Heading to DR- BBL with the infamous sculpting queen...Dr. Yily de los Santos

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Hello Ladies...So I have been looking at this...

Hello Ladies...So I have been looking at this website and doing some research for quite sometime, just like the rest of you ladies lol...it's funny because I always use to say I wish I could just suck the fat out of me and inject it into my ass! and then not until a couple of years ago did I find out you can actually do that! lol I guess I'll share a little about myself...

I'm 30 yrs old and I do not have any children. I look fairly young tho, I always get 24 or 25! I just had to throw that in there! lol I'm short, only about 5'1 and I weigh 150 lbs. I use to weigh 123 but gained a lot of weight the past few years. I have always had large breasts but not so blessed on my backside....In the past years I haven't felt confident in jeans or dresses because I feel as if I do not fill them out the way I would like to. I feel as if I am always wearing long shirts to cover myself.

I would like to have children in the next 2-3 years and I hope I wouldn't be wasting my money doing this but I need that change and would like to be 100% confident about myself, not covering myself because I do not like the way I look at times.

Like everyone else, I want a small waist and a nice ass! I do not want anything that will look ridiculous and fake but I definitely want something nice and juicy. I really like Dr. Salama's work but he is booked until Jan 2014, not only that but his price is $8500 which seems expensive for my budget.

I know a lot of people that go to DR and Colombia to get work done and look amazing. I have been in contact with Dr. Augustina Hilario Duran in Santo Domingo and she seems to be really good. She is very responsive and her work seems great. I just would like to hear some feed back if anyone knows about her work. I also emailed Dr. Yily De Los Santos from DR but have yet to heard back.

Are there any fellow BBL women getting work done in DR??? I have been thinking about this for a long time, just been so scared to do it, especially because of the pain and recovery. I am also terrified of getting something done across seas but they seem legit and very good. When comparing prices, you are definitely saving a lot of money in DR or Colombia but is it worth it????

Any advise ladies??? Thank you!!

So I finally heard back from Dr. Yily but silly me...

So I finally heard back from Dr. Yily but silly me should have sent her a pic in the first place. I sent her a pic a few days ago but still haven't heard back. I got my actual quote from Dr. Robles which wasn't so bad. She quoted me for $4700 which includes Lipo to Abdomen, waist, armpits, back, thighs and fat transfer to the butt. This also includes all medical expenses, tests, evaluations, one garment, 2 nights at the hospital and 5 nights at the recovery house. I might be missing some more stuff thats included but thats pretty much it. She also said there is no deposit needed. You can pay cash or for 2.5% more you can pay with credit card. Price is good for 6 months.

I heard she was good too but I think Duran has better reviews. Anyone know anything about Dr. Robles??? I hope I hear back from Yily soon!!

I finally heard back from Dr. Yily!! She quoted me...

I finally heard back from Dr. Yily!! She quoted me for $4000 and said that it was for a tummy tuck, lipo to the stomach, back, flanks, waist and inside the arms/ armpits. The only thing is that the other doctors did not say that I needed a tummy tuck and honestly I don't think I need one either. I just emailed her back asking her if she really thinks that I need a tummy tuck and I also asked how many cc's does she think she can inject. I asked Dr. Duran that same question and she said 1000 cc's, I asked Dr. Robles but they didnt answer that part of my email. I'm gonna see what Dr. Yily says . . . . .

Also in Dr. Yily's price besides the surgery with...

Also in Dr. Yily's price besides the surgery with anesthesia is 1 Garment and all pre-op tests and post op consultation and I think the medication. She said for extra lipo the prices are as follow:

Thighs- $300 extra
Chin - $200
Arm - $250

Massages are $31 each session and she recommends 10 sessions. If you need another garment it is $140. The arm garments for lipo are $80.

I just got an email back from her in regards to the tummy tuck. She said it is not necessary and without it the price is $3300. She said that she will put you in the calendar without a deposit but eventually you will need one and who ever puts a deposit first for that specific date will be operated on first. The remaining balance will have to be paid in cash. The deposit can be sent to her chase account.

I read somewhere on here that Dr. Duran accepts...

I read somewhere on here that Dr. Duran accepts payments via Credit cards but for an extra cost. I emailed her to doublet check but she said no, strictly cash only. I think I need to relax in wanting to get this done so fast lol...I guess I can wait a few months until I have the money together.......dilemma

Thinking of dr. Baez now ....

