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Hello there ! I've been lurking on this...

Hello there !

I've been lurking on this website and have been considering surgery for quite some time and finally decided to take the next step. It always seemed a little drastic to me but every time i look in the mirror i hate what i see, well body-wise. Im 20 years old and I was never a chubby person up until now and i absolutely hate it. As a former athlete i've worked out, i've dieted but nothing seems to work and i've given up.

I chose Dr Yily based on her amazing contouring. She seems to give all of her patients such a womanly shape. Right now I'm very happy with my breasts but my stomach is another story. I've developed a muffin top and over the course of about 6 months absolutely none of my clothes fit me. I probably havent worn jeans in almost a year. I've been told I have a nice round butt, but due to my stomach it's not as big as i would like it to be. So i've choosen to have a brazilian butt lift with fat grafting to the butt and liposuction between my thighs. I definitely want an inner thigh gap. I'm a little apprehensive about the inner thigh lipo since i've heard its painful but i'm hoping its worth it.

As far as traveling to DR for surgery i'm not too nervous considering i'm dominican and travel there pretty often. OH & i would like to personally thank those who've documented their experiences on this website, definitely helps more than you guys think.

So i started my journey about a month ago with Dr Yily. I basically filled out the form on her website and submitted it. But after no response for about 2 weeks i decided to directly email both her emails and BAM she responded within a week. Emailing her directly would definitely be the way to go. She also seems to respond faster if you email her in spanish. If you need help with translating i'll be glad to help just shoot me a message.

She quoted me $3250 for "fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks,waist & lipo to inner thigh - It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests ( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA, GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc). -The procedures will depend on your hemoglobin levels.

The lymphatic massages cost 31$USD each session (10 sessions)
If you want to buy a second garment, the price is 140$USD
In case you need a blood transfusion, the price is 250$USD
The compression sleeves cost 80$USD
Dose of medication
If you want to buy the medication in your country
-HEPARIN 40 MG: Subcutaneous injection 1 per day for 8 days.
-CLAVULIN 1GR: Take 1 every 24 hours for 10 days.
-DICLOFENAC 50MG: Take 2 tablets together the first 3 days every 6 hours, then at 4th day take 1 every 8 hours for 10 days.
-OMEPRAZOL 20 MG: Take 1 every 12 hours for 10 days.
-VITAMIN C 500 MG: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for a month.
-FERROUS SULFATE: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 30 days.
-FOLIC ACID 10 MG: Take 2 tablets per day for 15 days.
-THROMBOCID CREAM: Apply on the operated area 2 times a day for 10 days.

Okay so i've been doing my research on the medications listed here and im not too certain about the heparin. It has been known to cause bleeding if it has too much effect on your blood. I feel as if this can slow down healing and can possibly cause more bruising so i will be looking into finding an alternative. If i cant then im going to have to go with the heparin. The heparin itself you really can't buy in the states so that one you're going to have to buy in DR.

-CLAVULIN is an antibiotic which contains amoxicillin, so if youre allergic to amoxicillin you're going to have to find an alternative. I'm personally not allergic to amoxicillin so this should be okay & also this is one of those that you're gonna need a prescription for in the states so this one im going to need to buy in DR as well.

-DICLOFENAC is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) taken to reduce inflammation and as an analgesic reducing pain in certain conditions. So this would be mainly for pain and inflammation lol Duh. Diclofenac also requires a prescription in the states, soo this has to be bought in DR as well.

-OMEPRAZOL is an over the counter. You can basically find it in any pharmacy. It also known as Prilosec, but the generic versions have the same exact ingredients so buying the generic version can save you some money.

-FERROUS SULFATE- is basically iron. so iron pills lol.

-VITAMIN C -self explanatory definitely buy here not in DR you can save on the 250 for the medicine.

-FOLIC ACID- you can also buy here in the states no prescription. Its available almost everywhere.

THROMBOCID CREAM- you can probably find online somewhere but i think im going to buy it in DR.

