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Date confirmed!!!! Last week I spoke with...

Date confirmed!!!!

Last week I spoke with Elizabeth on Tuesday (2/11/14). Due to my work schedule I really needed to get in for my sx during the month of July. Elizabeth explained that they had two dates left in July - the 29th and the 31st. However, because I didn't have a quote yet, she couldn't put me in the calendar yet. I did some explaining about my crazy schedule, how I had been communicating with Dr. Duran through email but hadn't yet received a quote, and how I NEEDED to get a July date. She basically agreed to hold the July 29th date until Friday for me.

I actually received my quote the next day (Wednesday, 2/12/14) and tried to get a hold of Elizabeth that ENTIRE day, to no avail! However, I called very early Thursday (2/13/14) morning (abt 7am DR time) and got Elizabeth. I told her my quote and she put me in for July 29th. She told me to send a $250 deposit through an international bank transfer. I told her that I would do so asap and get back to her to make sure all was successful with the transfer.

I had a really hard time finding a place to do an international transfer. The two local banks that I use said they dont do them. I was getting desperate so tried to get a hold of Elizabeth this Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday (2/18 and 2/19/14) without success. However, I called today (2/20/14) first thing in the am and finally got her. I explained my attempts to transfer the money and she told me just to bring it with me when I come for the sx. She confirmed my date of 7/29/14 and said "see you soon" when we were hanging up.

Now I'm really happy everything is confirmed, but I have a few reservations abt the situation: 1.) I have nothing in writing stating that I am officially scheduled and 2.) I'm really concerned abt bringing almost $4,000 in cash with me to another country.

I know I have seen many others post abt being told to bring the deposit with them when they have had problems getting the deposit to go through, but I am still worried! I have actually already paid Jazmine Navarro with Bella Vita Consultants for her services so I am thinking I should pay the deposit through her and then at least I may be able to get some stuff in writing. However, I would end up paying $295 because Jazmine states that there is a $45 international wire transfer fee. But that may be worth it to have things confirmed through more than verbal statements. Thoughts on this?????
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