Yily Bod! ***Jan 19 2015*** Dominican Republic, DO

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Originally was looking to have procedure done in...

Originally was looking to have procedure done in NYC. The office turned me off a few ways. I went back to board and considered traveling and I found Yily. I see more good than i see bad reviews on here about her. I found her on the Dominican Republic board of Plastic Surgeons and that eased me. I found her on many social media sites which made me believe that she is open and not on the run. I eventually booked through allured for Jan 17th date to complete a BBL. The consultant group has been helpful every step of the way thus far. i found the company from a youtube vid. A young lady visited Duran and handled biz through these ppl because she was traveling alone. Im looking to stay at Luxury RH but just need to iron out my required length of stay there. So for now I'm pending my depart date. Will Anyone else be there? I met @carmelsunshine on here and she will be around my date. Im looking forward to meeting her especially being that we live so close to each other. This will be my first plastic surgery at 34. Im a ball of nerves but i so want my 13 yr old body back if i can lol my boyfriend will be traveling with me. He doesn't want me alone and im glad he feels that way.

1 month

I am one month pre-op and I'm more excited than I am nervous. Seeing going in this past month and coming out with results already I"m geeked about my surgery. Im am nervous because I just read somewehere about stopping birth control pills before surgery. Once i stop my BC pills I know i will have my menstrual for seems like forever. I just don't want to not have low blood because of that. The reason I got on BC was because i was borderline anemia and my doctor suggested it. I have a less flow but longer. Im fine with that just as long as its not a heavy flow for days and days. However, i contact Yily and she says to stop *bummer* Any suggestions RS sis/bros on blood level boosters OTC? i heard of the iron supplements, leafy green foods, which im doing now but i also heard of floravital i haven't began as of yet

solo dolo travel to Yily Jan 2015

Anyone traveling 1/16- 1/28? Just a quick lil survey

IRON rich foods

I am concerned about my hemo. Earlier this year I was diagnosed as anemic. Since then i have taken steps to ensure that i would no longer be. Since deciding to travel abroad for surgery i have continued that journey. I take in kale drinks and cooked, floravital , iron pill (3x's daily) and increasing my vitamin C. I learned recently that some foods conflict with the body absorbing iron properly. Milk a no no, Bread a no no, pasta a no no......just keep them greens and protein up is what i learned. i also came across this website that talks about iron rich foods.
i found some suggestions for iron rich foods http://www.parentingscience.com/iron-rich-foods.html

Blood clots http://www.laurengreenbergmd.com/uncategorized/journal-time-post-operative-blood-clot-risk-in-plastic-surgery-patients/

herbal medications that make you bleed. http://www.laurengreenbergmd.com/uncategorized/common-herbals-which-make-you-bleed/

14 days

My sx date is approaching......im nervous and excited. I'm concerned about my blood pressure. I just took a reading at 11pm and its triple digits over triple digits. ..thats not right at all. I went to my pcp and my pressure was "extrmely high" what happens the day of sx and my pressure is high?

On my way to Yily

Father God watch over my family, friends and I as i travel to Yily. Bless her with the knowledge and strength to assist me in this procedure. ......i am on my way to Yily. My bf by my side i still nervous.
My bag was over weight so yes i was re-organizing the at check in. All my pharmaceutical products shifting about.
I will be fine. It will be fine i keep saying along with hank You Lord is all i keep repeating with each breath. Can you tell im nervous? I didnt check my pressure this morning but i still feel great since it was prescribed medication to lower it. Im nervous and so confident that all will be well. I will post once there.

Luxury RH

Once i landed in DR Jose (recovery house driver)was standing there with a sign that spelled my full name and a smile. He picked my and my boyfriends bags and lead us to his sedan. The first stop after pick up was CIPLA. Here i did my blood work and completed paper work. When i was getting my blood drawn i had to tell the phlembotomist to do the other arm because i be damn if she kept poking me and not able to pull any blood. The technique of blood drawing was a tad old school in comparison to the US but im in DR so i understand. After my blood was done i went upstairs to complete paperwork. After this was done Jose then took me to the recovery house which was about 15 minutes from CIPLA. Once we arrived we sat with Dr. Santana to discuss payment then shown to our room. First thing i noticed were no pillows which later we recieved after asking. Room ...clean. i wiped down everything anyway and sprayed sanitizer over anything that i could.
A lil later after a nap my bf and I left to go to colonial zone where we ate dinner and walked around town.

flat side

Thank God im on flat side
Im in cipla for my night stay. My was 13.3 so i was able to get breast lift ,lipo, & bbl. Ty sisterd for your prayers. My bf was a big help while here.


I was just placed in my garment by Blanca. I cried n moaned because im sored. The pain reminds me of the pain i felt after working out muscles i barely work.
I just want to remove this catether . I feel like moving would better. Sitting here i feel sore.

