The Diaz Journey - Dominican Republic

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I have finally decided to become a "Diaz Doll" I...

I have finally decided to become a "Diaz Doll" I read nothing but great reviews about him. He has been so helpful in answering my many questions. I'm having a bbl, tt, lipo (back flanks arms & inner thigh). Even though the sx isn't schedule until next year I'm so excited. May even possibly move up my date.

questions questions and more questions

I want to start off by saying thank you to all the wonderful Dolls that have started on their journey that post and share and answer so many questions that we already have. And I know that we all have 1,000 more. Still researching and gaining more information every day. Thankfully the wonderful Dr Diaz doesn't mind answering and answers in a timely manner. We all do so much research and still have tons of questions and look to our peers for advice. So thank you to all the Vets that don't mind passing their knowledge and experience to the rest of us.
As of late I have only had one main concern, which is that of the healing process. A lot of dolls say that they are hunched over and cannot stand straight for up to 3 weeks. Some say due to the pain and I've read other reviews that state the Dra told them they need not to try and stand straight bcuz this would cause the incision to open. With all that in mind the breakdown goes as follows: you spend 10 days in the DR after your surgery which equates to just about two weeks that leaves the following week for recovery at home.Dr Diaz has said that it is recommended you stay out of work for 4 weeks (a month) if you are getting a tummy tuck. So thankful that he does the paperwork for FMLA. Not worried so much about the pain, nor the amount of time I would have to take off from work. Just curious as to when I return to work how is that going to work out because my job requires me to stand anywhere from 8 to 10 hrs per day. I know that everyone's body heals differently but if there's anyone that can tell me how soon it took for them to be able to return to work and for them to be able to stand straight. Thanks ever so much for your help Dolls. Blessings and praying to you as you continue on your journey and I on mine

My Wish Pics

I want a body like "WHOOAA"!!!!! Lol
I've seen a lot of girls past wish pics and I've chosen thousands but these are the few that I really like.
Question? ???
Do you think that your wish pic gives you something to look forward to? Or does it set the expectation too high?
We all search the doctors over to make sure that the one we want does the job we want, but how sure are you about your wish pic & your results

Deposit made.....What next

Made my deposit today ????????????????????????. Scheduled for Feb 17 2016. I'm so excited.????????????????Tears of Joy. Got the ball really rolling now. A little nervous but elated at the same time. VETS any advice would be welcomed. Please & Thank u
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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