21 Y.O Getting BBL +Lipo by : Dr Yily August 26th!!! - Dominican Republic

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After very thorough research and a crazy debate...

After very thorough research and a crazy debate with my self between Drs Duran Yily & Cabral ..I've decided to go with Yily ..I want to be a #YilyDoll I love her work as you'll see from my wish pics and I believe in the results .So follow me on my Journey to being Yilyfied and I'll try not to bore y'all :)

Passports here

It came really fast so happy????

Before Pics

Beware very flabby (excuse my big tatas)

More wish pics:)

Her waist ????????

Still preparing & stacking

I'm pushing back my date due to flight and recovery house issues Fuck why is the cad dollar so low #stillstacking

More wish pics

Ultimate wish

I wish I wish I wish

Pushed date back

I know a lot of you are wondering what happened but I just want to stack up some more money for the trip

Been eating healthier these days
(Sorry for the dirty mirror)

I'm done

So I went to Yily on the 26th and had a bbl lipo I wanted to do my arms but my hemo dropped to low so I'll have to do a second round
Can't see much right now but let me know what you guys think .I personally absolutely love my waist I just think I could have gotten more undercut on the ass lol these pics are 2 days post op

Some things you don't want to forget

Boppy pillow
Extension cord
Perks , Zanx ,pcp or whatever you prefer just know they pain killers are like alieve/Tylenol
The Go girl is a must!
2-3packs of wipes
Vitamin c
B complex
Folic acid (you should be taking these a couple weeks before your surgery if your hemo low)
Medical tape
Lysol wipes
Aveeno anti itch cream
No rinse body wash
Bed pads
Poise pads
Hand sanitizer
Big panties or boy shorts
Maxi dresses
Tooth brush
Tooth paste
Neosporin or polysporin

Dinner in bed at my recovery house

I love this place staff friendly and ready to help the driver ran and got me a few thing I forgot
Foods wonderful and my room is always cool and condition. All together Betty Rh is the best and a beautiful house at that . I love that they give you button so you can buzz a nurse when ever you need them. A couple of girls left earlier and they were tipping the staff just to let you know I'm not kissing there asses they really love helping you recover

Meals at Betty Rh

When it comes to eating in the morning I really hate it so for breakfast I try to eat a fruit salad and some O.J. But they make good breakfast just not a big breakfast eater.

For lunch I wanted pizza so they ordered it and got it with my fav toppings !!:)

Then for dinner it's was veggies mash potatoes and stew chicken wings requested by moi :D

Yes There's a Meal schedule but I'm very picky so they just ask me what I want to eat and they try to make it .

First massage yesterday

Beware the first three always hurt to enjoy the massage you must pop your strongest pain killer 30 mins before

If your massage room has mirrors everywhere
Try not to look st the draining coming out of you I literally took a glimpse and I was instantly nauseous dizzy and light headed but then again I don't have that much of a strong stomach.

Either than that it was great and I looked great after make sure your masseuse has A1 skills .
Thank me later

(Pic of me relaxed asf)

Healing faster /Getting that drain out

Everyone knows about the drain if you don't let me give you a quick explanation .

A drain is a little suction device that pulls all the excess fluids out your stomach and back .

No only that it's the most uncomfortable
somewhat painful thing you can have in your stomach .

A quick way to drain faster is to drink lots of water like ALOT.

I'm talking 6-10 bottles a day !!

I'm only 5 days in with 2 massages and I'm already draining clear .

Fingers crossed I'm hoping to have it out by Monday :)

While getting your drainage Massages always have a bottle of water .

I personally like to see how much the masseuse can drain so I ask my nurse to empty before hand.

Once your draining around 50cc or less that's when your drain can come out, can't wait!!

It's Mandatory to get atleAst 10 massages before you go home .

I'll keep y'all posted ladies muahh :*

Oh where oh Where is the "fluff" Fairy

So now I'm 1 month post op and my hips are still bigger than my ass smh. I haven't been getting my massages because I haven't found a affordable spot so my belly is lumpy (so I try to wear the fans religiously )and there's some fluid build up as well as numbing in my lower back
& stomach. I'm definitely seeing a round 2 in my future .

Updated pics

Ughh still not perfect
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far quotes and booking an appointment has been a breeze. I feel like I'm gunna have a great experience with her .Now to book an recovery house ..hmmm

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