Yily doll 2014- Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey dolls. So I have been reading all your reviews...

Hey dolls. So I have been reading all your reviews and have decided I want to have sx with DR. Cabral at the end of the day we all put ourselves at risk with EVERY procedure no matter what doctor you go to wether it's in the US or not. He has quoted me $5500 for Bbl and breast aug. I sent him my pics and he says I do have enough fat to graft but I am certain I will have to gain more weight. I am about 125lbs at the moment and 5'4.

 I know I have a lot of weight to gain which I plan to do that's why I have chosen to do it in OCT. What recovery houses are the best and how long do you guys recommend staying at the RH's before you can go and do your own thing?

Scheduled for Oct. 28 with Cabral

Just called to sched. Sx with Cabral. $225 for meds though?! Who really feels as if all those meds were necessary? I can possibly get them here. Does anybody know what they are?

How to sleep with BBL and BA?

Double pain? I'm just wondering how you are able to position yourself without squishing your new booty or boobs?!

Wish pic

Ummm draya!

Real recovery armonia?

Seems to be the best RH have not read anything bad so far.

Is it reasonable?

To go to DR for 9 days? I want to spend the rest of the time recovering at home blahhhh

Mandatory vitamins?

Is taking vitamins 2 wks before surgery mandatory even if your hemo level is above 13?

Medellin, Colombia?

So I have now started researching Colombia. I think the bodies are even sicker than the ones created in DR. Plus I am a small girl and I think they are used to dealing with more my size and wow I am impressed. I've been looking in to DR. Liz Vicent so far.

Sticking with my gut

Sticking with Cabral since I just recently learned he did one of my wish pics bodies soooo yeah ;)

Cabrals boobs?

His breast aug. Are just horrible looking. I don't know if I want him touching mine and I want to do everything at once. Now considering Duran who does nice boobs. Does any one know if she'll do both procedures at once? Bbl and BA?! How can I contact her?

Duran have someone an infection? :'(


Serious Infections in DR?

Jesus, this thing is a true gamble. After reading Cathdurandoll and
Cokebottlebarbie85 reviews I am seriously heartbroken and don't know what to do. I won't say it's the doctors faults it's the staff that work there and are just not trained well enough to simply sterilize instruments properly! What a damn shame :/


Ok so I changed my mind yet again but this time I am sticking with my decision! Will be having sz with Edgar Contreras instead...yes there is tons of controversy surrounding him but that has already been a couple of years back. I was looking at the work he did on some petite girls on IG and wow those are the most realistic results I can see and are close to my weight. Also he quoted me bad responded super fast. 1k less than Cabral! Bye Cabral...your boobs were ugly anyway!

Pre-op pics

Contreras clinic number?!

I'm calling this place non stop and all I get is an answering machine...not professional! :-/

Contreras work before and after!!

The pictures speak for themselves. Scheduled for Oct. And super excited :-D

Cabral or Contreras?

Haven't been on here for a while have been taking matters into my own hands by contacting patients of these two doctors. I have been comparing and contrasting both as they are the quote unquote best in the country. If I am having surgery I am only good to do it once and don't feel like going through pain to be unhappy with my results. The only other surgeon besides these two whom I may have a consultation with is yily bc I have personally seen her patients as I have seen Cabral and contreras patients. Now here is the issue...Cabral, consistent results but has deaths (one not too long ago) butttt all his deaths have been people who have gotten multiple procedures and are overweight. I can not in any way compare myself to those people...2 of my friends have also come back from him not too long ago and look great. Now contreras is posting all these Barbie looking girls on his Instagram to lure patients and supposedly not even the one operating on them. I have not seen consistent results from him lately which makes me feel like this is true. Supposedly his license is revoked and he has other people operating for him. I also took matters into my own hands to contact one of the girls with a body like I have never seen before that he posted and confirm if he was her surgeon and she said no that she has never had surgery in her life. Made me very disappointed with him and consider Cabral once again. I will meet with both of them next month as well as yily. I will also have some people I know from over there find out info first hand abt what is going in both clinics before I make my decision. This is truley upsetting!

Contreras out

Lied to me twice. Def. out the picture. Cabral and yily will be meeting both and having the surgery next month instead of October ;) wish me luck y'all!

Finally made it to the flat side :0

At cipla....not as bad as ppl make it out to be...ended up going with yily instead of Cabral...I will further elaborate when I'm better. Not really in pain, more like discomfort bc I've been laying on my heavy butt since I got out over 12 hours ago. Later they will come in to stand me up and put me into the faja. :)