Hey all:

It's been a minute since I've been on here. I had some personal stuff going on but now I'm back and still confused with where to go. I spoke with dr. Duran in march and she quoted me at 3500. I just contacted dr. Baez as well and I'm waiting on her quote.

Does anyone know of her work? I'm hearing great things but still wanted a personal opinion. I love Durans work so we'll see.

I'm looking to go around thanksgiving ... Lets see!

Scheduled for Surgery...Scurrredddd and excited!

Hello Ladies:

I got my quote from Dr. Baez which was $2800.00. She said that includes the surgery (lipo to full back/flanks/stomach/armpit/waist) and inject the fat in my butt and hips. It also includes car service, 1 night stay at clinic, 10 massages, all meds, 1 garment, all pre-op lab work/consultation and post op care. I think I listed it all, hopefully I'm not missing anything. She seems like a very sweet and caring doctor and I love that she is still fresh but at the same time that is one of my concerns. I wish she had just a little more years on her. She is very responsive and I love that she only performs 1-2 surgeries a day depending on the day.

I didn't have to put a deposit down and I am scheduled with no problem. For some reason tho I cant stop thinking of Dr. Duran. When I first really decided I wanted to do this it was between Yily and Duran. Well to keep it honest, I loved Salama but I did not like his price, I was like yeaaaa nooooo I cant spend 10K. Surgery alone is 8 something, plus my plane ticket and hotel, no thanks.

I sent Duran a message on fb to see if she has my date available as well. She is charging me $3500 vs $2800 that baez is charging me but I know Durans work, I don't really know Baez work. Everyone says you get what you pay for, although I remember a few months ago reading that Yily was charging around 2700-2800 for bbl now she charges 3300-3500.

I'm stuck and need help!! LADIES HELP! I am hearing great things about baez but this is something that is permanent and I need to make sure who ever I go to is going to do the best they can and give me that nice curve that I want. I don't need a crazy video vixen booty. I def want a nice bubble but nothing that looks like a cartoon or fake.

What do you guys think? Baez or Duran??? Anyone know first hand about Baez work????

Pre op pic


Back side

Team Yily??? or Baez???

Well Dr. Duran never replied to my email nor facebook message. I did always like her work but I also always loved Yily's work. I know that her sculpting skills are amazing and I recently emailed her just to see if the Date I have with Baez is available with her as well and she said yes. I just emailed her some questions 2 days ago but still waiting for a response.

I think Dr. Baez is a sweetheart and I have read nothing but great reviews, the only thing is that I would like to see more BBL pics. Of course she has to establish a name for herself as did Yily and Duran but since I'm going overseas and putting my body in someone elses hands, I would like to make sure its the best I can get.

I'm still stuck ....baez price is much better since it includes more and I do really like her. I have read a couple of bad reviews on Yily which makes me double guess. I don't like stories about infections or being burned. Ahhhhhh... Is anyone going to Yily around the end of November??? or to Baez????

Starting to take these vitamins...

Dr. Baez recommended that I start taking vitamins this month to prepare my body for surgery in November. She told me to take iron pills, frolic acid, vitamin B-12 and vitamin C. She said you can take one Multi vitamin or you may buy them separately and take them like that. I walked into gnc looking for vitamins and got these women's ultra mega wellness vitamins. They seem to be great since they have a lot of vitamins in it and I was looking for something tht had everything she mentioned plus vitamin D because I have a deficiency with vitamin D rift now. I hate taking pills and these come with 6 diff pills. I should have bought chewable vitamins but what are you gonna do, right?

There are two green pills that have vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B-1, B-2, Niacin, B-6, B-12, Folic acid, Biotin, Pantothenic, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Cupric oxide, Manganese, Chromium, molybdenum.

It also has fruits in it, beauty blends, and a couple of other things. 2nd pill (white capsule) super digestive enzymes. 3rd pill is the fish oil pill (yellowish gel pill), 4th pill (pinkish) is Calcium and vitamin D, and the 5th pill (greenish brown capsule) is balanced mood support. It has a little iron but only 6mg.

The other vitamins I bought is iron. Women's iron complete. This has 30mg of iron along with vitamin C, frolic acid, B12, and copper gluconate.

