Finally a Yily Doll and Loving it!!! Dr. De Los Santos is the BEST!!!!

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I've been researching this surgery since '09. I...

I've been researching this surgery since '09. I first just wanted lipo, then I heard the unwanted fat could be injected into your back side and I was all for it! lol
Like many of us I'm confused over which doctor to choose.

About :
5' 1 and 3/4 lol
165 lb (by surgery I want to be 145)


Finally, after considering several docs (in the US and abroad) I'm ready to get this done. I saw Dra. yily results from a patient on mmh and fell in love with her sculpting. Received my qoute from Yily for only $2900 for BBL. So im ready to place deposit down but im the type,that like to weigh all options. So I've requested a quote from Dr. lorenzo ortiz, dr. nelson rubio and dra. Walkiris Robles. Just waiting to hear from them.

If anyone has experience with these docs, please share!

Ok I've received my quote back from Dr. Ortiz for...

Ok I've received my quote back from Dr. Ortiz for $3500, which is a great price but I need to call and ask a few questions before I make my final decision of who I will be going , however, no one speak English ...ughh. I need one of my spansih speaking BBL Sisters to help me out, PLeaseee :)

After much thought and being on the fence between...

After much thought and being on the fence between two docs (Lorenzo Ortiz and Yily) I finally decided that I will be going to Dra. Yily De los santos in December for my surgery. I also started my workout regimen this week. No need for me to pay all this money for a body and not be in the best shape. I will be posting pics this week.

OK Ladies, I started my diet a week ago, I'm...

OK Ladies,

I started my diet a week ago, I'm working out on a daily basis and have change my diet. I watch waht I eat and only eat 1,100 calories a day. So far I have lost 4lb. I have also satrted taking iron, folic acid, B-complex and C.

Ladies here is my list let me know if I'm...

Ladies here is my list let me know if I'm forgetting something

Comfortable clothes
Flip Flops
Tank for under my gament
BBL Pillow (it's like the Boppy but specifically for the BBL)
Tylenol 500 mg
Hibicen (anti-bacterial soap for before the surgery)
Compression stockings (12-18 mm Hg)
Digital Thermometer

I have 27 days left before surgery and I'm super...

I have 27 days left before surgery and I'm super excited most of the time and at other times I question my decision. I know alot of women go through this... I just want to stay healthy and alive.
okay ladies, my rant is over I just needed to get that off my chest.

Alright ladies, I'm here at the doctors office...

Alright ladies, I'm here at the doctors office getting my test performed. Even though Yily performs these test before surgery, I would like to see where I stand, before I get to DR and have to go back home lol j/k

I'm having the following test performed:

HCT (This is optional)

Well ladies its almost show time :) I'm so ready...

Well ladies its almost show time :) I'm so ready and I'm sure most of my BBL sisters are as well. S/O to all my BBL sisters that are following my journey, you all have been a great support system and I would like to thank you for that. Oh, I got my labs back and everything is good :) The next time I update I will be on my way to DR and that's when I'll give you all a play by play on everything...airport, taxi, people, hotel...yall get what I'm saying...EVERYTHING lol

Random note: Dr. Yily betta not try to place me...

Random note:

Dr. Yily betta not try to place me in a smedium garment, I'm not on that lol

Hey Ladies, So I wasn't able to get my surgery...

Hey Ladies,

So I wasn't able to get my surgery done today because I caught bronchitis a few days ago. So I spoke with Yily's Assistant Marciale (I know I just spelled her name wrong) and so I am rescheduled for March 23rd. I guess now I can get down to my goal weight because I was really slipping with my weight lose so that one good thing.

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!! I...

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!! I have a feeling this is going to be a great year :)

Hey Ladies ! I haven't updated in a while, as...

Hey Ladies !

I haven't updated in a while, as you all know I had to reschedule my surgery, and I will be having surgery with Dr. De Los Santos on March 23rd. I'm getting excited again. I believe I'm really prepared this time. I have taken my weight loss goals seriously and I've been doing Zumba 2 times a week.

