you and stay will you until you go into the OR. That's the good. The bad: when you get into your room at cipla make sure you remove the things you will need overnight because the girl from RRA will taking all of your belonging back to the house when you go in gut surgery. Thus is good in the sense that your belongings are secured, but bad bc u will have no phone, pads, T-shirts etc if you do not take them out!!! When you get back from surgery, your escort will be gone!! Do not worry, none of your things will be taken or tampered with at the house!!!!!!! In my case, the nurses came the next motioning to pilut me and Eliza into our fajas and we had no supplies because they had been taken back to the house. I couldn't even call my husband after surgery to let him know I was ok! They will come back for you at about 8 in the am, but our nurses came at 630 so we had to have them call Mayra to come with our things!

All in all though, I do highly recommend this place. They've taken great care of me, I feel safe, and my belongings are secure!


My typos...I'm typing in my phone and its making me seem illiterate!

Real Recovery Info

I set up my stay at Real recovery Armonia via face book and email but I will post their info for those interested:

Phone: 8092214453... You can use their Facebook page: search for Real Recovery Armonia or the email: realrecoveryhouse@hotmail.com. The owner is Mayra Sanchez.

Today was a so-so day

Not a great appetite...Spent a lot of it sleeping bc I think I have a mild anesthesia headache. It's nothing crazy. The diclofenac the yily prescribes helps, but I've been drinking coffee to help too. Walking is important so I'm trying to keep at it but my period starting today has me so damn lazy! I'm not thrilled about it bc I was hoping surgery would make me miss it this month (I was due Tuesday) but its here and I'm dealing. Tampons have been a life saver since you're not allowed to bathe the whole time you are here, and i don't want to deal with nasty pads! Ewwwww! I feel so nasty taking these bird baths. I think that it is something in their water that us as foreigners would be sensitive to so that's why they advise against it, but don't quote me on that!

The swelling has come! It seems to be concentrated in my knees because there is a gap between my Faja and my compression socks. It's not painful but my knees look huge!! My hands and feet are ok and I didn't have swelling in my face today.

I had my first massage today with Ruth. It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, but I def felt the fluid moving down my back and through the drain. I FELT SOOOO MUCH better afterwards and am looking forward to it again tomorrow. It makes it a lot easier to move around after. I'm on the 3rd row on my Faja, so I'm def feeling mummified! Will probably need a smaller one soon.

Dra Ana came too see me today, but she didn't take out my drain; she's gonna leave it till Monday! BOO!! I'm still not draining much into the drain; it's only been emptied once since I've been here.

I will be posting full body pics after massage tomorrow.

I spent a good part of the day with Sugah: she's hanging in there looking GOOD too!!

Pray for MzTiny ya'll, she had emergency surgery today and is recovering at CIPLA! I will be!

Talk to you lovelies soon!

****new PICS**** 5 days post op

Today is definitely a better day! I grabbed an extra pillow last night and it made a world of difference. It's been a Slow morning, but I am feeling awesome. Had my second massage today and it was a little slice of heaven. The massages make moving around a lot easier! I have three more here, then I'm going to do 3-5 more at home. Ruth, the nurse, says you only need about 10 of them total, for about a half hr each. After my massage, I took some pics...my swelling is concentrated in my girl bits and sides, but I can already tell from my silhouette that #SheMeHer is going to be BAD!! I definitely noticed a decrease in the size of my butt, but it's not much and I was anticipating it. I cannot wait for fluffing!!!

I'm upset

I'm a week out, got my drain removed yesterday by Ana and am otherwise feeling ok. Dr Ana mentioned to me yesterday that I needed to move to a 2nd stage garment so I brought the recommended fajate d'prada from the RH...

Now heres my thing, the girls here tell me I need a small...ain't no way that's happening, so I got a medium. Ruth (the nurse) helped me shimmy into it (not easy, it involved me laying flat across the bed and a lot of grunting, yelling, and general discomfort on my part before it would close) and it feels so much better than the original garment. But it's SUPER TIGHT across my ass and it totally mAkes it look like nothing was done! I keep telling the girls it's no good, and I don't know if its a language barrier or what, but NO ONE IS LISTENING TO ME! my ass looks like it did before surgery and I'm just frustrated! I'm trying to get them to get me to CIPLA because I NEED to hear it from Yily. I know I lost some volume already, and that's normal, but I don't appreciate looking like nothing was done!!! Grrrr!!!

What do ya'll think???

No place like home...

I am back state side as of 530 am Wednesday and I swear I instantly felt a little better when I walked through my front doors! My little one was so happy to see me! Picking the baby up wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, though I am stiff as a board... I don't think I was mentally prepared for all this stiffness.

Ok, for your return flight: I cannot stress the importance of wheelchair service! I would not have made it otherwise! It was nice to have someone to push you around, especially at JFK where the number of ppl waiting to go through customs on any given day could populate a small country. I got through the lines fast, got to board first in DR, all that good stuff. I didn't bother with first class or extra leg room seats, but I made sure to getup and walk a few times in flight. I don't know or care if ppl gave me funny looks, but the custom officers thought it was pretty odd that a single female was in a wheelchair. I ended up just telling them that I had some work done to avoid potentially having to get up, disrobe, or be searched for drugs. The officer even said, "it's not worth it now, is it?" I just gave him my stoniest "IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS FACE!" The attendant that was pushing me around got a real kick out of that. She said that apparently a lot of people try to run drugs on that flight. Whatever. I'm just trying to get home.

