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Hello ladies! As most girls I've been lurking...

Hello ladies! As most girls I've been lurking around this site for quit a while! And I've been wanting to have a BBL and Rhinoplasty foreverrer! I'm currently 19, Latina, I weigh 135, 5'3, measurements 34c-30-39 last time i checked lol I used to be a team Yily girl but recently I've been looking at Dr. Duran's work and she is on top oh her game! I emailed her today and I got a qoute for $5500 for both procedures! Great price and she is a sweetheart :) I told her i never really had and curvy small waist, and i want one! I've never had hips, and I don't expect any from the surgery.

I much more perfer to stay with my shape, after all I got a nice pair of legs :p And it would be better to put all that fat in my booty! I gave her a Super looong email stating exactly how I wanted to be shaped! And I have always been very fond of brazilian womens bodies! I love there butt shape I want that butt shape, I want more of the fat going on the upper part, and going inwards as opposed to out towards the hips! As I said I don't want hips, they look very nice, but there not for my body type, and Alot of brazilian women have butt, thighs but not much hip.

The doctor agreed and she said it's very possible for my body shape :) I'm so happy she agreed, I know alot of BBL girs want that huge butt, but I honestly think that the shape is more important. A possible scenerio is that you might not get the size you wanted! Now what? Well If you asked for a nice shape , your butt is still going to look nice, and a nice shape always projects a bigger size. If you noticed alot of these video video bootys look huge in photos, but once you see them in videos or person there not so big! Butt because of the shape it looks bigger! I will always chosen perky over big! Because big aint always pretty! But don't get me wrong I still have that big butt greed!

I also want waist as small and flat as possible!!! And arm!
I was iffy about rhinoplasty, but the doctor seemed to really read into what I wanted, in every detail! I'm exicted planning for late September or Early October. Hit me up ladies!

So these past few days I've been researching,...

So these past few days I've been researching, researching and researching!!! I want to make sure that I have the absolute best recovery ever! So I'm gathering information on suplements, foods, exercise, treatments that will help me when I recover! I know for a fact that recovery is crucial, for the absolute best results.

So basically breaking it down, these are my sections of Research

1. Lymphatic Massages
How many are recommended?
How long after the surgery should you get them to get the best results?
Do they also help smooth out the your skin after the liposuction?
Where can I get them done back home? Prices?

Endermologie Massages
I've been hearing about these on the forum, and suposedly they smooth out any stiffness and uneveness. Like when I get my liposuction, I don't want my stomach to look all lumpy and saggy. I know that age is a major factor, And so are your genetics! And thats a major reason why I want to do it this young, I want a badass shape, and I want to grow more into it as I get older. So I always wanted a nice little torso and a flat stomach. So I don't mind working on it, but ever since I lost weight, I have these pockets of fat, that sabatage me from having an hourglass shape! But once I get that out of then I can start working on my definition a.k.a 6 pack ;)

Just a little more background even though I'm latina, I'm white as a ghost lmao! And I don't mind my color, Iv'e grown to love it :)(I used to hate it!) But generally women with lighter skin tend to have less elasticity in the skin. So I hope that my skin is able to bounce back :( I think thats one of my biggest worrys at this point. So any treatments, massages, supplements, lotions advice from any of you ladies is welcome! I take a collagen beauty supplment already, and supplemnets for my hair and nails! Its supposed to help with that. So I want to know it all! I want smooth tight skin

I have alot of scar already lol I was a wild child! Very adventerous and curious, so falling, getting burned, etc. has been my curse lol. That doesn't mean I did want to take care o myself now but, I want to know if any of you ladies have suggestions for a product that will heal scars beautifully!

Well It's about that time I hit bed lol

Locked For Surgery on October 1st with Miss Duransita :D

Sorry I haven't updated my review in a while, and I did it purposely so I wouldn't become so anxious before it was time lol! I can be very impatient at times :/ but anyway about 3 weeks ago I booked my flight for the 30th of September I purposely did it it on a weekday so it could be easier to go out to the pharmacy and shop around for my prescriptions. But first I'm going straight to CIPLA to do my blood work. But I'm really hoping that I have time to shop for my prescriptions, I'm going to try to investigate where I can get them at a better price. Or maybe I'll tell my dad to get them in Mexico when he goes. As you can probably tell I'm a bargain shopper, I'll pay big bucks for quality, something that exceeds expectations. But I am also a very good investigater on products, basically anything that imma spend money on has to be the best on the market, and/or the best price, especially for things like chux, etc. Because things like that are disposable and they aren't really going into your body. But things like vitamins and fajas we need be a little more careful since they affect/enhance our recovery and most important our bodies, the final product :) If you have any good advice, thst you know or heard right it down below! Im going to be putting together Preparation List, thats cost effective and well thought out. But please anybody that is dominican, or has dominican family down there, has bought the precriptions meds in D.R. hit me up. My boyfriend is from La Vega, thats why I can't get much help because he is not that familiar with La Capital (Santo Domingo).But stay tuned chulas! BESOS :*
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Her results are fabulous! And she is so caring, responds super quicky!

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