My Journey To A New Body - Dominican Republic

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Wow... It seem so real now. I was procrastinating...

Wow... It seem so real now. I was procrastinating to start this blog like many other blogs I've never started such as my breast augmentation or the three revisions that followed after it. I have became so infatuated with the idea of having a more curvier body, I think I might continuously write how/what I feel.

Well, I procrastinated long enough. Actually, I wanted to wait till I received my confirmation email of my surgery date which is May 8th. So, I filled out the form on this site seeking a consultation. I believe I got a generic reply, then nothing for a day. Ok, I'm impatient LOL! So, I emailed her in English then turned around and emailed her in Spanish. As soon as I emailed her in Spanish the ball started rolling (just for a little while LOL). Might be my fault as well because I needed to calculate funds and see when would be the best time for this procedure which took me about a week. I made the deposit and it took about three days to get the confirmation email. I feel getting in contact with Yily or her staff was frustrating. Being not new to cosmetic surgery this experiences is by far the most difficult. But, I hope it will all pay off in the end.

Birth Control

So, after reading another post about a sister removing her IUD I had to do some research for myself. Well, I have an Implanon. My findings:

The use of IMPLANON may also increase your chance of serious blood clots, especially if you have other risk factors, such as smoking. If you smoke and want to use IMPLANON, you should quit. Some examples of blood clots are deep vein thrombosis (legs), pulmonary embolism (lungs), retinal thrombosis (eyes), stroke (brain), and heart attack (heart). It is possible to die from a problem caused by a blood clot, such as a heart attack or stroke. Tell your doctor at least 4 weeks before if you are going to have surgery or will need to be on bed rest, because you have an increased chance of getting blood clots during surgery or bed rest.

With that being said my removal is another thing to add to my to do list. LOL fiance isn't going to happy about this... you know condoms after several of years!

My Measurements...

Well, I know I am my worse critic but I don't think I'm that flattering with my clothes off but I put up a pretty damn good front sucking in my stomach and never facing forward or backwards without making some kind of curve to deflect what is really there. I guess I've read to many magazines LOL... My fiance thinks I have a nice body (why would he think otherwise? LOL)

My measurements are:
34 - 31 - 36
No curves at all

My Wish Pictures

These are some of my wish pics. I've copied some off other sisters journeys and instagram. I honesty would give a shout to whom I received these pictures from but I was gathering pictures way before I started my journey. My apologizes...

* If one of these pictures happen to be you feel free to rep your body because its bangin!

Exactly 60 Days to go

I believe now that I've started my blog my journey seems so for real now... I think besides the outcome and finally making it to the other side (A Yily Doll) I get to experience this with so many other dedicated sisters... WOW!

Made myself feel better...

Over the last week things have seem to had getting out of hand in my life. Oh well pushing forward till my computer gets a virus, then my email gets hacked and last but not least my whole family gets a stomach virus one by one. So, now I am recovering from a mess!!!

I thought since I am quarantined to my home I could do something to make myself feel better. I bought 85% of my supplies off of Amazon
- Arnica Tablets
- Chux
- Blood Builder
- Medical Pads
- Arnica Gel
- Baby Wipes
- Q-Tips
- Alcohol Swabs
- P ez

A few items I am still looking to get:
- Pads
- Lipo foam
- Compression garter
- Sweem
- T- shirts
- Maxi dresses
- More vitamins

Things that I need to report to doctor for:
- Check hemoglobin
- Remove Implanon

I know am missing a bunch of stuff on my list but my strength isn't 100% so my brain isn't at 100%.
Also, I found a guide to buy supplies on the this site Hope this helps

May 8th...

Noticed that this date was no longer available to schedule... Who else is scheduled for surgery with YILY on May 8th?

Oh Nooooo....

So, I've had a stomach virus since Saturday and today is Wednesday (well Thursday because it's after midnight). Today is the first day I've had an appettite or able to keep a meal down. My fiance brought to attention I am looking a little thin... I'm like "what?" So, I jump on the scale and I've lost 6 pounds. I could feel the tears building up. I was 130 lbs on Saturday now 124 lbs not to mention I know I need to gain at least 10 lbs (not a real happy camper about gaining weight but guess it has to be done). My weight is depressing me...

Happier note I did some research and found a condo to stay in near the beach (less than 10 mins away from CIPLA) for the duration of our stay May 6th - 18th ($500 under budget; more spending money for me)... BOOKED

As for our flights I didn't know we could use DELTA SKYMILES YAY! (Saves us another $900; I will have even more money to shop for my new body!)

At this point my gaining weight and getting my medical clearance is left. I am a bit nervous abour my hemo test because through my whole pregnancy (one little lady, 9 yrs old now) I was anemic. I don't believe I had to have a high hemo for my BA surgeries (4 procedures). I always passed. Due to being off work a week I will have to postpone my test for the 1st or 3rd week in April due to travels. Total set back but hopefully not to detrimental...

I'm rambling I'll right more later...

