34 Year Old in Need of a Mommy Make Over.. Tummy Tuck, BBL, Breast - Dominican Republic

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I have been wanting to do this for a very long...

I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. I would say about two years and plus. I am a mother of two children an 18 and 10 year old its time to get my body back and feel good about myself and what I wear. I am 5"3 and I weight 150 lbs I have a cute figure I think lol but I need some help. I lost a lot a weight about three years ago and I gained weight to 205 lbs do to thyroid issues went on meds and now I am under controlled and was able to loose all me weight but now I have hanging skin and it looks horrible. I hate seeing the flabby stomach and inner thighs. I want to feel good about wearing anything and not worry about seeing rolls hanging and so on. I finally decided this what I wanted to do. I inquired on some doctors Dr. Lily De Los Santos, Almonte, Baez , Duran, Mallol and Medina out off all I am still awaiting to hear from Duran. I got an email stating she is working on my quote never got one until today since April every one else I did hear from and I decided to go with Dr. Emmanuel Mallol. I feel comfortable with him not only he was quick to reply but answered all my questions and concerns in a timely matter. It took me a long time to decided and even though the other Doctors had more reviews and was able to see more of their work I didn't feel a connection like I did with Dr. Mallol. I feel with him is more about patient care than making a few bucks on a surgery well to me that's how I felt. I also have seen some of his work and I do like them. I wished he was to post more of his work on Instagram like others do but overall I am please to have booked with Dr. Mallol and feel comfortable. I have booked to do a tummy tuck, BBL and a breast lift which I am still thinking about that since my husband doesn't want my boobs to be touched he says they look fine but us ladies know if there fine or not but in my opinion I need a little help a little lift won't be a bad idea will see as time gets closer. I totally understand the risk I am taking just like every other surgery they are risks involved we all want to believe and think that everything will go well but we have to keep in mind that every one's body heals and responds differently. I will post before pictures as my time gets closer but this was my overall experience why I choose Dr . Emmanuel Mallol.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol is quick to respond to your questions and concern in a timely matter if its not through via email its through Whats Up but you wouldn't be waiting on days or months for an answer. I feel he is a very caring doctor and it's more about patient care.

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