DR. Yily July 9th 2013!!!!

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HI ladies, I will be traveling to Santo...

HI ladies,

I will be traveling to Santo Domingo this July to get the signature Yily lipo & grafting done. This will be the 3rd time that I will be traveling to DR for nip/ tuck and such. I was originally ok (not ecstatic) with my tt & lipo work until one day I was searching for a PS to do my scar revision and came across Yily's work.. I immediately turned to my fiance and said.. Babe, just one more time I promise!! lmaaoo

I usually travel with him and he cares for me very well but I'm thinking I would like to take this trip on my own. Possibly buddy up and save the cash on the extra flight and food..ect

My only real concern is the recent reports of money being stolen and having to pay with a credit card. I have been a victim of identity theft/ credit card fraud in the past so I am always skeptical and have always opted to pay cash instead.

This will not be an option if I travel on my own because I sure as hell am not traveling with thousands of $$ in my pocket and trying to withdraw this kind of money overseas is a nightmare. I know that Yily has a paypal account and chase but I would rather not pay in full before hand because this leaves little room for any discounts the day of ;)

So I just wanted to start a July 2013 roll call to encourage those of us who are a little skeptical of traveling on our own.

Thanks. You are all amazing!!

***correction to the post above I have always...

***correction to the post above
I have always paid in check which Yily does not accept.

So my fiance has decided he wants to come along.....

So my fiance has decided he wants to come along.. I'm kind of bummed out because I wanted to make this my own little adventure. Ohh well maybe next time... waiit did I just say that!! lmaoo ;) This stuff is addicting!!

Gosshh I was just looking over some pics of my first BBL & I really hope I don't absorb most of the fat like I did last time :)

Hi BBL sisters! So just a heads up to those of...

Hi BBL sisters!
So just a heads up to those of you who have been following me through my blog & through private messages. I won't be updating or answering questions for a while, honestly this site is way too distracting and it is taking up the little bit of free time that I have between school & work. SOOO I will see you all around mid May when the semester is over and I will fill you in with all the dets..

*Which all-inclusive resort will I choose for recovery?? (bc I always make it a vacay! lol)
*What am I packing this time around.. I never use it all. I mean I still have things sitting in my linen closet from my 1st sx 4 yrs ago.. (note to self check expiration dates! lol)
*Faja with butt in or butt out this time?
*Which car rental?
Decisions Decisions!

Be safe & keep it 100!!!!!
Besos! :*

DR. Yily July 2013!!!! Baby weee ouuttt!

Hello beautiful mamis & papi that has joined bbl site lol **power to you boo

So I am back on the blogs.semester is over.. yes!! But now I feel uggh restless. Hard going back to having free time after work and having 8 hrs of sleep. I find myself waking up at 2 am ready to go! lol Thank God I can focus on getting ready for sx until my mind & body adjust.

So my sx date was confirmed back in March. I will be arriving @ Santo Domingo on July 8th and having surgery the next day on July 9th. This gives me enough time to stock up the fridge and lounge. I will be there for 11 days total. My excitement has yet to set in tho. I guess it's just too far away. I decided to do most of my shopping this weekend since there will be Memorial Day sales everywhere. Who knows maybe this will be it... shopping always = excitement for me!!!

For those ladies that have recently crossed over or are soon to have sx... looking out for you boos.. prayers out to you & thank you always for sharing!!

So my Hemoglobin level is only 11.8!!! This is not happening right now SMH

I just got my Hemoglobin levels in today and I am not happy. I've had 1 month of diarrhea like soft stools due to these damn iron pills and I am only up to 11.8! lol I am going to start taking Pur Absorb liquid iron mixed with Emergen-C 2x a day in between meals and will make sure not to consume caffeine 2 hours before or after I take it.

Here's some info I found useful:
?Oral Iron Supplements

Supplement Forms. There are two forms of supplemental iron: ferrous and ferric. Ferrous iron is better absorbed and is the preferred form of iron tablets. Ferrous iron is available in three forms: ferrous fumarate, ferrous sulfate, and ferrous gluconate.