I have a surgery sister; my partner in crime (Sexxibooty) lol. Follow her blog ladies! She's great!!
I will be arriving in Santo Domingo on Friday the 22nd and will have surgery on the 23rd.

Well that's all for today ladies ttyl!

So ladies I officially have 15 days left before I...

So ladies I officially have 15 days left before I leave. I have everything packed because I never unpacked from December lol

Ladies my time is approaching fast and it really...

Ladies my time is approaching fast and it really didn't hit me until today I went to the bank to withdraw my money to take with me...
It then hit me as I was standing there at the teller..Oh goodness I'm really going to do this! So now the emotional roller coaster is hitting me but I'm a trooper so I will be ok.

Also, I want to send a warm thanks to my girls Fox00 and needdisbootay! They have been my rocks throughout this process. I never knew I would finds some true friends throughout this journey :) Love yall!

My Yily Experience I had surgery with Yily on...

My Yily Experience

I had surgery with Yily on Saturday, March 23, 2013. I arrived in Santo Domingo on Friday, March 22, 2013. Yira (Yily assistant) had Junior pick me up from the airport. After getting out of customs, buying my visitor pass and exchanging some money, it took about 45 minutes. Junior was outside with sign with my name on it and Dra Yily De Los Santos on it. I was supposed to go into the hospital to have all my labs done on Friday but after my flight was delayed and getting out of the airport it was too late so Junior dropped my mom and I off at the Marriott.
I arrived at CIPLA at 6:30am. It was six other women in the waiting area. However, it was only two of us waiting for Yily. Yily arrived about 7:30am, greeted us with a hug and a kiss and we were off to placing our belongings in her office because our rooms weren’t ready at that point. Yira explained to us that we would go and have our labs done while Yily followed up with her other patients. I had my blood drawn, EKG, XRAY and I also had to see the pulmonary doctor because I have asthma. The pulmonary doctor came to my room checked my breathing, asked some questions about my last attack and checked the medicine that I currently use for asthma. SIDE NOTE: Ladies if you have asthma continue taking your medication and make your surgeon aware.
I was supposed to be the first surgery of the day but since I had to be checked by the pulmonary doctor my suite mate went first, which was fine by me, I wanted to make sure that my health was in order before any surgery took place. So the doctor gave me the green light and I was ecstatic! Before I went off to surgery they gave me a 15 minute breathing treatment just to be on the safe side.
About two and a half hours passed and it was my time. One of the nurses came in and gave me the blue pill and helped me change into my little blue robe, hair net and footie. Not sure what the blue pill is supposed to do but I wasn’t sleepy at all.
About thirty minutes later they wheeled my suite mate into the room, got her settled and it was my turn. As I was being wheeled pass the nurses’ station, Yily smiled and said “Hola” and I just smiled and waved.
I entered the operating room and one assistant took my hand laid it on a wood board and placed the needle in my hand (I have small veins so that’s the only place any doc can place a needle in me). She started my IV and I was still lying there just looking into the light. She then place the medicine in my IV and ladies I don’t remember anything afterwards lol!
I woke up with the chills and singing a church song (I’m sure my suite mate wanted to knock me out lol)
I must say the staff at CIPLA was very attentive and every time I called; they came. They gave us pain meds like every three to four hours. Since I’m an asthmatic every time they gave me pain meds they gave me a breathing treatment.
You won’t eat until early morning …so you will be starved but my nurse would give my fruit punch.
In the morning, you will have nurses that will come in a clean you up, take your urine catheter out and dump the fluid from your drains. Yily will come in and ask how you feel, write your prescription and give you instructions and your follow up appointment. Since I was staying at a hotel she asked for the room number and phone number of the hotel. She called to check on me to make sure I was feeling fine.
The first few days are a bit rough but it was worth it.

I will be having my follow up appointment tomorrow.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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