Ups and downs

This last week has been a catch up week for me. Missing a week of work put a bit of a damper on my progression. In the meantime, I changed my flight information to extend my stay in DR just in case I may need it. So now we will be staying two full weeks instead of leave 8 days after surgery. So the money I thought I was saving "yeah no".

Sometime ago I was trying to motivate myself to lose weight and exercise for the body I desired... LOL ya'll know how that goes gym memberships, watching calories, etc.? So, I seen a listing on Groupons for B12 shots. I was like yes I need an extra boost. So, I went to the facility and got 1 of 5 shots (haven't been back since). Didn't do anything for me or maybe I was looking for instant results. But, when I was there I was talked into having some labs done. In which, I paid out of pocket for. So why after about a month I started getting bills for labs I'd already paid for through another party. I instantly called the facility and let them know about the bills and at first they were trying to tell me I need to call the location that's billing me and clear it up. I instantly started sweating I was HOT... I couldn't keep my composer any longer and lashed out and told them I came to their location to redeem my Groupon which I paid for in full, I was coerced into having additional labs done which I paid in cash in full, I had no idea they sent the labs to any other location so this needs to be rectified by them. I was put on hold for a few minutes lady come back to the phone and was like disregard the bill we will handle it. Sounds good to me till about a couple weeks later get another bill.

At this point I am seriously considering surgery so I contact them again and explain the same thing to I assume to another front desk lady. She tries to tell me to contact the place billing me and I tell her basically the same thing I told the other person but so much more rudely (I know it probably wasn't her fault). She puts me on hold and comes back and says the same thing. Don't worry our manager is going to handle it. Ok sounds good till I have to get labs done at the location that's billing me. GREAT!!!! I get there with my work order for a CBC and I get rejected because I have a outstanding bill. I am flaming at this point. I walk out of the location and call the facility. Oh and they know exactly who I am. I tell them that I am at the location for my much needed lab work and can not get it done because they have not handle their business that they said they would do. Oh so now they want to be apologetic... No just fix it!!! They said they emailed the location and awaiting a reply. What I don't get why don't you'll just call and clear it up? Whatever? I will start harassing them in the morning again till they pick up the phone and call the damn place and get me cleared so I can get my CBC test done so I will know where my hemoglobin number is and if I need to up my iron dosage.

Just thinking about this foolishness got me sweating again... I'M HOT


I finally got my situation sorted out with the facility and the lab location so I can get my CBC test. Bad news... My hemoglobin is low (11.2). I want to cry (eyes actually tearing up writing this). But, on a brighter note I have exactly 36 days to get it up to at least 12.7. I've been only taking my vitamins regularly for about two weeks so hopefully my results are an improvement from where I could have been. The vitamins I've been taking are: Prenatal, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and Iron. I have Blood Builders so I will add those to my regimen and probably should take my Vitamin C and Iron at a different time then the others. I am going to go get tested bi-weekly (3 more times) so I have an idea where I am and may need to double up on. Again, I am so sad......

"30 Days To Go"

I have exactly 30 days till my scheduled SX (28 days till I land in DR). I have been taking my vitamins religiously. I have been talking to my fiance about how nervous I am about this whole procedure and the recent happenings. He expressed how excited he was about the SX being that I've been asking him for his help in research but if I decided to cancel he would still be cool. Jokingly stating we could go to Jamaica instead with the money (I thinks not!). I seriously been having second thoughts but ironically been holding tight to my routine (vitamins and weight gain).

I am curious to know if tripling up on my vitamins have help my Hemoglobin since last week so I made another appointment tomorrow to get another CBC. If my levels have increase at least by .3 mg (need .4 mg really to get over 13.0 mg) I am doing excellently.

Oh and liquid Iron has the worst taste ever... mixing with orange juice still doesn't help.

Hope I return with better news....

Changed Surgery Date

All my effort was at total waste. I was so curious if my vitamin and iron regiment was actually working. To my surprise it didn't do nothing for me. I was still at 11.2 nine days after my last test. So I panicked and changed my date from May 8th (which would be like 26 days from now) to May 30th. Giving myself about 7 more weeks. I was bummed at first but feeling somewhat better. Trying to stay positive.

Oh, last month I had the flu and dropped down to 124 lbs got on the scale yesterday and I am 135. This is the most weight I've ever weighted even when I delivered my daughter. I am going to chill out with the weight gain since at least I figured that out and I look about 4 months pregnant.


My few couple of weeks have been extremely stressful not knowing my iron levels to find out they're low and ultimately not knowing how to raise it despite all of my efforts. Since finding out that my results are at a stand still, I have added a double dose of liquid iron plus drink a glass of orange juice with all vitamin intact on an empty stomach to my daily regiment. Fudge (you know what I want to say LOL) this is so hard and it seems like my life is so consumed with this surgery.

Can someone that has tested low on iron fill me in on the brand of Chlorophyll they've used with a positive outcome?