The officer in DR didn't give me any trouble. She just gave me the lightest clothed pat down ever and sent me on my way. One of the porters had the nastiest attitude ever though.. He brought me the wheelchair from outside and over to the Delta counter and then DEMANDED a tip!! When I gave him the leftover pesos that I had (wasnt much) he stood there waiting for more and when I didn't give, HE ASKED FOR AMERICAN DOLLAR BILLS!! Wtf?? I was so turned off, I just told him no and ignored him , but he stood in front of me for another 5 minutes or so as if he thought he could intimidate me into going into my wallet! Seriously, he took me like 100feet from the car to the counter and he must of thought I was going to finanance some kind of lifestyle for him...OMG...

The ride home in the car wasn't too bad either, but later in the afternoon wednesday, THE SWELLING HAS SET IN! I am literally in swell hell right now! My thighs, legs and calves look like they belong to a baby elephant. I had added thigh lipo to my procedures the day of my surgery, and I swear its going to be my undoing! They are so tender, I can't bring my legs together, and my compression garment, thigh wise, is driving me BAT SHIT CRAZY. I definitely had a few "why did I do this to my self?? moments."

Other than the swelling and stiffness(especially in the am) I'm feeling pretty ok. I had my first professional massage Friday morning and IT GAVE ME LIFE! Omg, I was a brand new woman! I had a hourlong fascia (sp?) massage and signed up for 4 more. I feel so much more limber after a massage. As for the faja that I hated in my earlier post, we've moved on into a cordial relationship. I wear it during the day on the last row (already, I know! I'm going to have it taken in soon) and the garment that I got from Yily post op at night. I still have a bit of swelling, but it gets better daily. Im also looking into a thighless garment. I've always had larger thighs and at the rate i am going, i am going to need a large garment for my things, and then have it taken in to an XS to match my body. I'm not sure what that means for my thigh lipo, so im def going to do my homework before going that route.
in other news....Getting into my garment this morning wasn't as bad as I thought it would be seeing as I feel asleep with no garment on last night! I was so exhausted, I fell asleep with the garment on around my legs only. My husband says he didn't have the heart to wake me because I looked so comfortable. Gee, thanks. Anyway, the swelling monsters didn't visit me much (more) and I was able to shimmy back in before my massage. Ive been sleeping on my back, propped up and on the boppy since ive gotten home, but after my massage today, i think ill go back to sleeping on my belly. Most of my stiffness (and swelling??) is concentrated in my mid/lower back and especially in my inner thighs. I'm taking it one day at a time. So far, no itches! Back soon!

To backtrack...

I realized that I forgot to mention a few details: I got my drain removed 7 days post op by Ruth the nurse at the RH and then looked over by Dra Ana.... It wasn't terribly painful, but it was definitely weird because its like a long snake coming out of your back. Mine was a little gunky because I hadn't been draining over the last few days. Ruth did the massage immediately after, and I leaked from my drain site the river nile. Since then, during/after massages I've always leaked clear or light serosanguinous fluid. I had another massage today that was like a mini trip to heaven, and I left stains all over the sheets on the massage table..womp womp...????

After Ruth removed the drain, she told me I could shower! She said the water was fine, which was a little confusing to me since we were originally told that we could not. She said it was fine, that the water at RRA was good, as long as I applied pressure to the area where my drain was removed.

So shower I did! It was a limited bath because I was alone and could not really reach around to clean my back and such, but it felt good to be clean after 8 days of bird baths.

Massages are the only way I am getting through the day. Lord help me, I AM STIFF. Stiff, Stiff, Stiff. I don't know what else to do. I move around like a granny and any prolonged activity makes me feel like I just completed a killer workout! Not sure of this is normal, but will be contacting Yily to make sure I'm fine. Other than that, still no "pain" though my inner thighs and soooo freakin IRRITATING! They are tender (but not hot) and I can not stand skin to skin contact. These are the most uncomfortable areas to massage. The lumps in my abdominal areas are really starting to soften after my massage sessions and are starting to feel more and more like my skin again. My butt is still firm, drain hole still occasionally leaks to I keep a large water proof bandage there. Swelling is slowly subsiding in my upper area, though I am still "pooling" around my vajayjay and lower back. I am looking for something that offers more compression down there, but it looks likes its going to have to be that custom garment, because anything that fits in the hip is too loose in that area. I'm having my fajate d'prada taken in tomorrow. I can't wait for some of this stiffness to subside so I can play dress up!!

Pineapples, retail therapy and Elephantitis....

Hi Real self fam, sorry I've been away....