The label of an iron supplement contains information both on the tablet size (which is typically 325 mg) and the amount of elemental iron contained in the tablet (the amount of iron that is available for absorption by the body.) When selecting an iron supplement, it is important to look at the amount of elemental iron.

A 325 mg iron supplement contains the following amounts of elemental iron depending on the type of iron:

Ferrous fumarate. 108 mg of elemental iron
Ferrous sulfate. 65 mg of elemental iron
Ferrous gluconate. 35 mg of elemental iron

Depending on the severity of your anemia, as well as your age and weight, your doctor will recommend a dosage of 60 - 200 mg of elemental iron per day. This means taking one iron pill 2 - 3 time during the day. Make sure your doctor explains to you how many pills you should take in a day and when you should take them. Never take a double dose of iron.

?Side Effects and Safety. Common side effects of iron supplements include:

Constipation and diarrhea are very common. They are rarely severe, although iron tablets can aggravate existing gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and ulcerative colitis.
Nausea and vomiting may occur with high doses, but can be controlled by taking smaller amounts. Switching to ferrous gluconate may help some people with severe gastrointestinal problems.
Black stools are normal when taking iron tablets. In fact, if they do not turn black, the tablets may not be working effectively. This tends to be a more common problem with coated or long-acting iron tablets.
If the stools are tarry looking as well as black, if they have red streaks, or if cramps, sharp pains, or soreness in the stomach occur, gastrointestinal bleeding may be causing the iron deficiency and the patient should call the doctor promptly.
Acute iron poisoning is rare in adults but can be fatal in children who take adult-strength tablets. Keep iron supplements out of the reach of children. If your child swallows an iron pill, immediately contact a poison control center.


I hate my doctor Holy Sh*t!!!

So i call my doctor's office to get a script to get my blood levels retested in 2 weeks. Wellllll she is being a b*tch saying that I don't need to get retested because my levels are at a normal range. B*tch I didn't ask for your opinion.... I started a new supplement & I just need a damn script. It's my insurance & my arm! My levels are at 11.8 and i need to be at 12 or above.. ugghhh

Why are these doctors so against plastic surgery??!! & when I mentioned it was out of the country! forget about it!

Got my script!

Yess I harassed my docs office and it all worked out ;) Crossing my fingers for my hemo levels to go up. Otherwise it is a waste of a trip :/

Pre-op pics


I would not usually post this because I do not want to frighten those ladies that are getting ready for sx but I found myself obligated to do so since we are all here to inform each other of our findings. I was just leisurely reading the Dominican news online when I ran in to the death that everyone has been talking about. As I scrolled down to read the comments below the article I found a comment written by a cousin of a second desist patient attesting to her death. According to the comments the following people have passed away this week @ Cipla:
Aida Perez from ATL - operated by Dr. Franklin DeJesus
**punctured lung
Altagracia Mejia from Switzerland - operated by Dr. Rodriguez
**pulmonary problems

I connot confirm its authenticity. Just reporting my findings.
link: http://www.noticiassin.com/2013/06/muere-mujer-en-busqueda-de-belleza/


Update.. See above post for info on 2 deaths.. RIP

According to the article, Cipla is only suppose to be closed for 48 hours. It is one of 4 clinics that were closed down during a health inspection. Dra. Duran posted on her FB that she and Yily are performing sx out of another clinic until Cipla is reopened. No worries to Yily & Duran patients!!!

See above ...

*** I failed to mention that the clinic was closed during a health inspection. It was not linked to the deaths.

Anyone scheduled at CIPLA for July 9th?

I have yet to meet anyone on here with the same sx date as me??


If anyone wants more info on CIPLA they should call SODOCIPRE (809) 682-5808 .. I would but i don't have a calling card on me...