Before surgery Yily recommends that before surgery you:
- It is VERY important to have a good hemoglobin level to have the surgery done. Also i recomend you to
see a cardiologist few days before coming.
-You should start taking vitamins, B complex, ferrous sulfate, folic acid, vitamin C.
-Stop smoking
-Stop taking drugs
-You should have a doctor or nurse that able to drain your liquids when you get back to your country.
-Your hemoglobin levels have to be more than 12 gm/ dl.
-You should have the tests done there to be sure that you can have surgery. The tests are: Creatinine, glucose, full blood count, hematocrit, EKG, radiography
-You need to bring loose clothes, a shirt to wear under the garment, baby wipes and maternity pads.
-You have to bring any identification to the clinic (ID, Passport or driving license) To have the admission done.

Yily has me down for May 27th. As far as the deposit goes, her western union and paypal accounts have been frozen due to all the money going into the accounts. They probably think she's a drug dealer or something lol. Anywho I have not sent in my deposit but she did tell me im down for may 27th so tomorrow its going to be the first thing I do. After that I plan on booking my flight and calling JMspa. Im thinking of staying for about 5 days and either moving to a hotel or just coming back home i haven't decided yet. As far as pictures go, i havent worked up the courage to post my pictures yet but that can change who knows. Overall the excitement is killing me and absolutely can't wait. Also if you're going around may 26th message me so we can be buddies ! ill be leaving from NY.

Hello guys! So, i've already started to buy what...

hello guys!
So, i've already started to buy what i need so i decided to take a picture and share a list of what i believe i'm going to need. Most of these items were purchased at target.

- hand sanitizer
-body wash
- antibacterial moist wipes
- baby wipes
- feminine wipes
-flushable wipes
-vitamin C
-iron pills
-vitaminB12( to help absorb the iron)
-gauze pads
- pain relieving spray
-antiseptic spray
- alcohol wipes
-allergy relief pills
-anti-itch cream
-antibiotic ointment cream
-baby powder ( to use inside garment, i feel as if it will help it slide on easier? lol idk)
- lipofoam ( amazon ).
- chux

im probably forgetting some things but this is what i have so far. If anyone has any suggestions please comment.

So i've been doing more shopping and found a great...

so i've been doing more shopping and found a great website with amazing prices on maxi dresses and clothes.

I must warn you guys that the quality is not the best but for post surgery loose fitting clothing that might get stained, i think this website is perfect. They ship directly from china. Another good website is

but i prefer sammydress better. They also ship from china as well. and the shipping time isnt bad at all.

Also I'm bringing oxycodone to DR because im hearing the pain killers they give you dont really do much pain killing lol. Hopefully this will make recovery more comfortable.
For now im just really anxious and doing extreme lurking on this website just to get the most information possible.

and im considering putting up before pictures but idk havent worked up the courage yet

Finally decided to put up before pics

finally decided to put up before pics

Okay so i haven't updated in a while so i thought...

Okay so i haven't updated in a while so i thought i should lol. I sent in my deposit about a month ago. I know alot of people were having problems sending the deposit and I was too. But then i felt stupid cause of how easy the solution was. I simply went to a chase and deposited the money into her account. I then scanned my receipt and emailed it to Yily. I also called to confirm. And just like that i was confirmed for may 27th. So if you're having problems sending the deposit, this way worked for me.

So I've been doing alot more research and decided to get a surgery vitamin kit. I got the make me heal kit

this one was cheaper than the vitamedica one and basically had the same ingredients.

In addition to the products i already bought, i made another list of more things im going to need to make recovery more comfortable. Some of these things I havent bought yet, but i will when it gets closer to my date since the anxiety is killing me !

- Arnica gel - for muscle soreness

- Arnica montana tablets/ pellets - helps heal bruises quickly, going to start taking a couple days before surgery ( buying on amazon ).

- Bromelain- pineapple extract, helps with swelling also going to start taking a couple days before surgery, an alternative would be to just simply eat pineapples.

-Graduated Compression socks- to help with swelling, a little pricey

- An extra faja

- Hibiclens antimicrobial soap, to wash with the night and morning before surgery

Some might think im going a little overboard but I just want to be extremely prepared.