Since my last post, there have been a few new developments:

1.My swelling has certainly lessened in my abdomen and back. Unfortunately, that now means it is collecting in my feet and ankles, and I look like I have Elephantitis! My ankles and feet are so big, I've been wearing crocs only because I can't fit my feet in my shoes! They are not painful, but certainly are tight! The compression socks are no longer doing ANYTHING for me!!!! In all honesty though, the swelling was exacerbated Saturday night, after I spent the whole afternoon walking around in NYC w hubby for his b-day. It just hasn't really gone away since! I also neglected my pineapples/pineapple juice for two days (I just couldn't make it to the store!). Needless to say, it got BAD, to get it so that I could wear some slip ons for work, I had to wrap my feet with crushed cabbage leaves with an ace wrap and compression socks over it. TRUST ME, IT WORKS! Woke up the next morning with relatively normal looking feet. The bad thing is by the end of the day, they do swell up again, so I spend most of my evenings (when I can) with my feet up. I'm taking my pineapple juice now and that's helping. One of my RH surgery buddies suggested Wobanzym (she got it from her physician in Canada, but I found iron Amazon here in the states. I'll try it and update later), she says is awesome for the swelling and she no longer has any.

2. I went back to work on Monday the 9th. New Job, but it wasn't that bad. I didn't tell anyone about my procedure, and my stiffness has subsided enough that I don't necessarily move around like a robot or a granny anymore. No one has said anything or asked me if I was ok, so I guess it's not that obvious from the outside looking in. I spend most of my time seated anyway since I work for a software company. I don't use a boppy or anything like that, as I find that I am much more comfortable and limber without it (plus it might be interesting to explain).

3. My stiffness has FINALLY come to a point where I can put on my own shoes and pants! I know it sounds silly, but this is a major accomplishment because I felt so handicapped and dependent for the longest time. I don't know if any of the other ladies before me experienced or described the same level of stiffness as I did, but I'll say it, say it and say it again IT WAS NO JOKE! You will be stiff as a board post op. your abdomen, back, and any other lipo-Ed areas will be TIGHT and HARD, with huge LUMPS that may or may not be painful, but will certainly feel, even if they don't look, weird. It will take WEEKS before you start to slightly feel normal again. I didn't really need to take pain meds post of, but MASSAGES ARE THE TRUTH for your stiffness. Even if you think it will hurt, the relief you get afterwards is incomparable. My massage lady is the only reason I think I got to where I am, and I am only three massages in as of today. She works out my whole body and I always leave a new woman!

3. If you ladies have (probably) noticed, I neglected to post measurements,sizes, or wish pictures in my blog. I did that deliberately, bc for me, this surgery was never about being a certain size or looking like anyone else. I just wanted to look like a better version of ME, in a way that diet and exercise could never accomplish. That being said, I am EXTREMELY pleased with my results so far, and even though I have my "why did I did this?" moments, I definitely think this procedure was worth it. I know I have a long way to go in my recovery, but I'm looking forward to the end results. Heck, I'm THRILLED w my results now, And I know its only going to get better. I did some retail therapy this afternoon ???? and THE WAY MY CLOTHES FIT???!!! ??????....like I said before, #SheMeHer is baaaaadddddd! I've gone down 3 pants sizes (though I do have to find styles that have more butt room) and two top sizes (unfortunately, these boobies have gone no where lol! And I'm still swollen! I don't know if I've actually lost any weight, but I don't care enough about the numbers to check the scale. I'm not even sure how much I went in for surgery at. I'm just happy with my figure! Lipo is a lifestyle change anyway, not a quick fix for weight loss, and I've been pretty good at eating well and staying hydrated. I do light stretches daily (tip courtesy of the one and only ZULU PRINCESS), walk frequently, and am really looking forward to getting in the gym and working out these abs.

I don't have any more draining from my lower back since 8/8. I change my dressings daily (waterproof dressings to back and butt, I leave the others open to air), and they've been pretty dry and healing cleanly.

Oh, I've also introduced lipo foam to my garment. It works wonders for me in terms of smoothing out my skin and making my garment more comfortable. I had to get it taken in and it is really tight around the waist (yay) so the foam acts as a buffer and prevents Faja burns. Lipo foam in the back of my garment helped with my stiffness and sore back too.

That's all for now. I will be posting more pics, but will wait to closer to the one month post mark, as there aren't too many changes from week to week now (plus I'm not a pic person, sorry :(.

As always, stay blessed. Good luck to all those who are taking the plunge soon!!

3 week post op photo

Here's a photo of me in a sundress... I'm not wearing a garment here, just a squeem (they were in the wash).
I love the tinyness of my waist compared to hip when I'm seated!! I feel like my curves on on roller coaster status in that pic, LOL. Second one is a side shot of my booty which I'm loving... I didn't lose all the volume I thought I did (refer to rant in earlier post). You can kind of see the squeem in my dress, near the lower abdomen. I have a medium right now, will be moving into small soon.
Last one it a back view..you can't see the waist definition as much because I have foam under my garment, but this is where I am in my recovery for now!

Next time ill post pics in jeans, etc because I looooooovvveee the way my butt looks in them! Lol TTFN!!

Back again...

