Tummy Tuck/lipoBackFlanks/bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

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The Response: Cotización Total: $4,850.00 USD ...

The Response:
Cotización Total: $4,850.00 USD

El total del presupuesto anterior incluye los siguientes procedimientos:

1. Tummy Tuck

2. La liposucción de abdomen, espalda llenos, las axilas, los flancos y la cintura

3. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) a través de injertos de grasa a los glúteos

4. Levantamiento de senos

I'm scheduled for July 15, 2014 with Yily...I haven't pick a recovery house, I'm starting to get a little nervous. I have seen and loved njprbeauty and many others, but some negative comments on Yily's character have made me anxious. I need a travel buddy, please if you are going July 14-July 26 and need a buddy in box me.

1week pre-op

Ok, this week I fly out to DR, Monday I see Yily, ans surgery is Tuesday...I'm scared as hell, some scary post for 2014...a lot of comments of waking up during surgery, and some guys doing surgery. I pray that does not happen to me. I will put up pre-op pics before I leave. Want to show most recent pics.

Two days pre-op

Hi ladies!
So I leave Monday and have surgery (lipo, Tt, breast augmentation, and bbl) Tuesday. I'm nervous, not about Dr Yily but recovery care. I will put up pre-op photos Sunday

Pre-op photos

Hi ladies arrived yesterday at 12 noon straight to cipla, had surgery last night, tt/ lipo/ bbl


Hi ladies!
Surgery went well. Yily is very serious and was tired, she told $1000 more for the breast implants, so I said no cause that was not what we originally discussed. Everything was rushed but by the grace of God I am well. Yasmin rh is very simple but they are very attentive, I like it here. Will post post op by Friday at dr yilys office visit. My surgery was supposed to be today July 15 but she was traveling so speed things up, not happy about that but it's done.

Post op day 2

My surgery was on the 14th so today would be my second day postop July 16 Wednesday. I still can't stand straight but I'm posting some pictures

Yasmin rh

They are really great, the nurse washed me up very general, no pain. They are very nice and always checking on me. Bonus the meds at doctors office was more expensive so Yasmin returned them and got them for $50 less for me! She is awesome!


Bring 1 pack clorox wipes they clean suction drain when they empty it with it, 2 packs baby wipes, 3 large wife beaters, 3 large panties, 3 large maxi dresses the looser the better, antibacterial soap like dial bar, 1 wash cloth, 2 hand towels for extra shaping when faja is loose, 1 faja extra as Yily gave me one (when they wash one you are in the other), slippers slide in best, try to wear compression socks on plane ride as they take you straight to Dr's office from plane and you need them post-op & don't eat because of blood work, they recommend snacks but I can nearly eat stomach feels tight and full, 1 insetivespiromitor to deep breath, meds: heparin 40mg, Rolex 20pills, klosara 30 pills, augmentin 1gm 14 tabs, cipro 1gm 10 tab, methycobal 5mg 20 tab, thrombosis cream 1-2 tubes, vitamin C, iron pills, and stomach acid protector like Prilosec/protonix/Pepcid - meds came to about 300 US dollars and you can get most in US for cheaper. Ear plugs if your a light sleeper. Maxi pads extra long and bed pads, med-lg box of gloves
Have a hospital bag with 6 maxi pads, 1 wife beater, baby wipes, 1 maxi dress, slippers, tooth brush, and hair wrap or scarf ready, meds too- I didn't and was scrabbling for stuff. If your doctor can give you scrip for anti-nausea med get it I was vomiting first 2 days due to anesthesia. Good luck Doll!

Massages and FYI

As I said first massage was today 7/18 and it really helped. She is awesome, really recommend her she's professional, kind, and does wonders for the lipo pain. I'm posting her business card, Yanira Rojas whatsapp is 849-201-5800.

FYI - I took fleets enema and castor oil 4 days prior to trip, so Wednesday to Saturday, so I wouldn't have constipation issues, glad I did some folks having gas pain and constipation. I haven't needed to move my bowels because I'm eating like soups and no issues.

