BBL Revision/ TT SX 11/17/16 27yo Mom of 2. Dominican Republic, DO

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He?lo ladies- I did not capture my previous BBL ...

He?lo ladies-

I did not capture my previous BBL with
Dr Cortes so I am going to do my best to keep up to date this time. I had surgery with Dr Cortes in March of 2013. My results were 60% of what I expected. Partially because I was not at my goal weight prior to surgery and also because the Dr did not even attempt to give me the shape I requested. Nonetheless, I have done my research and have selected Dra Duran in DR to perform a BBL revision and a Tummy Tuck.

I am scheduled for surgery on 7/22. I plan to fly in on 7/21. I will not be using a RH. I will be renting a condo or staying in a hotel. I have scheduled an RN to take care of me for the first few days. My husband will also be with me. Having this be my second round, I would say RH are only necessary if you traveled alone. My husband did everything for me the first time around.

I am focused on weight loss and toning. I have about 3 months to go. I will post pics later on to keep everyone up to date. Some of Dra Durans results will be attached here.

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How to Sit After BBL - Pillow

Having been down this route before, I am happy to see some new pillows out on the market. I attached pictures with links.

First time around, I used a boppy and an inflatable ring cushion. This time around I will use the booty buddy to sit using my thighs and another pillow for back support.

Fortunately my company installed desks where the table elevates and you can stand while working. I never thought I would be grateful for that. lol


I was debating between the original booty buddy pillow and Dr. Miami's booty buddy. I spoke with someone from the original booty buddy website and discovered that they partnered with Dr. Miami for his version and that his version is a deluxe upgrade providing optional back support. That will be the one I purchase.

Booked Serenity RH to arrive on 7/21

I received confirmation from Liz at Serentiyy that she had my dates available for a single room. I'm not a loner or anything. I just really want my own bathroom and when I am miserable, I want to be miserable alone. Having been through a BBL once, I know how emotions can go up and down. I only booked for about 5 days there. The rest of my time in DR will be spent at a resort or hotel with 24 Room Service. I can't fly to DR and not see the beach or go to the mall or sight see. I have contracted Jose Brito to be my driver after I leave the RH. Maritza will be nurse when I leave the RH. And I will be hiring aye my for all of my massages and I plan to get as many as she can do while I am there. Adding some updated wish pics here. I'm all about shape.


My new date is 11/17/16 and I will be staying at Serenity or House of Phenom.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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