I can't believe that Monday will be be month post-op!! I feel like I've come such a long way since then. Right now, I still have some stiffness in my lower back that I feel mostly first thing in the morning and after sitting with my back unsupported for a period of time. I have some tenderness in the waist area, probably because Yily was so aggressive with the lipo there (yay!). My stomach/ abs have started to soften up and aren't as hard as they were immediately post op, but still have some ways to go. I still have tenderness in my thighs when the they come together when I am out of my compression garment. I no longer walk like a stiff robot; I'm back to normal in that sense. Bending over can still be a little difficult for me because of the tightness in back, but if I squat and do a side lean/bend kind of thing, it works fine. My incisions for the most part are completely healed and flush against the skin. They are a little darker than the rest of my skin right now, but I am not worried about that at all because they will fade, even without treatment. I do have a bit of thread(?) hanging out of the incision in my back that I haven't decided if I should pull out or cut off. One of my incisions I'm watching a little more carefully than the others- the one in my left groin is slightly raised. Not much, but raised nonetheless, and I've noticed that by massaging it, it softens and flattens, so I'm going to keep at that. All in all, Yily and her team did a great job with the incision sites; not only are they in discreet locations, but they are small and flat and probably won't even leave a scar! I have 11 in total: one under each breast, one near each armpit, one under each buttock, one in my upper back, one near the top of my butt where the drain was, and 3 across the top of my bikini line (left, center, right). My lumps are breaking up. I am getting weekly onerous massages, and I have two left. The swelling on my feet has disappeared about 2 days ago,in part because I'm now wearing socks 24/7. All in all, recovery is going well. It's not all glamorous but it's getting there. I've been one of the lucky ones; no itchy monsters have come for me yet (fingers crossed it stays that way).

I did some garment shopping on vedettestore.com Tuesday and brought some smaller garments....I started off in a medium second stage and moved down into a small now. Gotta get a smaller squeem already...I brought one less than two weeks ago and now it's too big to be useful. I brought a Vedette 107, it's a bikini bottom type, and looks kind of like a leotard. I also got a full body garment that goes all the way down to my ankles ( don't remember the model). I think the longer one has helped with the foot swelling as well, bc there is no gap between the garment and the compression socks.

FYI for you ladies considering thigh lipo, be sure to get thigh high compression socks or a compression garment that get as close to your ankles as possible. Otherwise the swelling in just outrageous! The biker short length garment are also unsuitable for people who have gotten thigh lipo.

As for my thigh lipo, I'm not sure that I see a difference yet. I don't know if I was expecting something more realistic or dramatic or if I just need more time to let my body do its thing.

Body wise though, I've gotten a lot of unsolicited compliments from strangers, etc. one of my new coworkers told me I have a "dream body!" My SIL saw me the other day and said, "I never realized your butt was so big!" I always laugh a little on the inside, thinking if you only saw me a few weeks ago! It does feel nice though.

I do fid that I am a little more


(Sorry it cut off)

A little more tired than usual. I have to be honest though: I have not been good about my post op vitamin regimen. As in I stopped taking vitamins once I wrapped up my ten day course of antibiotics. Bad I know, but I friggin HATE pills. I finished the heparin and the augmentin and I was over the other pills shortly thereafter. Vitamins always make me feel a little green I the gills anyway. I do take the iron pill however.
DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend that ANYONE do what I did. I'm just trying to be completely honest about what I did post operatively.

I HAVE however, been very good about trying to stay hydrated, eating healthy, taking walks, wearing my garment and all that good stuff, so please go easy on me!

Anyhow, more pics!

Realself is on something tonight...

This didn't upload before. Almost one month post op!


I wrote "Onerous massages" on my earlier post, not sure where Siri pulled that one from, LOL. I meant to say once weekly massages! The massages that I'm getting are not "onerous" at all! I actually look forward to them!
Anyway, didn't want to give the wrong idea. Please excuse my typos, I'm usually typing my phone!

Work flow

I learned the hard way....

But hopefully you guys won't have to! Ok, so the horrible swelling I mentioned in earlier posts? Its been gone for about a week now, but I finally came to the realization that the swelling in my feet was actually caused by MY GARMENT!!!! The second one that I purchased in DR and initially had my concerns about- turns out I was RRIGHT! It was way too small for me, especially in the thighs ( I've always had thunder thighs, having thigh lipo and the subsequent swelling only compounded the situation!). The leg portion of the faja came to right around my knees and had a tight elastic band around the bottom the squeezes my knees.

The first week and a half I was home, that was the only garment that I had outside of my stage 1 that I got postop (and that one was a nightmare on my thighs because they only came to mid thigh) so I alternated between the two, which meant no relief to my poor legs. Enter the monster swelling I experienced.

Fast forward to a week and a half ago when I purchased my new Vedettes: they are a size smaller, but thigh-less, except one (but it offers less compression on the leg area) and VOILA swelling goes bye bye!

To test my theory, I wore my old fajate d'prada for an entire day; by 5pm the swelling in my feet was BACK!

Moral of the story: you know your body! Do what feels right for you, not what they tell you you SHOULD do! I got squeezed into a garment that was too small (in the legs at least, had to have the middle taken in) and I suffered a lot longer than I probably should have.

For thigh lipo patients, again, I STRONGLY recommend Fajas that come down to ankles or at least past the knee and compression socks that go really high onto the thigh!!! TRUST ME, you'll thank me later. The shorter version, really are not appropriate and will not control the swelling!

