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I was going to get these done stateside, but that...

I was going to get these done stateside, but that would have cost me dang near $20K! Yeah...NO! Besides, with the results I want, it's clear that I need to get the DR treatment! I reached out to a few surgeons via this site and WhatsApp. I get that the docs are busy (although they have staff, right?), so I wasn't stressing too much the reply time if they replied within a few days, but I was kind of put off by how some only wanted to use WhatsApp. I figured it was because of the language barrier, which is understandable. So, I asked dear husband (he's a native Spanish speaker) to call them up and talk to them, in hopes that it would make the process a little easier. Nope! That is, until he called Dr. Belen. I am not fluent in Spanish, but I understand a good bit. Their conversation was great! He was so professional. He didn't try to rush us off of the phone. He answered all of our questions. What can I say? He was awesome! There wasn't a doubt in my mind at the end of the conversation that he's the one! (Turns out he and his staff are fluent in English, so that wasn't even necessary Lol) So, I sent the deposit. Now, I just have to buy the tickets and get the blood test done. Oh, and choose a recovery house. Hopefully my hemoglobin levels are where they should be. Fingers crossed!

Catching up since last post

In August, I took the hemoglobin test and it came back as 10.8. At the time I was on my period and bleeding heavily, which can cause a decrease in hemo levels. I increased my iron intake just to be on the safe side. I take a prenatal vitamin along with an iron and vitamin C supplement in the morning, then in the afternoon I take another Vitamin C and iron supplement. I make sure that I take the pills one hour before or two hours after eating for maximum absorption. I took another hemo test last week and I am at 12.2! So, yay! I'm gonna keep doing that until my sx date (Nov 11).

Dr. Belen is wonderful and has been keeping in touch with us regularly. He and my husband spoke yesterday for over an hour! Pretty sure they weren't just talking about surgery. Lol. My husband really likes him. I have been on Amazon buying all the things I need for my trip, and as the boxes come in, it feels like Christmas! Lol. I booked my stay with Sweetheart recovery house and I am just soooooo excited to get this done!

One of the things that Dr. Belen suggested is that I am good at the weight I am now (I'm 5'6", 185 lbs) and to take it easy on working out. I have my PT test today, so once that's over with I can relax a bit. I was going hard in the gym to make sure I'm in good shape for the test. In doing my research, I read that it is important to stop taking vitamin E at least 2 weeks before surgery. My prenatal vitamins (not pregnant. I just take them because they have folic acid in them, which helps with iron levels) have vitamin E, so I bought Vitamedica's clinical support vitamins and Megafood Blood Builder to take 2 week pre- and post-op.

Between this site and all the IG sx sites that I stalk (@bella__barbies is my fave), I am too ready for this transformation. New Year, new me!
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