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Hello Real Selfers, I am a 30 year old, single...

Hello Real Selfers,

I am a 30 year old, single mother that lives in the beautiful state of Texas. And just like our motto, everything is big or need to be big in Texas?. Just kidding, I just want to have my body proportional. I hate looking in the mirror and the biggest projection is my stomach.
I have been interested in getting this procedure for years; approximately 7 years, 7 months, 8 days but who’s counting. Ever since I have had my daughter and before her, I was never satisfied with my body. I have back-fat for as long as I can remember. Even when I am at my smallest, it is still there. I can do push-ups; rows; have a trainer and it still is there.
At first it just started off as me just doing research to see if this truly exists. And then it started to turn into an obsession. First obsession was with Dr. Mendieta in Miami; well actually Coral Springs. He was the first surgeon that I notice his patients looked somewhat proportion after their procedure. The one thing I was not a fan of was that his patients afterwards did not have that much of a change as within the before pictures. That bothered me because for 9,000 (at the time) I need to see a difference. And this is after a 6 week p.o. check. I was not totally convinced.
So with further research, I notice another huge buzz for “Dr. J in the A”. You may see him now on shows such as “T.I. and Tiny” and “Love and Hip Hop-Atlanta”. He is starting to get a major buzz. I loved his projection but if you look at his patients they are still carrying their previous weight in their upper body and lower half which makes it look really ackward. At the time, even though I knew Dr. Jimerson was not a great sculptor he would give me the projection I needed.
Now let me tell you what I am looking for. I need projection but something that fits my shape. I am between an average hour-glass and athletic built, so me having something huge will look really awkward. Even though a BBL is very important, sculpting is huge for me. I want to look in the mirror after my surgery and see no back fat or no flab on my stomach.
So after much going back and forth, I decided to go with Dr. Yily. I love her sculpting and I have notice that she focuses on women like me. Women who do not want the huge “booty loose” booty but want something back there to make you look very sexy. Now, I have already discussed with Dr. Yily what I want and have already got my quote back. It did not take a long time because like everyone suggested I wrote mine’s in Spanish (thnx Google Translate). I will be getting lipo from flanks, arms, stomach and back; bbl; oh and I forgot to tell you I will be getting some head lights too ? (Breast augmentation) it will be $3,900. A great price!
I am so excited. I have prayed about it and now it is my time. I really want to go into my thirties with a new “me”. I really do not ask for a lot and I really want this. Now I have not confirmed my date yet but I am looking at June 2014. So if anyone is interested with being my roomie please email me. I am thinking about staying at Jacqueline’s recovery house. But if anyone who has had this procedure and know of another avenue, please let me know.
Now, the only thing I have been doing is taking my regular vitamins on a daily basis. I hate taking pills and I am anemic so before I even make a confirmed date, I want to make sure my iron level is up to par. I want it to be around 14 or 15. I talked to my physician and he informed me that if I want to up my iron start taking prenatal vitamins. So this is where I am at. Well I hope you are just as excited as I am in regards to going through this adventure with me. Thanks for reading my story.
P.S. If anybody have any information to pass along to me, please let me know. Also, please only input positive messages. I have read in the past that a lot of people have experienced rude messages and if we are on here opening up our lives and trying to be our own support team, then negativity should not take place. Thanks.
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I chose Dr. Yily because I wanted someone who was a master at sculpting. Also, who better to know how a woman's shape is to look like than a woman. Girls Rule!!!!

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