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Hello SX Community! I am from Houston and will be...

Hello SX Community!
I am from Houston and will be traveling to DR in May from the 15th to around the 28th to have surgery with Dra. Almonte. I'll be getting a TT and BBL. If anyone, especially from Texas, is looking for a surgery buddy - let me know!! I am a bit nervous and seeking out recovery houses, although Almonte does give all-inclusive quotes. My current goals betwen now and then is to lose at least 50 pounds. I need to get my BMI down and my iron up.

Plans coming together! DR in May 2016

Because I have been researching or so long, I have noticed the peak months for surgery are March, May, and December. I am choosing May 2016 because I will have weeks of vacation time by then, and already have a third of my surgery funds saved up. I may or may not move things to December because I'll have the funds to go, but things may be booked by the time I make decision. I am waiting on a quote from Almonte, but she's taking her sweet time so I contacted Dra Medina (who responded in less than 24 hrs).

She quoted me $6000 for TT, BBL, BL w/ implants, and lipo to the flanks, back, and waist. Dra Medina also included info about a RH and transportation which came out to $850 (10 days). There is a $300 deposit to reserve my surgery date and she only does two surgeries a day. Since I'm going in May, I will be locking in my date ASAP to ensure I get the day I want/need and once confirmed I will be purchasing my flight ticket.

In addition to deciding on a surgeon, I have decided to stay at Kindness RH and will be checking if they have availabilty for May so I can get that reserved ASAP as well.

I have already compiled a Supply List and put some things into my Amazon wish list, and may post that at a later date. I don't want to buy a bunch of supplies at once a week or two before my surgery day, so over the next couple of months I will be purchasing items and putting them into my suitcase. I hate packing and it can take me days to do so, so I have to start early for something like this. Especially to get an idea of whether or not I may need one or two large suitcases, one lage suitcase and small carry-on, etc.

I am 5'5, 230 pounds (thank god I don't look it though). I have 8 months to get a BMI of 33 or lower. My goal weight before surgery is 170! My waist is a curently 37 inches, I want a 33-30 inch waist. Next week I will begin to get fully committed to dropping pounds. I also have started to eat more red meat. I am anemic so I have to start early trying to increase my iron levels. I am considering purchasing "Blood Builder" (or something like that) from Amazon. Because of the number of surgeries I'm getting, I must be at a level of 14 for surgery (according to Medina's email).

If anyone is going mid-May 2016 and want to buddy up - message me. Any questions - message me or leave a comment.

Wish Pics

I don't particularly like Amber Rose, but her body is everything!

Purchased my flight!

I will be flying from Houston to DR May 15th, 2016. My ticket was $662, which is pretty cheap compared to other prices from Houston to DR that are usually near $800+. Now I have to get a passport, send in my SX deposit, and officially reserve my spot at a RH and then I will only have to worry about saving up for my surgery.

So far:
$6000 (SX- TT, BBL, BL w/ implants) OR $4500 (SX- TT,BBL)
$250 (medication)
$150 (required* insurance)
$662 (flight ticket)
$675 (RH 10 days)
$100 (airport transportation)
Total: $7837 OR $6337

This does not include passport ($135), supplies/vitamins, or extra money I will be bringing (I feel $750 is enough).

Flight: BOOKED! Recovery Home: RESERVED! Deposit: SENT!

Flight booked with American Airlines for May 15th. Reserved my stay at Kindness RH. And I went to Western Union today and sent off my deposit. The lady at the desk told me if anything was wrong, such as Dra Medina's name, then I can come back and change it so she's able to pick it up.

Things to worry about now:
- buy luggage
- purchase/pack supplies
- getting a passport (will do this in Jan./Feburary)
- saving for surgery over the next 8 months ($6000+)
- saving for RH ($750)
- 12 days, 11 nights [1 night free] 10 x $75= $750
- losing at least 50 pounds (preferably 70 lbs.) by my SX date

Once again, I am going in MAY 2016 and my doctor is Dra. TANIA MEDINA

Update + Questions for SX Vets!

I'm trying hard not to update my review too often, so now I'm storing much of what I have to say on my phone and then I'll post it all once a week or two..

First, I bought new luggage because my last large suitcase was dirty and the thing at the bottom to help it stand up had broken off. Plus it didn't match my carry on bag. When traveling, I want all of my luggage to match so it's easily spotted and associated with me. Second, I've decided to start my clean eating lifestyle ASAP. This includes limiting my meat intake. I've been wanting to go vegetarian for quite some time now & this is my motivation. I will order Blood Builder some time next month or November so my iron will increase. Third, I have a SX wish list on Amazon of most of the supplies I need.. Most of the clothing articles I'm going to just get from Walmart or the dollar store.
Also, Dra. Medina picked up my deposit so my date is officially official. I'm locked in for May 16th! If push comes to shove and I need to move it up, I will.

Questions for SX Vets:
1. How much extra money did you take w/ you? Cash or credit card? Did you actually make use of it (if so, for what?)
2. How'd you carry your money discreetly and protected?
3. What essentials did you need for aftercare?
4. If I land around 2:45pm, and go to the clinic for labs after landing... When should I stop eating for the day? The night before my labs, or the night before my actual SX?

Round 1 & Round 2

I've been on Instagram lately which has kept me off my Realself.
I am almost set for traveling (just need to purchase my passport), and still need to save $3000 for the rest of my SX funds while in DR.
Next week, I will begin trying to lose weight and having self-discipline about my food choices because I have to lose weight. I think that's the hardest part.

I have come to the conclusion that I will get my breast done during round 2 in the US and additional work done in the US, as well. I am leaning towards Dr. Miami or Dr. Omulepu for round two.

Switching to Yily

I've debated long and hard about what surgeon I want/need to go with for the results I want, and Yily won over Medina. She is just more agressive with lipo. I have also decided to not get a tummy tuck because I am too young and want to have as much fat sucked out as possible for my booty. I don't have loose skin so I am sure it will retract with consistent compression and drainage. I will be sending my deposit by the end of the month. I plan on applying for my passport in January. My vitamin and weight loss routine will begin this month. Blood work will be done in December to see where I am, then redone in March and April. My period is suppose to end two days prior to my SX date, so that entire time I will be doubling up on iron and getting my hemo up. Medication and travel health insurance will be purchased prior to me arriving in DR, most likely in April. I will begin purchasing supplies and "pre-packing" in December thru April. $3,000 is already saved, $300 will be deducted from my SX cost once I send my deposit. So my SX will be saved/paid for come January and I'll just need to save for my RH stay, massages, and extra cash ($1500+). Doctor: Yily Procedure: Lipo+BBL ($3500) RH: Kindness RH (12 days, 11 nights) ($750) - Massages (5/$115 or 10/$225) Dates: 5/15/2016 - 5/26/2016 SX Date: 5/16/16 Airline: American Airlines ($662) Extra money ($700)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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