Duran Doll to Be MAY 2017! TT ,BBL,Lipo - Santo Domingo, D

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A little about me ... Im 22 , 5'3 and currently...

A little about me ... Im 22 , 5'3 and currently 134 pounds. I've officially booked my surgery for May 2 2017 and paid my deposit. I love Durans work and I'm super excited to become a Duran doll! I'm also looking for a surgery buddy . This is my first surgery ever and I'm nervous. I'm getting a BBL, tummy tuck, and lipo sculpture.... I have loose skin from pregnancy with twins and need Duran to work wonders on it lol. Plan on keeping other future dolls updated on my journey :)

Wish pics

Needing to gain weight before surgery

So from calling Durans office , I was told by her receptionist I should gain atleast 10 pounds for optimal results for my bbl. I'm currently 133-134 lbs. I've researched I should start drinking protein shakes and I've started drinking lots of ensure and eating more often. I've always been slim and I have a small appetite .... If anyone has some suggestion on how I can start gaining weight I'd appreciate it.

Update on weight gain

My surgery is about two weeks away and I've managed to gain the 10 pounds duran requested , gradually over the months. I am now 143 lbs , but I still don't feel like it's enough fat and I'm worrying that I won't get the results I want . I will continue to try and gain more and keep you guys updated.

New wish pic

Made it to DR ! Had Sx may 2nd

Once I reached the SDQ airport everyone was speaking Spanish and it was hard to navigate but my recovery house sent me directions where to go so I could meet with Conrad ( ended up being Patrick - Conrad sent him) there are lots of taxis and men who will try to get u to come with them .... only go with who is holding ur name on a sign ! Traffic is crazy here that why all appointments to Cipla are around 6-6:30 am . I got to my recovery house serenity 2 it's beautiful and clean and the nurses and masseuse (Sarah) are great! Food is good too !the next day I went to cipla and did all my labs my HGB was 13.2 and I had surgery that day

Sx experience

1:28 I finally made it to the 4 th floor hospital area after waiting for hours for blood work results . I got in the room and changed into a gown and the nurse directed me the whole time in Spanish the only English she spoke was " compression socks" which I boutgh from Durans office and I put those on . They are thigh high . I didn't take my blue pill til 4:00 pm. I was tired from waiting and I guess the pill makes u sleepy also I feel asleep and woke up at 5am in the hospital bed and my overnight nurse told me I had surgery , I couldn't believe it I didn't wake up not once ! Instantly as I woke I felt like someone was sitting in my stomach from the tummy tuck and intense pressure . It made me feel like I could barely breathe. I threw up twice that night from the iv's which was painful because my abdominal muscles were tight and sore . I went back to sleep and in the morning my driver came for me and brought me back to my recovery house.

Photos of Cipla hospital room

2 days post op tummy tuck

My BBL results I'm on Durans ig

Feeling better

I'm feeling much better now 10 days post op I have no pain just occasional soreness around my stomach and back whenever fluid builds up and gets hard. The massages help ALOT ! Sarah at serenity 2 is great she's gentle and after each massage I feel much better and less sore. I can also see my results better because all the excess fluid is gone so my waist looks even smaller. It's been my 3rd day now in my stage 2 xs fajate garment and its Brutul , its super tight and I have to undo it for at least 30 mins to relax before I squish back in. It actually gave me a little burn from creasing into my skin by my belly button . So pissed. I'm using arnica cream though and duran says the appearance is improving . Now onto my BBL I feel like I lost some roundness and I'm constantly worried that I'm losing fat .... duran has assured that I look great but to avoid sitting , which I have but it's hard to avoid complete pressure on it when I lay on my back because of my TT. So we'll see how the bbl looks over time ... hopefully it's my imagination and it fluffs or whatever....

2 weeks post op

I'm 2 weeks , 5 days post op and feeling down. Although I have no pain except for when I laugh or cough , I'm feeling depressed about my results ... I feel like I've lost a lot of volume in my hips and butt and I'm not happy with how my butt is looking shape wise. I wished I had gained more weight before my Sx because maybe then I would have more fat to transfer and been happier with my results. Also my tummy tuck is concerning me .... my stomach is extremely hard all through out the day and is very uncomfortable because the skin feels so tight . I wear my stage 2 faja from the DR night and day . From research I'm concerned that I've developed fat necrosis which is why my abdomen is so hard and especially hard in the bottom area where there is a discoloured patch. I'll post pics of my tummy tuck and will post a bbl pic soon.

Tummy tuck 2 weeks post op

Has any other dolls experienced this extreme harness of the abdomen ? Please let me know how I can help soften it up.

Good news

Two nights ago I developed a fever and chills , immediately I became concern that I had an infection and checked into the ER, they did blood work and looked at my incision. The doctor assured me that I don't appear to have necrosis and the dark patches will fade, she said I'm actually heallling pretty well and I don't have any infections. Fourtanely I just have a common cold and flu, although I feel weak and the last thing I wanted was to get sick while recovering, I'm thankful because it could be much worse and feel better knowing my recovery process is on the right path.Also I did previously message the number Castro gave me and she replied within 24 hours and also confirmed everything was normal. This was before I got the flu.

BBL photos

Pre op photos taken in Durans office and some post op photos of my BBL while in Dominican, will post more updates when I'm feeling better.
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