All for now! Talk to you ladies again soon!!

37 days post op

I'm away on another business trip, missing my family and feeling a little homesick so I figured I'd hit up my realself fam!

I'm feeling pretty good overall- still have the soreness/sensitivity, but really only on my sides (Yily Lipo'd the bejeezus out of them!) My skin tightness has disappeared in my abdominal areas and upper back, though I do still have a tender triangular shaped area with some lingering swelling right above my butt. I definitely still have some "lumpyness" but it seems to be concentrated in my armpit area. (I have my theories on why- mainly from my bra straps, under wires and garment straps constantly digging into my arms and arm pit. Big boob problems, what can I say? Le sigh! That will probably be next on the list, lol- a breast reduction and lift!) I have one professional massage left and then I'm going to work on the trouble areas on my own. Wounds are healing nicely, and the raised one seems to be flattening a bit.

I'm ready to hit that six week mark so I can GO TO THE GYM!! I've been doing alot of walking, especially inclines, and so far so good. I was bored tonight so I tried doing some crunches and I had no pain or difficulty what so ever despite that tender/tight feeling that I get in my lower back sometimes. With the lipo, I am finally able to see my abdominal muscles again, so I am looking forward to getting that six pack lol. Weirdly enough though, I did notice some mild swelling in my left foot after exercise, so I will def keep an eye on that.

Any hoo, I took a few pictures just now, so I'm going to add them in the next post.

37 days pics!!

Not the greatest since they are selfies, but here's my progress!

They didnt all upload...

Here they go


37 days

On my way to do my big "reveal"!

Ok, so I never technically told my fam that I was having PS. The only ppl who know are my sister and my husband. I'm actually on my way to see my fam in NY and I'm anxious to see how they are going to react. I haven't seem any of them (intentionally) since before my surgery and I'm SURE they are going to notice, esp my mom and I'm banking on her having a hilarious reaction!!

In other news, I have a bad case of booty greed. As in I wish I was fatter pre op so I would have had more fat to transfer! I want bigger hips lol. Yily took every ounce of fat out that I had, so I don't see how that could happen ::sigh::

No other real updates from last week. I'm healing slowly, one day at a time!

Adventures and Mis-adventures post BBL

Sorry for taking so long to get back on update on my big "reveal!"... Any how, after I got to NY, I went to see my mom, who of course noticed, but not in the way that I thought she would. She started with her "OMG, you need to lose weight routine" and poking at me again, but then she stopped, told me to turn around and said "I see you've inherited your aunts backside, your butt is swelling up like a balloon!" I died a little on the inside, I wanted to burst out laughing so bad.

My aunties and cousins also noticed that something was up but no one called me on it. At one point, when I got up to go to the bathroom, my SIL said to me: "I never noticed that your but was so big!" I didn't say anything, just laughed, covered my butt with my hands and ran up the stairs. (I didn't want to stick around and let her get to asking questions because I am a TERRIBLE liar- I wouldn't have known WHAT to say!) Just the other day, my MIL came over to see the baby and asked me if I was wearing butt pads! So I pulled the top of my pants down and showed her my butt and underwear. She was like, "damn, I know you had a little butt before, but I didn't realize that you have all that now!" She then proceeded to tell my husband, before she left, that he needed to let up on whatever it was he was "doing to me!" LOL . My husbands mom is hilarious! Needless to say, people notice. Even if they can't put their finger on it, the change CANNOT be hidden!

So I've been doing a bit of travel this week and into the weekend and I have been pretty...BAD...I flew to Memphis for a wedding on Saturday. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner and then bachelorette party and since I could not find anything decent that could accommodate the different garments that I had, I went without it, for a total of about 8 hrs. bad idea, Bad Idea, BAD IDEA! Even 6+ weeks out, I got some swelling in my lower abdomen by the end of the night (I'm convinced other people could see it too!). In all honesty I can't be sure if it was because I went so long without my garment or because I've been eating so poorly on this trip (fast food, soda, pasta, and lots of it!). Good news was I didn't get any swelling in my feet (it's the first time that I had tried wearing heels without this being an issue). I put it back on when I got to my hotel room, but unfortunately, I wont be wearing it underneath my dress for the ceremony either, so hopefully I won't look like a puffer fish by the end of the night.

Part of the bachelorette activities was a belly dancing class, which I was able to do without any real issues, even though I didn't have my garment on. I still have a little bit of stiffness or stinging in the flanks/back when I first get up after being seated or driving for a while, but it wasn't anything that limited me from getting my groove on! Afterwards I felt pretty good and even more limber than usual. Seeing as I am starting at the gym on Monday, I'll be incorporating Zumba into my workout routines. I will be exercising in my garments, unless for some reason that proves unwise. When I get home Sunday, I'm going to try to detox some of this nonsense I ate out of my system and get back on the "good food and lots of water" bandwagon.

