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So, I guess I need to start one of these blog...

So, I guess I need to start one of these blog things lol. I just booked my surgery in the DR with Dr. Fatima Almonte based on two friends going to her and looking GREAT! I have heard nothing but very positive things, and I NEED nothing less than "all good feedback" if I'm going to a different country to get surgery. I've had previous lipo in the USA, on my mid back rolls, upper back, flanks/love handles, bra roll, and on the back of my thighs. I've also had my breasts done, which I chose 800CC silicone gummy bear implants. In regards to the lipo, the dr did a good job, but I wanted more dramatic results. They are so conservative here with fat removal. I feel like Dominican Doctors dive into the swimming pool there American Doctors just get their feet wet lol. Just an analogy for y'all. I am already very hippy, with a big fat butt lol but I want it bigger! I'm getting lipo of the full back, full stomach, waist, flanks, arms, and inner/outer thighs, BBL, and a tummy tuck. I am, however, reconsidering the arm lipo and inner thigh lipo, as I'm concerned about loose skin. I've been working out with a personal trainer 3 times a week but I'm still concerned my arms won't be toned up enough in time. But I also don't want fat ass arms with a tiny middle since my waist to hip ratio is already pretty dramatic. Anyways, I'm going to upload some pics of me before and let me know what y'all think :-) I got my hemo level last Friday and it was 13.2 so I'm already surgery eligible :-) that made me happy because I've been anemic in the past. I have to get these vitamins kick started! The results I'm looking to achieve are a tiny tiny waist with thick thighs and hips. I want a big ol Kim Kardashian booty or like those video vixens! I just want it BIG! Lol

As promised... :-)

So a quick update: yesterday I received the confirmation for my surgery date from Lesley. I'm sooooo excited!!!! It stated that I need to start taking Folic acid, iron tablets, and vitamin C twice a day to prepare my body for surgery. I had my bf go out and buy all of those vitamins right now so I figure 2 months is plenty of time to get myself right. Especially since my hemo level is already at an ok level. Yay!!! She also said that insurance is now mandatory to have.... It's an extra $150, but uhhhh... I already have insurance. DOUBLE COVERAGE. So I'm curious what's up with that?! I haven't received a response yet but will let you all know as soon as she responds. Also, if you have your flights, you need to forward a copy of your itinerary when you get them. :-)


Dude :-(( I party toooooo much. Which means I consume entirely TOO much alcohol! I have to stop because it makes me gain weight Sooo quickly! I need to find something positive to do with my time :-/ Another thing I have to do is stop taking my adderall 20 days before surgery which is instructed specifically by the anesthesiologist. I thought that was WEIRD because with all of my other surgeries under GENERAL anesthesia, I even took my adderall up to the day before surgery. I feel like dysfunctional if I don't take it, so I know I'm going to REALLY struggle with that. Does anyone else take adderall or have heard of this being an issue?! Also, here are some wish pics.

Pics of email for sx date confirmation

Sorry dolls! Here are the attachments that were sent to me yesterday by Dr. Almonte's assistant Lesley. !

Tickets booked <3

So I guess it’s time to update! Lol. I’m sooooo excited! I’ve got my tickets now booked, as well as my RH! This is really happening in a little over a month and a half! Ah! I can’t wait!!! So me and my good friend are going to be flying from Alaska to Miami to vacation for 6 days 5 nights before she heads back home to Alaska, and I continue onto DR. We are knocking two birds out with one stone LOL cuz I seriously need a vacation! We’re gonna hit ALLLLL the hot clubs, strip clubs, malls, beaches, we’re even gonna drive up to Orlando and go to Disneyworld and I’m bout to go on ALLLLL the rides! LOL! I’m such a kid!


It’s going to be a blast though! Then I’m going to DR, and I’ve booked my stay at My Home. ( I chose this recovery house mostly because of Lesley’s recommendation, and because of their website, although I haven’t seen any reviews on here, I’m really stoked about it. It seems to have absolutely everything I’ll need, and I like the structure it provides. I liked the idea of Armonia, but the huge turnaround of girls left me a little uneasy, idk why… Paradise RH looked BEAUTIFUL, but it was spendy. I was very tied between wanting a double room or my own. I don’t want a bad roommate… I can’t stand snorers, or bitchy/crabby people, especially when we’ve all just had surgery. But it would cool to be roommates if you clicked with someone, but unfortunately we won’t know until we meet them. Therefore, I chose to have a single room. The awesome thing about this RH is that whether you’re in a single room, a double, or a triple, it’s all $75 dollars a day. It goes off availability and I was lucky enough to snag the single room. I will play it safe with that, I’ve decided. ? Their website really stood out to me. It was very professional, I love the fact that it’s bilingual, that there’s lots of activities to do, that there’s hot water, that there’s free US calls, that massages are $25 a piece (Some RH are $30 - $35), that it looks very clean and home-feel in the photos, that theres 3 meals a day and 2 snacks :D, that theres a PS 3, that theres big tvs, that theres a/c in every room, that there’s a safe, ETC… THE LIST GOES ON AND ON! :D It just sounds fantastic. And I personally, like that it’s not overexposed. Lesley didn’t only recommend it, she HIGHLY recommended it… So I’m willing to give it a try! ? If I can trust them cutting open my body, I’m going to trust them with their recommendation of where I should stay after. Only time will tell, and going through the experience, but I just have a fantastic feeling about it. OH YEAH I FORGOT THE BEST PART!!! I booked today and it didn’t even require a deposit! That made me smile for sure! So I haven’t really started planning for the trip aside from taking all my vitamins. I’m going to pack fairly light, I know that. Another thing I’ve done is I will be leaving Santo Domingo on Friday Nov. 7, and arriving back in Miami. I’m going to spend the night in Miami and leave for Seattle on Saturday Nov. 8, spend the night in seattle, and then arrive home on Sunday, Nov. 9. It may sound extreme, but I don’t want to do the whole flight from DR to Anchorage in one day. That will be like 14 hours straight of flying!!! I don’t want to be sitting on my butt that long. That’s why I’m taking these precautions, lol. So, it will be a couple hundred extra, but in my mind, worth it. Also, I’ll be flying first class home, just to make sure I’m at my most comfortable level. ? Hmm… What else to tell you all? OH! Ladies… Even though they give you this “All-inclusive” price, you do STILL have to book the Recovery house on your OWN! And many of them require a deposit as well. Also, most require 100 dollars extra on average for transportation to the airport and your clinic visits. The portion of your quote for the RH ($650 in mine because I was quoted $4,300 for lipo to full back, flanks, waist, inner/outer thighs, arms, bbl, and tt without the recovery house, and $4,950 with the RH) is obviously the BARE MINIMUM one would spend on a RH so please factor all of this into your budget! I’ve also thoroughly done my research and found Almonte is BOARD CERTIFIED (Some of the other big big big names performing surgery in Santo Domingo aren’t!! which was a big ass shock!) Just to let yall know! I don’t care how good someone made my friends look, if they’re not board certified, I DON’T WANT IT :D Anyways, I’m pretty much running out of things to update you all on. OH! I found some BOMB wish pics which is EXACTLY how I want to look! I think this stripper chick looks like she’s already had a tummy tuck. What yall think? Anyways, dolls… Hope this helps!

Tickets :-D and wishes!

All of these bitches are BAD!!!

Update :-)

Had surgery with dr Almonte on 10/29. I am now 26 days post op! I'm not on here much but message me with questions :-) was the best thing ever! No regrets!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Lesley has always been very helpful answering all of my questions though sometimes it was about a day delay. I was just being impatient and needy lol. She is great!

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