Must do massages

Got my first massage yesterday. Dra. Santana told me i must get the massages done. I was terrifed because every inch of my skin felt sore and each time my bf touched me i cursed him. Well I almost hurt that sweet masseuse. I wasn't ready for what I experienced. @carmelsunshine enjoyed every bit of it seems because she requested a second round. I wasn't ready even after it was done. I think i cried. My back was lipo and it now feels like a burn blister filled with pus sorry but as she gently placed her hands on me i felt nothing but pain.
After the massage i recorded carmelsunshine. I was feeling a lil woozy but i wanted to get it recorded for her. She asked for a second round and i couldn't take it. I went a laid it downm i slept for about an hour but it felt like 10hrs. I felt energized and relaxed. To the point i was looking forward to my second today. This time i was more prepared and made my bf photograph my pain. The masseuse went hard and soft for me. I had alot of inflammation on my right side from laying in that same position since the surgery.
My faja was taken 2 inches on each side. Hear me when i say my waist is snatched! It pulls so tight on my waist that my butt cheeks are spreading lol.
Im writing this review as i wait for my second massage today. I will try post picks. For some reason im not able to on mh phone but will try from my tablet later.


Also my drain was removed today! That thing was a pain in my tail literally. She pulled it out and all i could say was ouch. Call me a big baby but if it hurt it hurt. My first massage my drain was attached. When it was over i was leaking all over the place smh. Im just glad its gone. I can now lay on my back a lil more comfortably and off my side to help reduce inflammation.


I'm back home and feel oh so sore. The day i was schedule to return home my menstrual came. My menstrual is usually rude so i wasn't expecting a pleasant ride back home. i got in two more massages before i left.That Tati massages "i like" in the beginning i was ready to beat here over the head for touching me but it all got better in the end. after the last massage Mildred cleaned me up and Dr. Santana checked my breast. the ladies got me strapped and ready to go then i notice a blood stain on my bra. i freaked out!!!! the entire time my breast didnt leak and now the hour before leaving it does. Dr. santana jumped to it and removed the bandages and inspected my breast again . she cleaned them up and re-bandaged them up. the last bit of tape she ran out of and i had to sit for about 30 minutes waiting for the pharmacy to deliver more tape. I got dressed and on my way out the door. the plane ride home was a tad uncomfortable. It felt like pins were sticking my butt the entire time and just plain discomfort. my 3 hour ride felt like12 hours.
when i got home i just needed to clean up and get rest. my poor boyfriend struggled to get my compression garment on. i missed the recovery house ladies at this point. he eventually got me laced up and in the bed. my first night home was weird. i couldn't find comfort at all. as i type this im trying to get comfortable.
the pain is mainly discomfort. pain pills dont seem to help. The Ronex just put me to sleep and made me have crazy dreams. I took ibuprofen when i came home and that did nothing at all. this is just a lil update i need to get comfortable. you ladies understand i hope. pictures added shortly


Ronex is tylenol pm!

Just a few random photos

more photos

loving my results!

i went back to work 3 weeks post op. When i did the breast did something funny. It look as if pulled a scab off my aeriola. i went to the aesthetician at the spa because im scared to go a doc because they may be shady at the fact i got sx in another country. the aesthetician says it looks as if i applied pressure on my breast which caused it to open up and that i should be more careful. basically follow post instructions! i may have done more than i have done since sx ...i went back to work! i live in NYC and commute on public transportation the hustle and bustle is real. since her telling me this ive been riding into work by cars. im not allowed to drive until 4 weeks after even when that time comes i wont drive because parking is real annoying in the city. Other than the breast i feel fine. still sore and stiff alot of times. still alil tired but im pushing through someone at work the other day asked if i got butt implants because my butt and hips are suddenly huge and my waist is gone. i laughed and said im wearing a faja. I do not care for the entire office to know abt the sx so i didnt tell her. ok im signing off gotta get back to school work. take care dolls and will be back soon.

breast check

I went to the urgent care today and the doc says my breast dont look infected but there is a wound for sure. He also says that due to the fact that he isn't a PS he cannot say what is the expected outcome of a breastlift. He took a culture to check for bacteria and gave me bacitracian to apply to wound on breast. He suggested to keep the wound uncovered so it can breathe. So after urgent i go to spa doc who i haven't been able to see in over a week because she was out of town. She checked my breast. She did more touching that the urgent care doc. She was checking to see if and what will ooze out of breastbwound n nothing did. She was also checking to see if i had pain n if there was pain it would indicate infection. Well no pain , & no oozing either. Thank God! She cleaned my breast so good. She removed cotton ball residue that i left behind when i cleaned at home. She applied triple antobiotic cream and applied a gauze to let the cream set into the wound. She also applied " oxygen". she says this particular oxygen helps cuts wounds scrapes in healing quicker. She says when im home to take my shirt off to let my breast breathe Which is the same thing the urgent care doc said. Well i walked out of the happy as ever. I moved my garment down to a small. I think i will b in a xs soon. Im bout to get on this herbalife again because i have gained 7lbs since being back from Dr. Well catch you guys later.


8 weeks po. I still have swelling on some parts of my body. Im moving much better but still feel pinching on some parts of my back. My breast are muuuuch better. My skin feels tight when i take off my garment. I still sleep with a million pillows and awake feeling stiff as a board. Since Sunday my ankles have been swollen. Im hoping its my lymph nodes are swollen from surgery. Its funny because my stomach was uneven. One side was more swollen than the other and now that has all evened out. My stomach is not protruding on side anymore but now my ankles are swollen. Im continuing my massages because my body needs it.
Well until next time ladies!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yily office responded to my email requesting info in less than 24 hours. I have not spoken directly with any one as of yet being that i went through the consult group.

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