As far as other things go related to surgery, I still have some mild swelling on the lower back. My butt looks to me as though it may have gotten bigger. It is completely soft and jiggles if I shake it. My stomach is softening, I can almost stand to rub down my flanks and the the wounds are coming along in the bikini line.. I noticed that I have a small dent on my right hip, but I always had a bigger indentation on that side prior to surgery. Yily filled it in during surgery, but it's looking as though all of the fat in that one spot didn't take (maybe because I occasionally sleep on that side. It's my preferred sleeping position, and though I have been trying to stay off of it these first three months, sometimes I do it without even realizing it).. Its not something that anyone else would notice, but because I am pretty critical of my body, I'm aware of it. I'm not sure if I've 'fluffed" yet- how will I know when it's happened?? I have to take some new pics and let you guys decide. I'm going to try to get some 6/7 week pictures up soon. Talk to you lovelies later!

The other thing I wanted to talk about...

was that no one seems to talk about clothes after BBL. Finding the ones that fit is hard! at least for me! You solve one problem with surgery, but then that seems to create another!! LOL

Jeans- your waist is so small that you swim around in the waist band and your pants bunch and look weird if you just add a belt. I tried longer tee shirts to cover the waist band, but then that looks bad and makes your waist look huge! I don't see any way to solve that without getting my pants tailored, which may become expensive!

For me even dresses can difficult. I have a DD cup size which usually means M-L on top, small or XS for the waist, and then L or XL on the butt. What SIZE and I supposed to buy?? Either my boobs or butt is squished (not pretty) or my waist in swimming in cloth! I've been able to do some belted styles to get around this, but it doesn't always work.

Leggings are hit or miss- they either fit in the thigh and too big in the waist, or good in the waist and tight in the thigh.

I've been thinking about getting my boobs done in a year or two (i held off this time around because I want to BF my next and last baby) so that I look better (to me).

I guess I'm not really complaining- these are "Good Problems" to have, but I would like some advice from you ladies in similar situations.

Several Pics down...

No real update, just FYI-ing you ladies who may have noticed I took several pics down....Hubs was not pleased with some of the photos I chose to share and he's king of this castle!! LOL. You guys are going to have to deal with a tamed me in the future!

8 week update

I am slowly approaching that 8 week mark and feeling better each day. I understand now why YIly requires you to wear your garment for three months, because honestly, I'm not ready to get rid of them just yet! I feel better with my garment on than off at this point, even though I feel that with the exception of some areas of lingering swelling, my body transformation is complete and the garments have done all the shaping that they are going to do.

My stomach and back have completely softened at this point with no lumps. My skin is smooth. No major tenderness in the sides anymore, though they do still have small tender parts. The stiffness is all gone. The major complaint now is the ripping sensation on the skin that I get when I move to suddenly, or shift to standing after being seated for a while. I also noticed that I seem to have developed a case of late onset itchies! I never had them before, but when I take my garments off, I feel like I need to scratch myself. They are not terrible and I don't need any creams/gels. More annoying than anything else. I also don't have the itching sensation when I am wearing the garment so I'm dealing with it as it comes.

My leg/foot swelling is gone, and no more tenderness from my thigh lipo. Taking it day by day!

Pic for you guys!

8 week pic


Hi Ladies-

I haven't forgotten about my RS fam. It's been crazy here on my end- work, family time, sick relatives; I don't know where the time has gone.

I am now ALMOST THREE MONTHS POST OP! 19 days till I am out of this garment (not that I'm counting LOL). Feeling good over all- only thing is this damn ITCHING!!! I am not sure why this is happening to me soooo late in the game (I thought I was lucky before and was getting off easy....guess not) but it is REALLY annoying, especially at night, when I feel like I need to wake up and take it off. I'm just chucking it up to the final phases of my healing process. I still have some tenderness at the skin level on my lower back and sides when seated for an extended period of time or if I get up too abruptly, but that lessens each day.

Outside of the itchiness and tender sides, I did notice that some thing strange has happened to me- in the areas where I had the "most" lipo and then in turn the "most compression" I noticed that I grew fine patches of peach fuzz like hair. (I'm a pretty hairless person, so this was really odd!) I had noticed that my skin darkened in those areas (i thought it was from the continuous compression and healing), but it turns out that it was just really fine, really dark hairs. Not sure WTH that is about, but I dry shaved it off and hope that once this garment comes off, that wont be a long term issue. I am not looking forward to having to shave my sides and lower back indefinitely!

I am aiming for a photo shoot next week, which will be week 11 and let you guys be the judge if fluffing has happened for me yet. I'm still not sure. I have not taken any measurements post op (and I don't plan to). I can def see a difference in the way that my clothes fit, especially as the swelling dissipates, and I love my side and back profiles. I am HAPPY, fluffing or not, LOL.

Talk to you ladies next week!

3 months post op!

Feeling good, it's really just some more of the same old same old: tenderness in the sides, mild swelling still on the lower back, and some fine blond-ish hairs growing on the areas I had my thigh lipo. Go figure.

I am still wearing my garments faithfully, counting down to the 26th of this month when I'm gradually going to decrease the amount of time that I am wearing them daily. I'm not ready to let them go completely however.
I am adding a few more pics from week 11 but this is by no means the "photo shoot" I promised. I owe myself a real one, to celebrate and commemorate this journey and I soon as I can actually free up some time, I plan to share it. I don't feel that the selfies I've been taking really do the greatness of this transformation justice so I'm looking forward to gifting myself a glam day for my upcoming bday!!!

