25 Years Old, 3 Kids, and a Much Much Need Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift.... - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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I been going back and forward about what doctor I...

I been going back and forward about what doctor I feel comfortable and confident. I have made up my mind that I will be going to Dr. Emmanuel Mallol on March 19, 2017 and have put my deposit down today to save the date. He has been great at contact answering all my question. I'm confident that he will give me the body I so long have been waiting for. My body haven't been the same since I had my kids and I want to back????lol

Talked with Dr. Emmanuel Mallol

Soo we are moving my surgery date to March 18, 2017. Yess that would be a Saturday for a extra $200. My flight will early so I have 24hours to get blood work and all that good stuff done. I'm very excited all I do it's talk about this to my husband which I'm sure he is so over it by now lol. But it's been a long time coming and I'm just thankful he is making it happen for me. I feel like I'm in great hands with Dr. Mallol he has been replying back and forward with me like everyday for two or more weeks. Ppl ask how you get home to answer you. I told them stick out I was blowing him up lol. Just because I wanted him to know I was serious and not just one of them ppl asking millions of questions but never get it done????. I have also choose to stay at Paradise Recovery House if you have stayed there I don't mind any input ????

March 18, 2017

So here are some question that you may want to ask your doctor. I asked Dr. Mallol these questions and here is what his reply. All my questions are Extra Fee that are not included in my quote.

1.Health insurance --150.00 EXTRA

2. Second stage garment --200-250.00 YOU HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL SWOLLEN GO DOWN

3. Extra day in room after surgery if needed.-- 75.00 EXTRA PER NIGHT


5. Massage therapy if more than five is needed. 30.00 DOLLARS EACH

6. Blood transfusion if needed-- 150.00 EXTRA EACH BAG

7. Iron treatment if needed ---200.00 THE TREATMENT

8. What is the patients recommend stay--YOU PICK YOUR OWN PREFERENCE

9. How many days do I need to come before surgery-- THE RECOMMENDED TIME IS 10 DAYS

10. Do you accept several deposit to pay for surgery in advance-- ONLY THE DEPOSIT TROUGH PAYPAL, THE REST OF THE MONEY CASH

11. After deposit how long after do I have to get my surgery done-- YOU HAVE A YEAR TO USE

12. how much for a full time private nurse --- 50.00 EXTRA PER DAY (8 HOURS

Hello future Dolls

Hello ladies I just want to share with you guy that I been up on Instagram lately talking with other women who are also getting surgery. I got a friend request from a page called @dr_plasticsurgeryhorrorstories. After accepting the page I came across a young lady who said she had surgery by Dr. Mallol and she end up in the ER after she got home. Now this was like the second bad things o read about Dr. Mallol but as I keep doing my research on him hell there not much else I can find. I'm still wanting to do my surgery but reading bad things gets me scared and second guessing myself.... Idk you can check it out yourself and let me know what you think...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol has been great in replying to all my emails. I must have asked a million and one question and he got back to me the very next day. Didn't waste no time. He also speak good Englis.

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