Duran Doll to Be MAY 2017! TT ,BBL,Lipo - Santo Domingo, D

A little about me ... Im 22 , 5'3 and currently...

A little about me ... Im 22 , 5'3 and currently 134 pounds. I've officially booked my surgery for May 2 2017 and paid my deposit. I love Durans work and I'm super excited to become a Duran doll! I'm also looking for a surgery buddy . This is my first surgery ever and I'm nervous. I'm getting a BBL, tummy tuck, and lipo sculpture.... I have loose skin from pregnancy with twins and need Duran to work wonders on it lol. Plan on keeping other future dolls updated on my journey :)

Wish pics

Needing to gain weight before surgery

So from calling Durans office , I was told by her receptionist I should gain atleast 10 pounds for optimal results for my bbl. I'm currently 133-134 lbs. I've researched I should start drinking protein shakes and I've started drinking lots of ensure and eating more often. I've always been slim and I have a small appetite .... If anyone has some suggestion on how I can start gaining weight I'd appreciate it.
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