**Future Duran Doll** November 10th!! OMG only 59 days Queens!!

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Like most of my fellowLike most of my fellow BBL...

Like most of my fellowLike most of my fellow BBL enthusiasts, I've been stalker mode on this sites ass for years! I finally made my deposit today to see the one and only, Dr. Duran! Holy crap! Once I actually completed the wire transfer, I had this crazy weird feeling. It was surreal. Why? Well, I’ve been saying I was going to go through with this procedure, but just continued to research and drool over wish pics. You know that feeling that maybe you don’t want to go out because you aren’t completely happy with how you look physically? That’s what I find myself feeling entirely too often and that’s not whassup.
I got my quote from Dr. Duran last year and put my surgery date off to get back into school. I wanted to get my priorities together. Now, a sistah is working full time, schooling full time and investing in myself (this donk). I deserve to visually be on the outside, who I feel like on the inside..and that’s a Boss!
Okay….now what!? I’m panicking! Hahahaaaa…okay okay okay. Passport renewal, recovery home deposit, and plane ticket 1st. I’m thinking I’m going to go with Real Recovery Armonia. I want a single room with an ocean view, massages and an organic food upgrade.
Hopefully I get my desired date of November 9th or 10th, we’ll see. I’m going to need a Buddy!
BBL enthusests, I've been stalker mode on this s

Before pics >_> That Moment When...

You know that moment when you wear something that makes you feel like you have a little booty action going on? Then...you walk past a mirror or window or car reflection or you see yourself in someone’s pupil because you are that damn hyper sensitive!? (Sigh) The realization sets in.. so, so sad. 6 months to go! I actually need to lose a good 30 lbs. in that 6 month time period too. I'll post my progress.

Oh and these are my before pics.


I've been researching flights today and I think I have a plan that will work for my life. I was worried about how the flight home would be and I refuse to sit on the donk for any length of time. So, I'm going to buy an inexpensive flight there..thug it out...and then take a 1st class flight home :). Yea...that idea sits well with me....

"How Big are you going?"

The few people in my circle that know what I have decided to do are asking me "how big are you trying to go?" "you don't want it to be this (______l______) big do you?" "not Nikki Minaj big right?" hahaha. MY RESPONSE: bwahahahaaaa..Listen,
"I want that super donk"
"big boned donk"
"Big Booty Judy...Booty"
"Natural looking super booty"
"Spread when I sit booty"
"BOOM...BOOM..BOOM when I walk ass!"

Not Wild big, but just...wild..enough. Feel me? No? Oh...lemme show you these pics then. :)


I spoke with Elizabeth, in Duran's office, today and secured my date of November 10th! Dude...I don't know why, but I'm experiencing a lot of emotions. Today, after confirming the date I felt extremely excited, then by the end of my day I was questioning if this was something that I absolutely want to do, then back to excited, then questioned and round and round. I need to take a shot of chocolate and have a seat. All is well.

Why leave the states?....they ask

So, listen...I appreciate the concern of family and friends who don't understand why I’m traveling outside of the US to have surgery. I myself have weighed the pros and cons. You ask yourself questions like "what if something goes wrong and your family can’t get to you?" "do they have a "board" that holds plastic surgeons to strict standards and repercussions?" I did hella research and I’m extremely satisfied with the decision to have Dra Duran mold this masterpiece. Thank you for caring, but its called a BRAZILIAN Butt Lift! So American doctors, technically, are copy cats. Of course I don't want to take anything away from American Doctors’ skill sets because many of them are beasts at what they do! But, it didn’t begin here. It’s kind of like Italian food. You can find some banging Italian food here in the states, but it pales in comparison to the food you would experience while physically in Italy. Trust me, I’ve been and Italian food here is a joke!...ijs. And where are my female doctors in the US!? *Sigh* Duran is a woman that knows how to perfect a shape and she happens to be in DR, so that’s where I’m going.

Got My First Supplies Today!

Arnica Gel and a travel safe. Awesome :).

Gross, butt I need to know :)

So, ladies....I haven't seen anyone post on this very serious topic! I'm the type of girl that likes to be prepared..you know. I don't mind surprises..as long as you tell me first lol. How in the world...do we poop!? I'm sorry..It had to be asked, we all do it. I see photos of laxatives and stool softeners n stuff, but sistahs...I need more detail! How do you sit on the toilet? Do you not sit?...i mean that's not possible...or is it? Is it so horrendous that its not worth mentioning? Fell me in loves!

More Before Pics

Where in the hell did time go?!!

Duuuuuuuuuude! I blinked and now my surgery is almost exactly 4 months away! Holy Sheet. I've done nothing...literally...nothing. So! I need to buy my place tickets this week and select a recovery house which has been the the bane of my existence! I'm looking at Serenity, which is bit pricey, and Real Recovery Armonia. Actually, as I was typing this I decided that I'm going with Armonia heheheeee. I'm going to get that organic meal upgrade...Yup! Awesome, one down.

Made it to the Flat Side??

Ummmmmmmmmmmm I don't get why ladies are saying that they made it to the FLAT side, after their surgery? Hm...Anyone?


Ummmmmmmmmmm where did the time go!!.....

Any who...Stephanie Santiago! I both hate you and love you... ????

59 muhfkn DAYS!!

Ya'll I'm scared! Like I made this decision, then I did my research, took the 1st step...now a sistah is 59 days away!!! GAG! I thank the universe that I have an amazing travel buddy! We have our surgery scheduled for the same day and we will support and look out for each other on this journey. I know Duran wants me to be at 170lbs..but that's skinny for me. Even when I was super skinny back in the day, running track in high school, I was 160lbs. When I got to 155, I looked unhealthy. So 180, 185 is my goal. There are all these BBL pillows to help me not sit on the donk, but where are the sticks to beat back the dudes that i'll be raking in...huh? heheheeeee
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