My journey

So I wake up at about 6 AM on 8/28 with hopes of getting to cipla by 7:30/8, negative bc of stupid traffic in the capital. I get to cipla at about 9:30. Automatically go to the 5th floor where both Cabral and yily have their offices. Walk into cabrals office, very nice. Girl at front desk tells me pay for consultation and lab work since I had already scheduled with him for 8/29. Wait about 15 mins, then I go into see him. Very nice and friendly man, wearing all white scrubs which were indeed bloody (turn off). At the same time in my head I know a buddy I met on this site was awaiting sx with him that same day at that same time so in my head I'm like why r u sitting in ur office which was messy as hell. Shit all over this place excuse my language [turn off again]. We speak for a bit and don't get me wrong he's very cute n nice in his ways and has a way of convincing you. Consultation lasted about 10 mins, at this point I tonight I was going w him but I went down to do my labs while yily got there. I still wanted to meet her. I go down to the first floor get my labs done and my x ray, everything perfect, hemo at 14 hooray :). I go back up yilys office is full of follow ups, Cabral 0. I wait about 45 mins while she sees them then I go in. Right away yily seemed very strict and sure of herself some people say she's a b*tch and stuck up but I beg to differ on the other hand the lady knows what she's talking about, doesn't just tell u I will make u doll and leave my office...she takes her time getting to know you, your background, and what you want. Then she analyzes and gives her professional oppinion. She gives me the price and tells me she had a spot open for that same day and if I hadn't eaten past 10 (which I didn't) I could take it. I said let me think abt it 30 mins and I will get back to u. She was going down to do a surgery and then it would be my turn. Then I think and overall I would have been crazy not to have gone with yily. It was like black and white, day and night. I wanted someone who I could trust and I would feel safe. So I think, get EKG done and then tell her asst. yira that I will take the slot ( she's a sweetheart btw). I wait 45 more mins, at this point it was abt 2 pm I wanna say and I go in. I go into room, change, take blue pill, yily marks me and ready to go. Yes cipla isn't as advanced as the US but they have all necessary elements to do surgery just like the US. I met 2 assistant, the anesthesiologist (all very nice and friendly) made u feel comfy. All I remember last was him giving me IV sedation, I was knocked out before the epidural. Then I did wake up during surgery saying ouch it hurts and I heard yilys voice made me feel at ease and I think they knocked me back out. After that woke up to my parents in my room...I wasn't shivering like people say they wake up like w scared chicken, I felt fine actually. First night, was ok I didn't have pain but more discomfort and stiffness which today is 2nd day and I still have but no pain. I saw yily and her nurses early this morning everything good and they discharged me like at 10 AM. I then got in contact with my recovery house (SERENITY RH) beautiful facility, great staff and food. They got me my meds, fed me and washed n changed my faja and bandages. I feel good overall just muscle stiffness. From what I can see my waist looks amazing and my butt good proportion to my waist. I like so far and I know it will only get better if it looks this good now, I can't wait. Overall, pleasant experience! People exaggerate but It's not THAT bad Jesus. N if it is u must have health problems or something where stuff goes wrong. I came in healthy and came out the same way, thank god. I prayed so much even with yily. She's popping, idc what people say about her. To sleep now...I will post pics and keep u so updated bye :)

Day 4

Feeling a lot better. It really does get better day by day. Yesterday (day 3) was tuff. I was uncomfortable the whole day. It was so hard for me to do anything and find a comfortable position. Tomorrow I'll have a folkow up appointment at 8AM with yily. I took a glimpse while they washed my faja today and yily def did her thing! So far so good.

Day 5

Had 1st post op visit, drains out. First massage was hell but you feel so much better afterwards. Best masseuse is Ana from cipla Spa. Tomorrow I will get the second. I hope to get about 10 massages before I leave and continue them when I get back home. They really help.

Just a thought

Infections have a lot to do with post op care. Post op is crucial even more than the actual surgery. All cipla instruments are sanitized together no matter the doctor so if it were to be the instruments everyone would have infections. I know this was one of my worries before I got here.

Tips and Meds :)

Medications in DR are extremely expensive. Try to bring them from where you are coming.

**Meds to bring**

*Folic Acid-should be taking before surgery
*Vitamin C - should be taking
*Vitamin B 12 - should be taking
*Iron pills - should be taking
*Heparin-if u can (about 8-10 shots)
*Muscle relaxers
*Percocet- not to be abused but will help with the massages which are more painful than the actual surgery! Take 1/2 before massage
*The antibiotics are Augmentin and Ciproflaxin accompanied by a stomach protector called Omeprazole because antibiotics are so strong on the stomach lining this must be taken before them or you will experience heart burn all night.

Stay hydrated, stay in cool areas with AC, walk around as much as possible without over-doing it, eat well 5x a day with meals and snacks, take vitamins 2x a day, water water water, rest from the faja for 45 mins a day, pad the faja with thick Kotex or lipo foam or else you will be so uncomfortable, rub arnica on lipo'd areas and thrombo cream on bruises to alleviate skin and last but not least GET YOUR MASSAGES (at least one a day) each massage will help you drain and heal faster, they are VERY painful but you will feel a bit better after each one.

PS: proper lymphatic drainage massages are NOT relaxing they ARE indeed painful because they need to help you drain fluid faster and to loosen scar tissue that is forming after lipo. They should be accompanied by hot parafin wax for about 10 minutes after the ultrasound machine is passed on lipo'd areas.

Hope this helps!

Journey Pics

Here are some pics of my journey..will post more

Day 16

Feeling better by the day. This recovery is a process. Still haven't returned to work. I thought I could be superwoman and return after 2 wks but I asked for 10 more days. Swelling has gone down tremendously. Still a little stiff, I've gotten 8 massages need like 5 more before the stiffness can fully subside. I love my results. That waist is non existent and them hips are on 10! Thank you yily :)))))


I know a lot of girls use Arnica to help with the stiffness and pain but I was recommended "Ubre" by someone in DR and got it here. Works 100x better than arnica because it is "extra strength" and longer lasting. It is used on cow utters but is safe for humans. I know sounds weird but works wonders, trust me. You'll need something Stronger than arnica for that damn stiffness. I found arnica tabs did nothing for me also.

A month and 3 days out

Overall happy with everything and I'm still swollen so I can only be ecstatic about what is to come. I left Dr wearing an XS faja, bout an 2XS last week and just ordered a 3XS bc I have already surpassed all 3 hooks. My waist is at 23" and hips at 38"....can't wait for my butt to fluff and swelling to go down and see full results. Overall, at this point feel 75% back to normal...still need about 4 more massages to feel 100%.

A month +

So im about a month and 11 days out. I just want to give you girls some advice. If your faja is starting to feel comfortable buy a smaller size. It needs to be tight in order for swelling to go down faster and your body to be shaped appropriately.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. De Los santos is an amazing surgeon who is safe, listens, professional and talented! You can safely put your life in her hands with no worries and still get Barbie doll results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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