Take care ladies, and congrats to all those who have recently crossed over!!!

I crossed the bridge!!

I officially hit my three month mark on the 26th of last month. Since then, I have not been wearing my garments 24/7 but I have not gotten rid of them either. I still wear them daily, though only for a few hours at a time now, and I do not sleep in a garment anymore. There is something comforting about having it on, and to be honest, I think I feel better with the garment than without it.

Unfortunately ladies, I cannot say that once three months hits, you're all healed and free of your ailments, because that has not been the case for me. I have had no complications post-op, but I still have flank pain, especially after sitting for a while or getting up suddenly, and I STILL have a terrible case of the ITCHIES in that area. I have no idea why, though I assume this is just a normal, but slow to go away part of my recovery. I still look and feel awesome otherwise and I definitely do not have any regrets. I have no more swelling whatsoever, and no issues in any other areas. The entry points for my lipo have been healed for quite some time now, though they are still dark, it looks like an acne mark more than anything. With my skin, I have no worries about it fading away completely and I have not been faithful to any kind of scar removal treatment. I am really bad with that type of thing.

I do have some good news- I have started going to the gym this month. I meant to start around 6-8 weeks post op, but it did not work out that way, mainly because if I am honest, I hate the gym and kept making excuses not to go (the real reason), and also because I was uncomfortable (the story I am sticking to if anyone asks, lol). Not looking to lose any weight, just to tone the arms, upper back, and abs. So please send me mental encouragement because I am going to need it!

Still haven't gotten around to those pics, but here is one from a few days ago. I am wearing the same dress that I wore in my one day post op pic if you wanted to do a comparison.

Stay blessed ladies!


Forgot to mention that I got a faja burn this late in the game...smh I know...
I had been wearing my waist cincher without a t-shirt as a buffer, so definitely DO NOT do that...Any hoo, that is healing fine, pretty sure it wont be an issue. And I am still getting smaller, so I have had to purchase new fajas in smaller sizes, YAY. I am in a XS now.

16 weeks

Gained a little weight around thanksgiving ????

This morning...

Sorry guys I couldn't help my self...

Happy New Year- 5 Months Post-Op.

So I took a mini break from RS to take deal w a serious family health situation, and RS went and got a facelift on me! LOL.

In other words, no news is really good news. Not much has changed since I last spoke to you ladiesssss- still have some really mild tenderness to the flanks and some itchiness there as well. Not as much as before, nor really something to complain about, but something I am still aware of. I am still wearing my garments (usually just the the waist cincher) on occasion. Took a new pic of my silhouette- I am wearing a waist cincher in small underneath my Fajate d'Prada.

Until we speak again...

Seven Month Check In

Hi Ladies, another quick up date with pictures. All is well, healing nicely, and hardly ever wearing garments now. Still have some tenderness (not even sure if I should be calling it that anymore. It is not painful, I am just aware of it from time to time, though now it is only when I first wake up in the morning) on the flanks.

Scars are healing nicely. If I am honest, I wish for more hips, but in other news, BRING ON BIKINI SEASON!! LOL.

As for the ladies who have PM'd me in the last few days/weeks, I will get back to you before the weekend is out!



So I am going back to DR to see Dra Yily, except this time, I am going with my little sister. She's finally decided to take the leap!! I can't wait even though I am not having anything done myself.

In other news, all is well. I do need to take new photos, though not much has changed. I guess at this point, what I've got it what I get to keep lol.

The only bad thing is these damn faja burns! I do still wear my garments, sometimes 8-10 hours a day (especially my waist cincher), but I generally do not like to wear a shirt underneath it as a buffer. Well, since I brought a smaller one, I now have these small burns on my lower back from where the spines dug into me I guess (beauty is pain lol). No pain, just what looks like tiny scabs. Nevertheless, Bikini season is almost upon us, so lesson learned, no more fajas directly on my skin!

SPEAKING OF BIKINI'S- I brought my first one post op- and I fell in love with what I saw in the mirror. I cannot wait for my summer time fine...lol...ok ladies...I'm done....

9 months out

Still have all my volume- no curve loss.
Can't wait for the weather to break; I'm gearing up for swim suit season!

9 month Photo

One year later and back in DR-Upscale RH recovery house review

Hi ladies!!!! Long time no speak. I am back in the dr with my sister @atdoll2b who had her bbl with Dra Yily last Wednesday...all is well and she is recuperating nicely. Be sure to check out her review to check her progress.

As for me, this will definitely be one of my last reviews/ photo updates. I have come full circle with my sx and there really is not any news or changes since I have last spoken to you ladies. Everything has long since healed and I have no aches, pains, or surgery related issues. No infections, or complications by the grace of god. In terms of dieting or exercising, I have not been doing it and it has not had negative effects on my surgery results. The results are here to stay!! Bikini pic to follow.

Now for the meat and bones : Upscale Recovery house review.