Santo Domingo Plastic Center

Pics of the clinic Dra. Yily is temporarily working out of.
Santo Domingo Plastic Center. Thanks to my girl Juicy Cherries for keeping us updated ;)

Santo Domingo Plastic Center

This is literally how close both clinics are to each other.
I called Santo Domingo Plastic Center for my girl NoRegrets226 and confirmed that Yily is there.

Fat/ Skinny phase

I decided to gain weight for the procedure because I really had no usable fat for BBL and now I can't stop gaining!! lol My mentality is ohh well I should order the pasta since I will not be doing it after sx. Dessert? Why not!? 2 scoops please!! lol This brings me to looking & feeling skinny fat.. The ladies that have had lipo in the past know what I mean. It's like you have a nice figure but ur fat!! This time of year I would usually be around 130-135, I am now 150 at 5'5. Sh*t :/
I have 2 more weeks to go and I will make it my priority to stop my bad behavior.

Anyone else struggling with weight issues??

Count Down!!!


Why Are You Mad?? CIPLA Edition.

So a lot of the dolls have complained about the wait for Yily. Some chicas have even cancelled talking about, “oh hell no! I’m not waiting all that damn time!”
This is my take on the whole situation:
I have attended consultations with multiple surgeons in DR and have had sx twice with a surgeon that operates only out of a general clinic. Have you ANY idea how much time you are saving by having sx at CIPLA? lol 1.5 days.. YUP
Day one:
See secretary for script 9 am
Get registered at clinic
Get bloodwork ((packed!))
See cardiologist ((wait is forever))
Have consult with surgeon ((have to wait till they finish up their surgeries)) about 3 pm
No favoritism, no speed pass, just waiting with the rest of the general public holding on to my ticket with my number on it.
Then wait till 7 pm for a phone call to see if test came out well and for approval to have sx the next day.
Day 2:
Wait for my turn to have sx which was never a prob for me bc I always went first.

So the next time you are waiting somewhere just remember there is always someone worse off than you.
Happy weekend dolls ;)

Count Down!!


Count Down!!


Count Down!!

**last day of work today till I get back from DR.. yess God Bless America! lol

Count Down!!

4 days till sx
3 days till touch down
Current status: packing :)

Count Down!!

My current dilemma is finding the right clothes to wear after sx. I am planing on getting arm lipo so I need to cover up some since I will be recovering at a resort && i have to look cute for my boo lol Spent all day at 3 different malls ughhhh

Tip: if you are getting a breast lift or scar revision (like i am) try getting pjs & shirts that button up so that you do not raise ur arms too high up.

Count Down!!


@ the airport

On my way to my homeland super excited to breathe in that Caribbean air. Praying God that my hemoglobin is on point for tomorrow. Once I arrive we will be picking up our rental, checking into the hotel & going for a ride around town.

Big Day!!!

I am at the clinic READY!! Lol I just met Samira and she's such a doll. Thank you for all the well wishes ladies :)


There are 4 ladies total today including me. There were only 3 scheduled for today but someone wasn't able to have sx yesterday so she is now scheduled to have sx today.


Hey ladies!
Sorry I haven't updated but sx recovery is kicking my ass. All went well but nothing went as planned. Word of advise... do not bother to go unless you are 100% about your hemoglobin levels. Yily will NOT budge. My sx was delayed for 3 days because I kept testing lower in DR. I had to be under the care of a hematologist and I spent A LOT more money than planned. I met a lot of ladies with the same problem and I consider myself a lucky one because I only needed a 3 day treatment.

Thanks for all the well wishes & your concern!
Will write my full review soon :)

Why me!! So sad

Yily butchered my arms so bad. I have really bad internal knots and roping. My masseuse says its cannula marks. It didn't show till 10 days po and I've been keeping it to myself to see if it improves with my Endermology sessions but NO luck yet. SUPER painful and depressing. I also found a hematoma on one of my breast the size of a golf ball.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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