My fiance knows firsthand how stressed I've been about my hemoglobin. He had his annual physical today. So, when he called he started explaining his results. Jealousy set in he said his hemoglobin is at 16 (really didn't want to tell me but I asked for). WHAT? We eat identical NO BEEF OR PORK, which probably explains why I am suffering, but he doesn't eat it either. 16?

Ok, well he gets seriously disturbed if he doesn't take his vitamins in the morning before he eats. This has been a habit for him since... well, way before we've met several years ago. So, basically his hemoglobin level had time to manifest due to his religious vitamin intake. Me on the other hand, I only take vitamins when needed, like now!

I'm going to pray about this LOL...


As of late I have been obsessed with knowing where my hemoglobin level is. I've already rescheduled my SX once out of panic because my level was at a low stand still. I went and got my hemoglobin checked again yesterday for the third time. Your not going to believe this crap... I am at a 12.7! It raised 1.5 in one week and I just got off my menstrual cycle which was abnormally short but no complaints on my end. I wonder if my Hemoglobin level had something to do with my travel to Albuquerque with the thinner air? Lord knows I was winded doing normal tasks like walking up a flight of stairs.

But, what gets me is my panic caused me to add 3 more weeks to my SX date and I would have been 3 weeks away from my new body.

Lastly, I went and got a B12 shot from another Groupon I redeemed several months ago. OMG I had a reaction to the shot. First, the injection site got tender. Then I started to travel down my thigh with a sharp pain. My whole butt and thigh sensitive my fiance thought to take me to the ER. I could walk without the pain shooting down to my knees. My fiance called a nurse and she said to put a cold pack or bag of peas on the area. I did so but in the meantime my daughter had to take my fiance out to dinner, it was his birthday, I felt really bad physically and emotionally. It all subsided and back to normal about 6 hours after the initial shot.


I was looking into into supplemental coverage in case of an emergency and thought to myself after receiving an expensive quote... If in the case of an emergency after the surgery, if one pays for insurance (for 30 days with your surgeon) does this cover a blood transfusion or is that a all together different payment?

"30 More Days" (28 till touchdown in DR)

"Everything happens for a reason" is so true. Well, in my last 30 days (had to reschedule my SX) I panicked and changed my surgery date due to Hemoglobin low. I am so glad that happened. Yes, everything happens for a reason. Now that my new date is May 30th my awesome friend and her fiance that have business in DR are coming with me and my fiance. They were initially coming in June but decided to come early. I am not just happy that I will have more supporters but since they have a business in DR they travel with a translator. My friend being such a motherly person she is, wants her translator with me so I can have any questions or concerns answered without any language barrier.

My friend also knows another native of DR that has had a BBL and her results are crazy good. I even seen the before and after but her surgeon was Contreras. My friend after I am post-op might take the plunge. I've even introduced her to this site and she is almost addicted as well.

Plus, now that they will be down with us we are going to stay longer and go to north DR where their business is. I just hope and pray that I don't have any complications or worse. Go thing will be I will still be on the island but still don't need that extra stress or worse.

Going to get my hemoglobin checked yet again next week. I hope I go from 12.7 to 14.7 LOL... It's been about two weeks since my last results.

To be continued...

Stressful but pulling through...

So, from my last update I've been through so much but I will feel in about my SX progression. So, the end of last month I had an awesome night in the town and for dunk off my ass. Woke up with a massive hangover. Was scared to eat or take vitamins due to throwing up. Well, that effected my hemoglobin. When I went to go get tested my results dropped from 12.7 to 11.1. I felt so bad seeing my results. So, I tried up on everything I've been taking (Pur-Iron, blood builders, iron pills, B-12, folic acid, and vitamin C). Week later go get tested again now I'm at 12 (up .9). Now I've added Chylorophyll which is gross. Taste like liquifid grass LOL...

Basically with all the hurdles I've been getting in the last couple of weeks I just wanted to give up, but then though I am doing this for myself and this should benefit me in the long run. Now I just need to make sure I eat because when I stress I don't have an appetite.

That's it for now....

Exactly One More Week...

Well, not much as changed other then my hemo dropped for 12.0 to 11.7 but I guess it had to do with my period coming. I am now eating a bowl or two of collard greens a day, added Geritol, still taking about 2 teaspoons of Chlorophyll twice a day, Pur Absorb, and my arsenal of vitamins. Sounds like a lot... No, I think it's a lot to do a day and I'm so ready for it to be over.

I'm praying that I can get my hemo up high enough for surgery but if not I guess I will be seeking a iron transfusion. In the process of changing our tickets yet again to stay longer just in case I may need the extra days or for an extended vacation.

To be continued...

23 Months Later

So, it has been 23 months after my surgery. Yes, I am pleased with my results but I think I could look a bit better so I am looking into round 2 for more lipo/bbl. Haven't decided if I'm going to stick with Yily or try my luck with another doctor.

I am going to start mother review shortly.

- Slim404


*Another review LOL
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have mixed feeling about my results. I am happy with my results but not over the moon. I've seen better results on women the exact same size I am so I feel she did not give me her all or what she is ultimately known for. She gave me a foundation to work with.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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