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It's my turn to share my story. I've been RS...

It's my turn to share my story. I've been RS stalker since I stumbled this site. I've learn a lot and decided that it's my time to do changes in my body for myself . Have 3 kids and I have no plan no more... Please forgive my grammar, I wasn't born in America , Asian ethnicity is my zing zing, so please forgive my grammar... Today , I'm flying to Santo Domingo from Chicago . Monday will be my surgery schedule with Dr. Yily. Staying at Tropical deluxe by Ruth Pimentel, for 16 days enough for me regain my strength.. Just finish up packing, right now I am definitely staring my 3 kids ages 18,17 and 4 years old and leaving them is the worst feeling that I can imagine. My son his not agreeing but my daughter does. Cuddling with my 4 years old and shade some tears sucks feelings. But I have to do this ! And I will put my safety journey to our almighty God..Thank you everyone for taking time to read. I will not gonna promise to give more details but I will try my best to write a review as much as I can... I would like to say to all ladies who has done or planning to do this kind of journey??? God Bless to all of and may the Lord be with us and his traveling mercy will be upon us!..????????????

Tropical De luxe looks amazing

Just got here at recovery house very nice people . The most thing I like about is actually ocean view and I'm staring the ocean while eating right now ???? ... I lost my luggage key and I'm so tired from the trip, although it's not a long flight but the lay over in Miami was killing me...oh by the way , I saw 3 ladies in Miami airport and they were sharing some stories . I did not mind it until 2 ladies took all their medicines and vitamins out from their luggage . So I said to myself , God be with us tomorrow.. Tomorrow is the big day.

Big day today!

I'm here and freaking nervous! We are 5 ladies as of now and it's 7:37 Am . Waiting for cardiologist. So help me God!..????????

Cardio , labs done!

By the way , today were only 2 girls who's doing a surgery ????????????????????????. Because the other girl needs to have iron treatment. I said earlier on my review that we were 5 but I was wrong. 2 girls will be tomorrow , one girl were only here to support of her friend but she did her surgery here with Yilly before very nice shape , lovely. So it comes up with my self and the other one. No pressure dr. Yilly bring it on!... Cipla building has a lot of girls and you will meet people with different cultures , with one intention to be waist snatch... Just for update for today!..

Made to the flat side!

It was rough, right now just home in the RH blood transfusion and worst feeling ever. Just give me time dolls and I'll tell you the whole stor.

Day 2 post op

I really don't care what's going in my butt! All I cared is get out all this pain and mesirable situation. The pain is terrible. I'm all swollen and no appetite to eat. The worst part was to get wash up and put your faja and I almost passed out. Can't sleep coz it's hard to find aproper position. Oh God please help!

1 week post op and had 5 massaged already!

I hate the faja, compression, and the massaged. But what can I do ? I sign up for all of this soon better suck it up and stop whining.. Tried to be tough but there's a point that you really misses your love ones and that's what I am feeling right now. I still have 7 days left before I go home. Planning to remove this drain when I hit my 14 days, that will be next Monday, then fly the next day ... I can see the differences now but the soreness and stiffness still in there... So I would say , take one day at a time.. Have a blessed day everyone!

Does anyone have clue about the chamber?

My recovery house , the owner got a call from assistant Doctor and said that me and the other girl needs to go to the chamber . I heard that before, but my question is ? Is that necessary? And how much? I thought the insurance that we were mandated to pay covered that kind of stuff?? Anyone ? Really appreciate it!

3 weeks post op!