First off, I think this place should be called refugee recovery house or "IDGAF about the patients" house. Better yet, RIPOFF house. I understand that it was initially established by NJPRbeauty (Liz) and opened in January of this year, but I am told that she now longer owner and simply recruits the girls or manages the website. The new owner/manager, Wanda is extremely impersonal. When we met her, she did not even introduce herself. She does not speak any English at all (not a requirement obviously, but it would be nice). The facility is nice enough, bathroom in every room, with the dining area on the first floor. The bathroom in my room (5) STINKS..the water is backed up in the sink and smells like a sewer. Granted, things happened and they may not have been initially aware of it, but I caught one of the ladies that work here in there taking out the trash and doing NOTHING about it. She even left the bathroom door open to stink up the entire room when she was done. I reported it to the groundskeeper so let's see how long it will take to get that fix.

Next on the list: The meals. Not sure if they advertise cook to order on the website but that is NOT the case. They cook what they want and give it to you. There is no dedicated cook, menu, or meal schedule. Since I've been back from CIPLA lunch was fried fish with rice and beans (tasty, though we should be avoiding fried foods). I think they forgot about dinner last night, or perhaps it was an afterthought, because dinner was fried cheese and mashed potatoes, served at 8pm. Interesting. I was really disappointed about this, because on top of most everyone here being post op, and paying a service to be here, you should be able to at the very least have some say about what you want to eat. There is a lot of food waste, probably for that reason. The food here is also really salty (my personal opinion). Bad for recovering persons.

They also do not serve any Snacks!!!!

If you want something done here you HAVE to complain about it. Ask nicely and they play dumb. For example, my sister comes downs stairs and asks for 2 pancakes for breakfast while another girl was eating some. The girl eating the pancakes ask for some tea. 30 minutes pass- nothing. Mind you we are sitting at the table waiting, and the lady cooking says nothing. I go and find the groundskeeper to get to translate and ask for the pancakes again. Another 30 minutes and nothing. Eventually the lady says they don't have any tea, and my sister NEVER gets her pancakes OR and explanation. Between this time, we requested the same things from the lady that was cooking, the groundskeeper translator, and dr. Santana.

There isn't pineapple juice here (great for reducing swelling) or they hide it. They serve mango and passion fruit, you would think that we weren't on a tropical island and they don't grow here. Since my sister got back from CIPLA they have not even asked, never-mind attempted to try to clean her up or change her pads. I understand I'm here to help, but she is paying for YOUR services!! The customer service STINKS! Bottom line,it stinks...I could go into detail, but I would NEVER stay here again. There is no communication between the staff and the clients. It feels like you are an unwanted guest in someone's house and whenever to do ask for something like you're bothering them and that should never be the case. I feel like that staff here need an inservice on how to be personable.

FYI- You are locked in the house. I'm sure it's for your safety, but you cannot step off the grounds if they do not let you out. It's a residential neighborhood and the is a beauty salon across the street ($10) and a bodega around the corner if you want a soda or snack.

Also hate the fact that they charge you for airport transportation. Pure BS in my opinion. They will wash your Faja for you if you beg them enough, but then charge $20 to wash your other clothes. I'm good on that, WTF are you washing for $20USD. I've seen girls left in dirty faja's for quite some time.

There are good things about this place, namely Maria, one of the nurses. She used to work at CIPLA and I met her a year ago (she originally took care of me there). I was so happy to see her and thought that would be a good sign. She is still wonderful as ever.

Needless to say I didn't choose this place, and I am not impressed. I liked where I stayed for my surgery, real recovery armonia. I've heard that they have expanded, and not sure where they are located now.

The masseuse doesn't seem to be in house either. No schedule for when she comes in or leaves.

More later...

One year post op and I'm back in DR!

Bikini pic

4 year check in

Hi Ladies--- Long time no see... I wanted to check in briefly for what will be my last review.

Some Take aways:
1. I have absolutely ZERO regrets about this surgery. 4 years later, my results look exactly the same. I had another baby a few years ago with ZERO side effects!! Waist is still tiny, booty still big, lol. No loose skin, funny pouches, etc.
2. I have gained some weight, but not in the treated areas. I still fit into my original fajas and waist trainers (I wear a small trainer) and occasionally throw them on when I want to "tighten" up a bit.
3. My "Scars" are virtually invisible. They have healed pretty flat and are well hidden so I can wear a bikini, etc.

I've referred several friends and family to Yily with positive results in the last few years. I hope this helps you ladies who are considering this experience, especially with her.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I had surgery w Dra. Yily on august 26th, 2013. I chose her as my doctor because I'm in love with her work! She gave me EXACTLY what I wanted and I am healing well. Dra. Ana, who does your post op follow up visits is amazing too.. She came to see me twice already and I was only one day post op (no complications). She comes directly to the recovery house I am staying: Real Recovery Armonia. They are top notch!!! Some of my favorite examples of Yilys work are RS members: NJPRBeauty, Lolajae, Samcurves98, BootyliciousD, Jerseyglam, MZJuicyfruit87, and Krissylee21. They gave me the confosence to take this step. All of my communications with Yily have been very pleasant and she has been very responsive! She answered all of my concerns promptly. I was able to schedule my surgery only one month in advance, and I am thoroughly enjoying this new DONK!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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