In regards to scarring, i've made a homemade natural & organic body butter to help with the scarring. I mixed unrefined organic shea butter, organic coconut oil & organic castor oil ( proven to help fade scars ), and whipped it with a hand mixer and WALA. This can also be used as a hair mask and all over body moisturizer. A little random but i thought it might help.

Oh and i've decided to add chin lipo.

Also i know alot of people are concerned with the amount of surgeries she is doing in a day. I myself was concerned as well so i emailed her and asked about this. Luckily theres only 4 scheduled surgeries on my date. But she did say the order depended on the procedures that an individual was having. She said not all but most of her patients come from the US but not all have such extensive procedures such as a tummy tuck or a bbl. She stated that she knows her limits and would never do 6 or 7 surgeries a day unless she knew that she would do her absolute best in each. She also addressed the big butt problem. She said that alot of patients go to her with outrageous wish pics and she will be completely honest and tell them its not obtainable but that she'll do her best. She says most of the wish pics are girls that have either had injectables or implants and she simply just doesn't do those.

OH and lastly, in the recent weeks theres been alot of negativity surrounding Yily in regards to some patients getting infections and such, but i think we should look at the bigger picture. Yily has waaaayy more patients who haven't caught infections as opposed to like 3 people that have. We need to understand that infection IS A RISK OF THIS SURGERY. You need to go in with the mindset that it can happen to you. Infection can happen anywhere and to anyone. Lets not be quick to blame and bash a surgeon for catching an infection when lets be honest here, people might not have taken the necesary precautions prior to surgery. I just hope for now on we can continue to be positive for one another and see the bigger picture. The surgeon has a huge part in this but we ourselves play a huge role as well.

anxious !

is anyone as nervous as I am about this lol? it's so close but now im mainly worried about waking up during surgery like...thats scary as hell but it shouldn't be too bad as long as i keep my eyes closed? lol any yily veterans that can explain how that experience was?

But I basically have everything i need...literally everything. Now that i'm so prepared it almost seems surreal.


so JMSpa canceled everyones reservations because they're remodeling. SMH literally 7 days before surgery and i now have to find a new place to stay. Does anyone have the number to Angelas recovery house or any other recovery house? SMH !!


Angelas Recovery house is full and i dont know any other recovery houses so i guess ill be staying at CIPLA for a few days and then going to a nearby hotel :/


so in light of the JM Spa scandal lol, i was forced to find somewhere to stay, only problem is... EVERYWHERES BOOKED -___- me & @rosa89 contacted Yily about the situation and she says that once we get there she'll find a place for us to stay. Lmao I cant believe this shit. So until Yily has a better idea, i'll be staying at a nearby hotel. But anyhow 2 DAYS BETCH !!! I have a crazy mixture of excitement & nervousness & anxiety AHHH. Maybe i should start packing lol.

So this is my final list of things im taking to DR. Hopefully this can be of some help.

*5 Maxi Dresses
*Cheap Undies
*Loose fitting clothing
*Extra Compression Garment
* Compression Socks
* Chin compression strap
*Post Surgery Vitamin kit from make me heal
*extra vitamins
*Arnica Cream & Gel
*Arnica Montana tablets
* Bromelain pills
*Hiblicens Soap
* Clorox spray cause fuck germs
* hand santizer
* toiletries
* deodorant
* mouthwash, toothpaste etc..
* Gauze pads
* Medical tape
* FIrst aid cleaning spray
* baby wipes
* Feminine wipes
* face wipes
* Antibacterial wipes
* alcohol swabs
* Pain relief spray
* benadryl
* anti- itch ointment
* antibiotic ointment
* Omeprazole
* ACE bandage
* Chux
* maxi pads
* extra snacks
* gatorade
* Chux
* maxi pads
* laptop for lots of entertainment !

