MedLoanFinance and Bad Credit ? Bad Credit And Financing BBL and LIPO. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello lovely ladies. I had previously planned on...

Hello lovely ladies. I had previously planned on waiting and doing surgery here in the US which would cost around 16,000 after being scared previous years before about going overseas. After seeing all the amazing reviews I have chose to just bite the bullet and go to DR and I would love to have Dra Duran be my surgeon. I wanted to get this accomplished before November 2015 but the money situation is what is really holding me back.

I am curious to know does MedLoanFinance really help people with bad credit. My score is in the very low 600's and I have some late payments on my report and I don't want to take a chance and have them deny it and another mark against me.
Do any of you ladies know of any place that will help with payment? Like MedLoanFinance but deals with bad credit. I work 3 jobs so they will be able to see I have an income also

If you ladies have any tips or anything helpful it would be greatly appreciated.

Alone? Lets Do This Together! Anyone?? DURAN Doll Surgery Buddies?

Hello again lovely ladies. I am wanting to know are there any of you out there planning on embarking on this journey to DR and happen to have no one to go with them or just plan on going alone? I don't have anyone to take with me really so I was wanting to know if anyone wanted to do this together? I want to go with Dra. Duran so idk if that helps any. We can plan this out together and meet up at the transferring airport. 


I just know all this is so overwhelming and the fact that it is out of the country doesn't help haha. I would love to have someone to go with someone I can share the experience with and maybe eventually have a drink with and look at the hot men haha

I was wanting to go before November 2015 (if money comes in place than most deff)
We can choose between RH or Hotel
Thanks girls!

Change from Dra. Duran to Dr. Cabral

Hello, Ladies

I love Durans work it is amazing pure perfection. But I just love the drastic shape Cabral gives his dolls. I think i'll be going with him, I just wish he would accept my friend request on Instagram so I could look at his work.
I am nervous from his past but I will try to get myself in the best condition for surgery. I also heard he sends you very little info on what to take before surgery (pill wise) and what you will need to bring(supply wise)

Does he prescribe Lovenox? or any after surgery meds?
I am still looking for surgery buddies any takers?

Oh hell no. But i'll take the rest <3

Hello Lovely barbies, I have recently go in contact with the wonderful Cabral. I sent in some pictures for him to examine and give me a price. First off i'm about 52-5'3 and not even 23 or close to it and I weigh about 177-180. I get back my quote and he tells me I need a TT oh lordy no, not happening now way uhh uh. Haha I just want my chin lipo and he didn't put that in the price. Maybe I don't need it but I really feel like I do.
I however do feel that I don't need a TT. My stomach doesn't flap over its very round and pokes out kind like im a 4-5 months pregnant.
Anyway I told him I didn't want one.

Still searching for a buddy any takers?

Does Anyone Need or Want a SX Buddy?

Hi, I have been on here for a while and just haven't had the guts to go and do it alone. Also I am finally in a place when I can go and get a BBL done without too much of a worry. 

So I have always said I was gonna go to DR and then I found out about Hasan, and Fisher. So now I have been at a battle of who for the past year. I finally chose Hasan yay haha.
I was wondering is there anyone who is serious and wants to go to Miami together and get this thing done and over with hahaha. I am open to any dates after September/October. I was also thinking we could maybe do Airbnb as well.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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