Sorry for late update ladies. I got home last Tuesday and getting wheelchair assistance really saved my achy ass. My older son served me some beef soup when I got home , seeing my kids and husband was heaven feeling. My navel did not heal properly but today I can see it that it looks dry , I have burn under my armpit and it heal properly and I can't wait for the scab to peel off so that I can start putting the scar guard. I have a pocket of fluid lower of my abdomen that I was started draining last Saturday , and today as well and I drained a lot. My husband was doing my massaged and he did a pretty good job the same feeling when I was in DR. I couldn't find someone who's doing lymphatic massaged in my area but I actually had 17 massaged in DR before I left so I'm ok if my husband will do my massaged and then maybe later on I can go and get regular massage. Took norco at night help me to sleep at the same time it help me for the pain during massaged. Hubby gave me massaged every night and I can sleep better . If you can see in my picture that there is so much lines , that is actually my compression, I have lumbar compression, padding on my sides and lipo foam . I'm wearing size large faja right now from xl and planning to get size medium when I hit my one month post op. All those compression I walked like a robot ,lolz. Day by day I took it one step at a time. My first impression of dr. Yily was ok but a little bit dry attitude? It was so fast conversation , she thought that I was Latina and she just started talking so fast but I did not mind coz I prepared myself that she's gonna be like that. But the last time I saw her , the time when my drain was removed ? I don't know what's going because she was very attentive to my concern and stayed a little bit even kept hugging and kissing both cheeks ha ha ha, then I realized oh wait there was a woman who was there to take a picture of her and her patients at that day. So the lady asked my permission if she could take my picture with dr. Yily and I said fine just the body not my face so she agreed. That was my experienced in her clinic or hospital. Now I can say this that the best part of dr. Yily was that she's not doing the surgery in Cipla anymore , it's actually in Virgil so that is the plus according to my recovery house owner because it's cleaner than Cipla. I had tummy tuck, breastlift without implant, bbl, and lipo . I'm happy for my result and I know I'm still healing , I did not have a high expectations in everything when I was there, so overall experienced I'm happy. I had a room mate who's speak Spanish , we had a chance to see downtown Dominican republic and even going to see China town area but it's quite scary , but we had a very protective driver. I bought a Dominican necklace with pendant it's gold that weigh 10.8 grams worth $ 275 not bad at all. I had a chance to eat fried chicken and fries at victorino pollo and got some cakes as well at the supermarket. I did not have a chance to see bocha chicks beach cot it always rained in the afternoon. So I will update again on my 4 weeks post op. Thanks for reading.

3 weeks post op picture!

23 days post op !

Just finish taking shower. Thinking taking a picture with my wife beater / tank top before putting my faja . My 17 years daughter changed all my wound dressing and took my picture. Still swollen but loving the shape already.

5 weeks post op.

I'm on my 5 weeks post op this week. I just want to share a picture of my burn and my tummy tuck incision. I was supposed to go back to work on the 12 of September but my physician insisted that my wound was not ready . But this picture that I'm going to show you guys are actually better than 4 weeks ago after I was started putting the medihoney cream that someone suggested here in realself... I don't want to say a bad comment about dr. Yily because I'm loving my shape , but I was just hoping that I did not get burn. When I was looking for a RH the owner told me why is Yily is your surgeon? I said I saw a great result in her Instagram and etc. She said most of her girls who went to Yily suffered burn but I did not listen . I still went to her....So make sure you ladies do your research . It's a small burn but it's hurt like a hell.... Good luck everyone!

7 weeks post op!

So far this week I'm back at work! And everyone at work noticed that I lost a lot of weight, and kept asking me what did I do? I always said that I had a breast reduction and I lost my appetite, Lolz. I used to wear XL to 2x depends where it's made. But now I can wear my 17 years old daughter clothes size small to medium and she was stunned to see it that her dresses fits me.???????????? ... I am happy my result so far but I'm still in pain , especially if I removed my faja and compression bra it's very uncomfortable , I tried to sleep without it? And I was like about to cry when my body touch in bed because I felt like someone was poking or burning sensation in my whole body. My tummy tuck wound heals fine it shrinking , my burn wound looks ok as well and my navel. I'm hoping that when I reach my 3 months all wounds will be heal and able to sleep without my faja but will see. I'm wearing small size faja now but this week since I have my period I went back to my xl faja very big so I put my waist trainer to tighten up because I'm having hard time taking off my small size faja if I need to go to the bathroom at work and I'm wearing underwear with pads unlike my xl faja it's just so easy and I'm only wearing it for 8 hours then when I come home I switched it to my small size faja all day long with my waist trainer ... I'm thinking going second round but I don't know when? I speak some friends at work about my procedure that I had done and they were interested too but they want to come with me, Lolz. They were inspired how I braved I was doing this kind of procedure in another country , and travel by myself. I said scary too ! but everything was worth it... I'm posting my 7weeks post op .Thanks everyone !

2 months post op Scar incision!

Hello ladies, I just want to share my 8 weeks post op scar. So far so good, I was just chatting with my room mate in DR yesterday,and we both shared our progression and it's actually nice to have someone that you can share and get ideas from others . They both looks good but we all still felt the pain in our back and torso. The problem on their situation they couldn't get a strong pain pill from their physician , I felt bad coz I'm actually the one who shared norco meds to them when we were in DR , I couldn't take the look of their face when they were in pain. So we shared meds... Hydrocodone did not work for me but it's work on this ladies. When I came home from DR I took Tramadol and it was the best because of the burning sensation and the stiffness was gone, and I don't feel sick ... But anyway, I will share my scar incision pictures and this medihoney cream , it's a must to add in your list. If I knew this before i think it wouldn't too long for my wounds to heal. But it's all good!..

2months and 2 weeks post op!

Liking my shape now.

5 months post op.

Just update a little , but definitely I'm going back for more hip and butt.
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