Closed faja pic

Post op day 5

Had massage today, have been walking in hall since 3 day post-op, some nausea today:(, draining well, wound clean, and no skin burns, but feel week and tired.

Post op day 6, July 20th

Hi ladies,
No massage today, she doesn't work Sundays, faja moved to second level compression, that decreased my appetite...tired but less pain, draining well. Make sure you bring arnica it's so much better than what they have here.

Post op day 8

I'm well, Post op day 8 July 22. I have an appointment with Yily tomorrow and Friday. If she removes my drains tomorrow I will post new pictures. Very little fluid is draining now:)

Post op day 8 pics

Some pic 8th post op day July 22 had Tt, lipo sculpture, bbl July 14th with Yily

Post op day 18, suture removal day21 help!

Today is day 18 postop tt/lipo/bbl. does anyone know a doctor that will remove my sutures on NJ? Help.

Yily's med list

Anticoagulant - mexaprin 40mg 8 injections

Pain meds- Ronex 1 tablet every 12 Herschel 10days
Klosara 25mg 1 tablet every 8hrs 10days

Antibiotics- augmentin 1gm 1 tab every 12 hrs for 10 days
Ciproxin 1 gm 1 tab a day for 10 days

Gastric protector- finitacid 40mg 1 tab a day for 10days

Vitamins- ferrocite 1 tab every 8 hrs for 15 days
Vit c 500mg 1 tab every 12 hrs for 25 days
Folic acid 1 tab every 12 hrs for 25 days
Methycobal 1 tab every 8 hrs for 10 days

Ungüento- trombocid cream apply twice a day (arnica is better)

Google meds and get in your home town if possible

21 days post op

Suture removed today. Day 21 pics! I know I need to shape up my legs are big, but little by little- should have gotten lipo on inner thighs but to late now, lol! Some pic up side down no matter how I try to fix them.

1 month post op

So my tt/ liposculpt/bbl was July 14th, now here are 1 month post op pics. I hope scar fades more. Sorry they keep loading in all sorts of wrong directions!

2 month post op 9-24-14

So far ok. Right side hop scar a little funny looking but will see what happens. Butt not as perky...I started walking and plan to work out to lift more. Still want breast lift and augmentation...not sure if it's worth going to DR as they change prices and are unpredictable once you are there.

4 months postop since July 14

Hi ladies! I'm feeling well. I think I look great with clothes, I dislike my scar, but I was told it will lighten up. I do have a weird bump on top of my belly under breast and if I don't have faja it looks big. I was told it might be a hernia, not sure yet. I think I look better that before the surgery so I take it with a grain of salt. See latest pics. Wish you all the best ladies!


Aggravated that my breast augmentation wasn't done with everything back in July....don't want to struggle it get in touch with doctors...this time I will go to Duran. Will keep you posted.

6 months post

Hi ladies! This is the 6 month mark for me and I spent my first night without the faja...I'm worried. The lump I mentioned back at 2 month post was much bigger after 6hours with out the faja. I WhatsApp Dr. Yily and she first replied it is liquid, but then sent a 2 month post photo of me saying I was fine. During that 2 month I had faja on all the time except for showers, and it was not fun. I'm still doing Massajes but I really want to stop wearing faja but the lump is huge after 6 hours without faja and a little scared. I just want to know what to do. Will keep you guys posted. Sorry pics come out upside down no matter how much I try to change direction

8-12-15 One year later after Yily

Well it's been a year. The lump on the top of my abdomen just got worse. I had whatsapp Yily but she tried to play it off like it must have been something I did because the last time she checked me I was fine. Of course when I have a griddle on 24 hrs and take it off you can't see the lump for a little while, but then it becomes apparent. I will get it fix at a later time but NOT in DR. Dr. Yily requests all this info, and make it so hard to get an appointment, when you arrive they don't even go by the email quote or days they gave. I'm just glad I'm alive and not a horror story on the news. It really is better to do it in the states if you are getting a tummy tuck and then later if you feel you want lipo go to DR. But I don't think the invasive procedures are worth the risk in DR. Wish you all the best in your own surgical experiences ladies, God Bless!

Feb 7, 2017

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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