Velilla Doll, Very Happy !!!! - Miami, FL

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Hello! So i have noticed i don't see a lot of...

hello! So i have noticed i don't see a lot of reviews from women with slim-Athletic body types so here it goes! lol I just got my quote from Dr.Duran's assistant Elizabeth. It was so easy to get in touch with these women i was so hesitant to even contact Duran since i've seen reviews on how difficult it is to get in contact! So moving on to my measurement, i'm 5'9 150 pounds(but i don't look like it) and my current measurements are roughly 37-28-39 . I want a big booty so bad! lol most of you can relate to the booty envy. i've seen a few (literally like one or two) of Duran giving slim girls that big booty so i hope she can do the same for me :) I'm going to set my date for December this year so that gives me a ton of time to save up money for the trip and also gives me more time to gain an extra 10 pounds! lol Any Duran dolls who were slim to begin with share your story here please! or if you weren't slim to begin with still share your story :D Let the journey begin!

Much Love,

Hello ladies!

Sooooo i decided to go with Dr. Moises Salama. I think it's just safer than going to DR and i'm so young i don't want to put my life in danger for something like this. So my surgery is 10 months away and i have to put on some weight! lol right now i'm about 150-155, i need to go up to about 175. Anyone have tips on gaining and maintaining the weight for my surgery? i'm very aware that i should be a weight that i will be comfortable being after surgery, so i'm a pretty slim girl so packing a few extra pounds is not my problem, especially when its going to be put in my butt anyways! lol i will update with some pictures of my body now, its not a BIG difference from my initial pictures.

Slim girl Weight gain journey for BBL

It's been a while since i uploaded photos. I was struggling to gain weight in thr beginning but now it's getting easy. The first update i ever did i was about 135 now im up to 150. I don't feel sluggish and i think this is a weight i'm comfortable with. I do want to gain just 10 more pounds to make sure i have enough fat for Dr. salama to transfer. I'm not looking to get a crazy big booty lol i just want something that makes a person do a double take like "DAMN , that girl is slim thick" lmao so if anyone has more weight gain tips please share! :)

Vellila Doll, Very Happy !!!!

Hey Realself sisters!
I had my Fat transfer to my butt with Dr.Velilla. I Started out a very
slim girl but was able to gain 30lb!! dr velilla took fat from my
back,stomach,armpits, and chin. I went under local anesthesia and let me
tell you... It Was painful. It was not painful through the whole
procedure but there were moments where I swear i could have cried. I was
actually very drowsy towards the middle to end of the surgery, i think i
fell asleep at one point lol. Overall the experience was okay, the
doctor and nurse is very nice and are constantly making sure you are
comfortable. I will post before and after.
starting weight:135
After gaining: 178

Healing very well

I am 5 days post op and i feel great. Thank god! I great attitude and great compmah with you realy does make a difference in your recovery. I am cooking and walking around with my friend who came with me to Florida to help me with my recovery. My biggest complain would be wearing the garment :( it is hot as F*** in Miami so walking outside gets u comfortable very fast.
Still loving my results and getting used the stares lol! Team Tiny waste and fat ass ;)

Booty update

How itslooking right now. Swelling going down. Loving it


2 months post op

SO happy with my overall shape. I might go for a round 2 next year.. Who knows lol results
Look very natural, i love it


heyy dolls :) just want to vent right now. i love my shape and think it's natural looking and i don't mind stares and glances i get from people but my boyfriend totally pissed me off today. i go into his job for the first time after my surgery and he tells me that the girls are mesmerized by my butt....nobody asks if its real or not.. then this one hating ass b**** says.."those are implants"...OK first of all bitch my body looks too good for it to be implants second since i got the surgery i heard no mention of anything looking fake. what really pissed me off is that she went to my boyfriend and asked if i got surgery and he said yea she got lipo.... WTF out of everyone i would of thought my boyfriend would of A)ignored the question or B) tell her to ask me herself... i don't think it's anyones business to know that i got surgery.. i would rather have that fact come out of MY mouth before someone else's. then my boyfriends excuse was that he never got put in that situation and just blurted it out. Maybe i'm overreacting idk.. i'm just pissed..venting over lol

in other words...hope you dolls are healing nicely and staying positive about the process !

10 month Update

Wowwww it's been so long!! So I was on a weight gain roller coaster after 5 months. I went from 185 to almost 200 now. I'm still in love with how Cesar Velilla changed my body and I'm so happy that I chose him to be my doctor. Feel free to ask any questions :)
Miami Internist

He is great. Great lipo skills and really gives you the body you want. His staff is great as well, especially in the operation room.

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