I really want my hemoglobin to be 13 and above so I have no issues at all. I'm 5'1 and weigh 144 lbs but I carry my weight well and a lot if it I in my DD breasts Lol! I would like to lose 10 lbs for surgery, 15 the most because I won't have enough fat and I want a nice booty! I don't need a huge donk cause I want to look natural but nice and curvy. The last thing I want is people questioning if my ass is real or not because believe me it happens. My girlfriend did injections and her but is huge .... Everywhere she goes people stare and come up to her asking if its real.... I feel bad for her and I don't want that....

The more I think I this procedure the more excited I get. Of course I'm a lil scared but it is exciting. I need to see more of Baez work... Can't wait to see more girls posting pics.

If it wasn't for RS I don't know if I would have had the balls to go through wih this lol thank you ladies!!

My Hemoglobin Level is on point!!

I tried posting an update before but for some reason did not go through. I had some blood work done on 6/29 and totally forgot to ask them for my hemoglobin level. I called today and they told me it was 14.1!!! I was super super excited. This makes me even more excited lol.

Hopefully it doesn't drop within the next few months since I am scheduled for surgery on 11/29. I will still take iron pills just to keep it at the same level. I bought iron pills recently but only took a few and haven't really been on it the way I should.

I have been looking for recovery houses but not sure who to go with. I'm probably bringing my mom because I don't want to be alone in a foreign country, I don't care if I have a surgery buddy or not, its not the same! I need a familiar face with me to help me get through it. I was thinking of just going to a hotel but if I am looking to save money, it would be better to go to a recovery house.

I spoke with Yasmin today and she told me if I am bringing someone then I would have to take a single room and it would be $55/night + $25 for my mom to stay with me, sot hats $80 in total per night. It includes a lot of stuff such as:

3 meals a day (no snacks- you must bring your own)
Transportation from and to airport and to all doctor appointments
Pharmacy delivery for meds
Nurse - comes twice a day for check up and clean up
Wifi and Cable Tv.

She said if you are staying less than 8 days then you have to pay for transportation which would be $70. She also she charges for the night that you stay at the clinic after surgery. The only way she doesn't charge is if you come in same day of surgery but if you are arriving the day before and need to stay at her place that same night, she will charge you for the following night even if you are not sleeping there. (Makes sense tho).

I am also looking into Angelas Recovery house but I need her contact info. I have her tel number but rather an email address. If anyone has it, please let me know. I was thinking of staying in a recovery house for the first 5 nights and then the last 3 nights in a hotel but when I think about it, I'm like what's the point of moving?

I also need to see more of baez work! I keep saying that over and over again but its true. I think shes very sweet and caring but I honestly only saw one girl that made me say WOWWWWWW!! the rest look good but its not anything that's making me jump out of my seat like when I see durans patients. Still deciding on Duran or Baez ....ahhhhhhh I have to decide soon. I am already scheduled with Baez and Duran told me if I send a deposit I cannot get it back unless there is a death or health problem.

Anymore Baez girls getting surgery around 11/29???? or with Duran???

Changed my date and Doc...Going with the infamous Yily

Hey Hey.....I was scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Baez on 11/29 but unfortunately cannot take off of work during that week. I tried to reschedule for January but she said she was booked. I asked for February and she told me she was booked as well. I contacted Yily and to my surprise she has been very responsive. I can tell even through emails and whatsapp she is straight to the point, just like everyone has said. She's about her business lol.

I am now kind of excited to be doing surgery with her because Yily and Duran were my original picks. I would have gone with Duran but she is way too hard to get a hold of. I always thought Yily's work was phenomenal. I re-scheduled my surgery for January 17th. Once that's over I'll have enough time to heal before summer which is great.

Time has been flying!! Scary yet exciting at the same time. I need to start buying a bunch of things for recovery. If there are any Yily dolls out there that have any advice or pointers or complaints about her lol please let me know! I am all ears! or should I say eyes! lol I hope Yily does her thing with me, I don't want a massive ass but I def want a nice round ass with some hips and a small waist. Nothing crazy because I don't wan to look fake, at alllll but definitely a little curvy. I will be posting pics the sooner the date comes that way I can post before and afters.

I guess I can say I will be a Yily Doll!!! =)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm actually scheduled with Dr. Yily de los Santos

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