OH i forgot

wishing *rosa89 a safe flight!!


hey yall i had surgery yesterday... willl update when i feel better

where do i start..

where do i begin? okay i guess ill start with the day of surgery. so i arrive at CIPLA at around 640 AM, yily isnt there but yira is. so me @rosa89 and another girl were sitting in her tiny ass office with all of our luggage. We filled out some forms and waited a while. Later Yira brings us upstairs and Ana gives us more forms to sign and asks health related questions. After about 30 mins they take me to my room & then from there they started taking us downstairs one by one to get xrays and to get blood drawn. I was freaking out because i was on my period and Yily told me that could possibly lower my hemoglobin. Anyways bloodwork and xrays were good. We go back to my room and Yira tells me the cardiologist is coming to the room. He came about an hour later and does the test. Everything was fine. Now the waiting game begins. At this time it was about 11am... Yily came in around 12 pm and marked me up and told me to take the blue pill BTW yily has an attitude its not too bad but just be prepared for the attitude, but even with the attitude i ended up paying less than i was supposed to for the surgery, so i saved about $400 she took pictures of me and then left.... silly me thought that meant i was gonna gave surgery soon.. lol WRONG. I ended up having surgery at 8 pm. -__- Other doctors patients definitely get priority over Yilys IDK why but thats just how it is. Now they wheel me into the surgery room and im nervous as fuck like you really have to mentally prepare yourself cause that shit was no joke. They had trouble finding a vein and stabbed me like 5 times but once they got it i was OUT. I do remember waking up slightly and saying me duele me duele but then i was out again. I dont remember if i actually felt it but i do remember saying me duele ( it hurts ). So by the time they finished i was up but i was so out of it i was seeing double and on some trippy shit. It was about 12am when i was back in my room. Im pretty sure i slept that night cause i was still drugged up. But the next day OMG the most uncomfortable day ever. The nurses kept asking me if i was dizzy or anything but i wasnt and i was soo confused. Yily comes in later and asks me the same if im feeling dizzy or faint and i said no. I felt fine i was just super uncomfortable. Apparently my hemo was 6.9 and i needed a blood transfusion. They only did half of a transfusion which was $100 because i felt fine. So I literally couldnt find a position i was comfortable in and kept standing up to walk around because it was the only way i found comfort. Turns out my ass is huge and thats why it hurt so much to lay on it cause it is literally huge. A nurse comes in and puts on my faja, it wasnt too bad but i did feel dizzy. A couple hours later a nurse comes in with the blood for the transfusion and tells me i couldnt move during the tranfusion which was absolutely horrible . I had to lay on my back and basically lay there in pain for about 2 hours and they couldnt give me pain medicine during the transfusion so yeah that was the worst. The tranfsusion is finished and i immediately get up and lay on my stomach. They kept telling me not to but i didnt really care i was in pain. So about 3 hours later i was discharged. Ana gives you a packet with the medicine and the instructions i had most of the medications except the heparin, the pain killer and the antibiotic. They came out to 147. So if you do buy some of the meds in the states you end up saving money. So I was discharged and took a taxi to the hotel plaza del sol, which is literally 5 minutes away. Its not the most modern hotel but it serves its purpose. So far ive been here for 2 days and the biggest problem would definitely be trying to find a comfortable position. BTW yily went to WORK on my ass. My waist is tiny and my ass is huge. I will post pics when im not as swollen. BTW when taking off the garment to clean the incisions use a pain relieving cream. that shit was a game changer for me it helped so much. Also i was frequently walking around cause if i didnt i would get super stiff and that made moving around so much harder. Also I do not reccomend coming alone. I really couldnt have done this without my boyfriend. Well thats all for now


lol this is so random but Yily has alot of hate for the lipo foam. Don't even mention it. When the nurses were putting on my garment and i showed them the foam they were like yily wont let us use that and they were talking hella shit about how she hates it for no reason lol random but yeah she will go off about it but personally when i left the clinic i put the foam on over my wife beater and it makes things more comfortable...just dont mention that to Yily


the itch has begun :O


i will no longer be posting updates or anything of the sort, someone has managed to find my review and has made my life very difficult. I will be happy to answer questions or share pictures just shoot me a message. To those having surgery or in recovery good luck & happy healing
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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